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  1. Dr. Karen Becker is someone to look at, she is a Vet who has taken a great interest in feeding dogs and cats. Try this for starters: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Any update on your pup? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Have you mated her or has she had got out whilst in season so you aren’t sure if she mated? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Adopting a dog is always a gamble, I have had 2 border collies rehomed from their owners, both dogs I loved to bits, both quite different dogs and both had their foibles but weren’t any trouble. Second collie had back issues that previous owner knew about but was never forthcoming on what so we just had to cope with it as he got older. The husky, well, she’s a lovely dog, we got her at 6, story is on here, I now have few regrets but those I have are not the dogs fault. She isn’t hugely affectionate, she keeps mostly to herself and she can be insecure. I have an idea that she’s probably chased livestock in the past and of course that’s not something likely to be mentioned by an owner desperate to move the dog on. I found out too, after I’d taken her, that she was rehomed earlier as a pup because the owners then were locking her in a cupboard, it’s obvious to me that she has been physically chastised to the point of being fearful, she cringes at sudden movement near her and on the few occasions I’ve shouted at her because she was misbehaving (nothing serious but I had to use a stern voice) she runs away in fright, a big over reaction. I’ve never lifted a finger to her but it makes me wonder to what she was subjected. Anyway, I think my points are a. that it’s unlikely you’ll get the whole truth, the owner looking to move on a dog they don’t want will sanitise the facts b. You have to live with the dog to really know what it’s strengths and weaknesses are. It will take time and really if you take any dog, my opinion is that it’s for better or worse unless you have a dog who is dangerous to you or others in which case there may be a hard decision to make. This dog sounds like one who needs a good and loving home with an owner who has the time and inclination to do the best for him he can. You seem to fit the bill, you have a sense of humour which you’ll probably need lol, especially if like Luna she poops and pees in every place but outside until she settled, regularly ate the cats food and sleeps in hubby's chair despite having several bed options. I’d certainly walk her before deciding but I don’t think you should take her home for a week and then give her back, that feels wrong to me and you won’t see the best of the dog if she’s in a place she’s not familiar with and to which isn’t used. We've had Luna 9 months now and I still don’t think she’s fully settled, she’s making progress though and I’d not give her up because I made a commitment. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I don’t understand why people find it difficult to feed raw, you just buy a selection of raw cuts and try them to see which the dog will eat. I’ve tried all sorts with Luna and she eats pretty much everything but with preferences, she really doesn’t like any mince and will only eat it if really hungry. She varies in whether she will eat beef and pork chunks but she will eat oxtail, she eats pork ribs and loves chicken. You can buy most meat already cut and frozen so it’s easy to store. I’ve recently discovered she will eat liver but she’s not keen on kidney. As for kibble, well, I just don’t understand why anyone would feed it regularly to their pets? Would you give your children dried food day in day out and expect them to thrive? Of course pets and children would eat it because if that’s all they’re given it’s that or starve. An acquaintance of mine gave her lovely black lab Wagg, it’s got to be the cheapest nastiest kibble going and her dog was always hungry and too thin. Finally after I’ve bent her ear and another dog walker had a word, someone said she’s now buying a better make, it will still be kibble I guess but hopefully with more protein. I know some kibbles are much more nutritious than others but they’re still not what a dog would choose, it’s just not a good choice. Cats fed exclusively on kibble nearly always develop kidney problems and they die unpleasant deaths, there’s no reason to suppose dogs don’t suffer in the same way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I just can’t believe you took a pup away from it’s mother and siblings at 6 weeks old and are surprised he has issues! It seems to be that because husky puppies are big they are considered ready to leave their family group so young when in reality they shouldn’t leave until they’re 10 weeks at least. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’d be tempted to make a few enquiries about the breeder. Ask around locally or perhaps google, see what kind of reputation they have. I don’t know what her motive would be in sending you a photo of the pup that isn’t the one you chose unless she has promised it to someone else. You may need to rethink whether you want to pay good money to someone who appears to be either unrelIable or untruthful. If you were happy with everything on your visit, i.e. you saw both parents, saw where the dogs are kept etc. then you may feel able to buy with confidence, if you didn’t and they just took you to a puppy room so you could choose one then you may want to rethink in the face of her attempted deception if that’s what it is. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Oh that never came up when I’ve searched, only one in Knott End which I thought was a bit too far, I’m off to look, it’s only up the road, thank you [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Just caught up with this, horrid experience, you have every right to be nervous but the best thing is to not let his sort win by hiding away. It sounds as though there were some very supportive people around which is reassuring. With any luck he’ll end up back inside (probably his “real” home) and there won’t be any more bother. Maybe change your route until you know he’s off the block, he doesn’t sound like the sort of person who will change his behaviour any time soon. It’s a pity your son had to be abused too but words are perhaps less harmful than dog bites so at least he wasn’t attacked. One tip I read (and in the melee of a fight it’s hard to think rationally) was that the best way to stop a dog fight is to try to cover the dogs head with something. It might mean sacrificing a jumper or jacket but that’s cheaper than a Vet’s bill. How easy it would be I don’t know. I know how fearful you can get around other dogs, a dog walker neighbour had two Vizlas, whenever they encountered my dog, a border collie, the bitch would be friendly to start with but the dog was always very anti, his hackles would come up and he would growl and start posturing and poor Charlie would have a dog either side of him, he was like the meat in a very unfriendly sandwich. The owner never seemed worried and would walk past and eventually the dogs would follow. I was always worried that a fight was about to start but it never did thank goodness! I avoided them wherever possible. All three dogs have long since passed and his new Vizla is a real sweetie. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Goodness, not only are we close but I’m a pensioner too. I so wish we had a secure dog area, Luna loves to run but the last time off leash she ran across 3 fields with me in pursuit shouting like a loon and only stopped when she reached a field with sheep in and cows with calves, by the luck of the devil the fence was dog proof and she couldn’t get in, not that she was trying that hard but I was in a real panic. I’d not want to go through that again. There is one woman who advertises a secure field where she will exercise your dog but I’d want to do it myself so I haven’t contacted her as yet. I don’t know how big it is or whether there are any toys, jumps etc. How fortunate you are to have that supplier, she sounds worth a trip, I have a big enough freezer to buy in bulk. I tried CO when we first got her, she isn’t keen, it might work better melted and poured over her meat. I also tried salmon oil, that wasn’t a hit either. Perhaps her problem stems from having only been fed tinned food and mixer for six years, she took to raw very easily but we're still trying various things. I’ve got a dehydrator which hasn’t been out of the box yet, oops, maybe I could try drying liver in that. Thanks again for the input. Sorry Angie, I don’t know why I thought you were called Emma. We have insurance for Luna, the first pet we’ve ever insured, it’s not cheap but when you don’t know a dogs history it’s better to be safe than sorry. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks Wolfpup that’s helpful. The bowl is a big one lol, bought for my previous dog for stability and because it’s pot, I don’t use plastic. I’m a bit divided about the fat, following the bad press fat was always given in the human diet and all the research that indicates now that fat was never the demon and is essential to us, surely this would apply to dogs too? I’ve searched the net and advice is just as conflicting on the topic, I found this - slimdoggy.com/feed-your-dog-this-not-that-fat/ which seems to support fat in a dog’s diet. I think excess as in humans would be a no no of course. There is indeed a meat warehouse near where I live (Preston, Lancs.) that someone told me about but I’ve not been, I buy most of her meat from Waitrose [emoji15] as I trust the quality. She has sardines and chicken from Makro, the thighs are quite small. Emma I’m not against taking any pet to the vet for treatment etc. if they’re ill or injured but in the numerous visits I’ve made over the years with various animals I feel that on many occasions they would try to push tests which they admitted were just “extras” and not really pertinent but “just in case” or “to check”. I’ve been offered medication too “it might help”. I’m exactly the same with vets as I am with my doctors, I won’t take anything “just in case” and neither will my animals. We have our own physiology that we should try to make work for us using the necessary food, exercise etc. a principle I follow with my creatures where possible. Don’t get me wrong, I would never not take a sick pet to the vet but I would be cautious about their advice. I learnt that with my last dog, he injured his back and went off his back legs. The vet was indecisive and suggested just trying painkillers and conservative treatment, when that didn’t help she prescribed steroids, he was back on his feet overnight but within days couldn’t keep anything down, a side effect apparently. This took place over 4 weeks and then she said the only option was a CT scan, which led to spinal surgery for an exploded disc and that vet saying if only he’d come when he first did it ....! He made a good recovery as it happens but after a couple of months grace he fell over and went off his legs completely and the best option for him was euthanasia [emoji22] We had no insurance so paid everything ourselves so it’s not about the money. Sorry went on a bit there lol. I like the idea of giving the bone separately though, something for her to do, if she doesn’t bury it lol. She is a bit odd with food, I put it down and she takes it outside a piece at a time. Tonight she’s eaten two chicken thighs and a small piece of pork rib but left the spoonful of yoghurt and the cubed lamb. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks for the input. This roughly what her meals look like, this is around 500g, pork ribs, 2 chicken thighs, cubed bits of lamb and the dehydrated veg cubes. The meat is all human grade, she has a sardine a couple of times a week, beef short ribs, lamb shanks, cubed lamb, beef or pork. Duck neck when I can get them. A dab of yoghurt once in a while as she’s not a big fan. I started with 2 meals a day at first but it was soon apparent she didn’t want that much. I used the formula to determine how much to give her based on her being around 30kg when we got her. I am thinking about hydro although I’m not sure how much she likes water, there’s a pool really near where we took our collie, he loved the pool but not the tank. She has a lot of fur, like your dog on the right in their new harnesses lol. The treats are these - https://www.purelypetsupplies.com/product/alpha-spirit-liver-sticks-16pcs/ which seemed pretty decent to me, I don’t give wheat based treats at all. She will eat heart but it’s not a favourite, doesn’t eat kidney, I’ve not tried liver, apart from the liver sticks. I can’t see that she’s going to be hypothyroid, I’m not going to spend pointless money at the vet unless I can’t get her weight down. She isn’t inactive, she is always ready for a walk and is as busy as she can be whilst on a lead. I’m going to buy one of those much longer ones so I can give her more freedom when we're out. She’s spayed so no pregnancy lol. She has hoovered up cat food occasionally but that’s out of reach so no longer available. Mayo looks gorgeous now, well done. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Luna-tic


    Really sad for you, losing a friend too soon hurts. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. We’ve had Luna nearly 8 months, to recap we rehomed her at 6 years old and when we weighed her she was 29.5kg. She was rarely exercised at her previous home, owner said she just liked to lay around in the garden. She was at the Vet last week so I weighed her again. I knew she had put on weight because her Julius K9 harness no longer fit and I had to buy a bigger one. IMO she weighed in at 34.9 kg but the scale reading was moving up and down between that and 39kg! Even the lower weight is a worry. With us she gets walked twice a day, I take her out in the morning for between 40 minutes and an hour and hubby probably makes half an hour. I’m actually quite worried that she’s put on so much weight so I’ve started weighing her food and she has between 500-600g of raw food once a day. Her only treats are wild spirit liver sticks, probably 2 a day. She isn’t very active during the day but is mostly outside. I’m baffled, having cut down on her food she is always ready for her meal, coming and looking at me so is hungry and now eats it all where before she often didn’t. Any suggestions? She’s fat and I’m gutted as I’ve never had a dog get fat before, my collies both skimmed down after I’d had them a while. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. One of my local dog walkers has a dog with a bitten ear, he never got on with the stupid plastic cone so he was wearing what looked like the inner tube from a small wheel. Effective but far more comfortable and sensible. Don’t know where he got it but if I needed a collar for Luna I’d go for that one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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