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  1. Happy mothers day to you as well . Been for a lovely walk with my fur baby and middle baby day xx . Now a lovely chill on sofa .
  2. Keta sleeping on my feet tonight love a cwtch she does.
  3. Great video they ate so excited to see him
  4. Yes still loads melting a bit but think we will have a freeze tonight . One sleepy dog tonight after being out again today
  5. This is our back lane I am the one in the blue coat keta wouldn't come to me she went on the grass and park
  6. Today's walk . And missed a fab photo this morning when she had to jump over a drift to get put side
  7. Hope amy is ok with her paw . We are safe and warm keeping safe not been for walks today just out in garden but she is not bothered must be cold .
  8. Hope all are safe in the snow we have had it since yesterday and are waiting for storm Emma to hit with us. So for we have this
  9. Happy birthsay Armani hope you have a wonderful day full of live walks and doggie presants ???
  10. Lonely so lonely Let me in please
  11. We did a 8 mile walk Thursday and a 40 min yesterday so an hour today she loved being out on two leads to roam around . Hate the rain we are looking at -3to -6 this week so be wrapping up warm to do walks
  12. Out for a quick walk in the woods this morning
  13. Your pics are amazing we did a sled ride in Lapland this year and it was fab but i rhi k yours would definitely be better with your dogs and sun shine .
  14. Ketas way of letting us know she wants to come in
  15. Gorgeous she is