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  1. Looks like they enjoyed their walks and you managed to tire them out
  2. She stand out there and looks through the gate at the road . Will stay for hours if I let her. But she dislikes the rain so maybe checking to see if it is going to come down heavier. Lol. Thanks she is the softest gaurd dog ever kisses all who come in .
  3. Yes please uk only sorry thought I posted .
  4. Keta guarding the house and sniffing the rain and cold air
  5. For dog please like above no raw hide or squeaky toys or tennis type ball as she destroys them. Plus loves rope toys. UK only please.
  6. keta. LANGUAGE FAMILY: indo-european > hellenic > greek ORIGIN: greek NAME ROOT: KēTō NATIVENAME ROOT: KēTō (Κητώ) MEANING: This name derives from the Ancient Greek “Kētō (Κητώ)”. Keto is a primordial sea goddess in Greek mythology, the daughter of Gaia and Pontus. this what we call her but her kennel name is kaisha sky's Isla
  7. Thank you
  8. Thank you all she had a lovely day walk on the beach then slept all night through the fire works and some treats for being birthday girlx
  9. Thank you xx
  10. Thank you Thank you xx Emma
  11. Happy birthday to our beautiful keta you may only been with us for 4mths but it feels like you have been with us for ever
  12. Love the pic of the pot plant dog they are both adorable.
  13. Thank you Angie she loves brushing her as she can't walk her . Thank you Emma
  14. Defntley she was like under my leg please now my lower tummy .
  15. Lili massaging keta this morning while grooming her with her rubber brush. Totally relaxed keta loves anyone doing this to her she goes onto do what you want mode. ❤❤❤??