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  1. I know and keta was so good she didn't take the crisp out if her hand either.
  2. Looked after my cousins today so keta met sophia for the first time. As you can see keta wasn't to sure but soon came round . Sophia kept putting her head down and saying ahhh to keta.
  3. Keta meeting my little cousin for the first time think they got on well and fell in love with each other Sophia kept putting her head down and saying ahhh to keta. ???❤
  4. Waw dan that is one shed I love it but nit shoeing husband as he may turn the shed up the garden into one instead of my shed bar.
  5. She did chelsafan .
  6. Robke she did try and go as close to the pond as possible when she saw the ducks but she not fussed on cold water ?. Thanks all and yes Jo we have lovely walks around us We also have an old quarry the other side of our house which she loves going over to run and climb the rocks.xx
  7. It was robke this was after a stroll up the line behind out house it is ten mins from house .
  8. Took keta for a walk up the pond yesterday on her long lead and added two new ones to it so she felt like she was free to run around the pond was, lush to see.
  9. Thank you for the secret Santa gifts as you can see nobody is allowed the rope and treats went down well too. These got her out of bed this morning xx.
  10. These are the other Xmas decs these are very tempting for keta had to rescue a few toys all ready ?
  11. This is our tree new for our new house and a few other Christmas decoration love Christmas ❤❤❤???other pics didn't upload sorry will try again later.
  12. Thank you going back out soon. She loves it .
  13. Keta having fun
  14. Secret Santa sent .