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  1. Well we've had another escapee blazer has really got the hang of getting out the cage and going for a wander 3 times during the night he's done this and he's been picking at his mother's kibble while his brothers and sister watch and try to escape as well the little bugger he is haha
  2. They are all adorable Aurora comes to me as soon as I go to the cage she comes for her cuddles and kisses, blazer does the same loves his kisses and cuddles wolf loves me tickling him but bites Stephen when he tries to do it and wont let stephen near the cage he also goes around tormenting his brothers and sister. Bear is protective of Hunter and goes after wolf if wolf goes near Hunter bear loves his little walk abouts out the cage and Hunter just loves to sleep alo t he plays now and then but loves his naps. Willow was outside the cage the other day and aurora author and Hunter climbed out away from blazer wolf and bears fighting haha funny little 5 they are I just love them. We have got a new home for aurora and her new adopted parents are on the phone asking for updates all the time.
  3. It's between blazer or bear cannot decide
  4. Thank you I will ask my son to help me with that
  5. 3 weeks old on Tuesday on their feet all blue eyed babies they are getting louder and louder and more playful proper little balls of fur they are now so adorable. They're just getting bigger and bigger it's just a shame I cannot upload videos on here I have some lovely ones on my facebook ?????
  6. Eyes are starting to open today will get a photo as soon as they are all open s ?????
  7. Another update on fab give blazer took his first wobbly walk today at 14.25pm followed by aurora soon have this happening with them all and their eyes haven't even opened yet ?????
  8. Update on the fab 5 they are really thriving now making plenty of noise and at 9 days old too I am completely in love with them all ????????
  9. Thank you I love them too x
  10. We are still unsure Stephen loved Blazer when he first saw him but has a soft spot for Hunter. I love them all so it's still undecided x
  11. I am happy to announce that we have finally decided on our new puppies names (Well I've called them and Stephen just said aye so the Geordie yes is there for approval) ? Everyone meet Willows and Dylan's babies Hunter? DOB: 26/9/2017 at 12:55 pm. He was born outside and he is always on the hunt for food. Bear? DOB: 26/9/2017 at 1:20 pm. His grey with brown coat big and cuddly always cuddling up to his sister and brothers. Aurora? DOB: 26/9:2017 at 1:50 pm. Sweet little girl with good energy and quite bossy over her brothers. Blazer? DOB: 26/9/2017 at 2:40 pm He has a marking on his neck like a flame. Wolf? DOB: 26/9/2017 at 4:35 pm. Always wandering of to the other end of the cage to be on his own like a lone wolf. (First picture is day of birth second picture is today 3 days old) ?????
  12. Thanks shes not been to bad for heat today we've kept a window open and that wash really helped her today pups are really suckling now they never seem to leave her alone and the cut little squeaks from them is adorable x
  13. Yeah we both agreed not to take her right now it's not fair on her Stephen had to wash willow down quickly because she messed all over herself whilst I had to change the bedding and she was so anxious to get back in so we said no walks for her just as yet. At least with washing her down quickly and drying her she's cooled down and got some nice fresh bedding there just really put a towel down as the weather is quite warm today so we have the window open slightly too we keep checking their temp to see if they are got or cold abd adjust the window to what's needed to keep temp alright for them all. X
  14. We are getting her out as much as we can but she is reluctant to leave her puppies so it's basically just trips to the yard which she does have to walk down and up 14 steps to get to it. We don't known if it's too soon to take her for a walk or not Stephen is a worrier too and he thinks if he takes willow for a walk she may bring something back and pass it on to pups so we are unsure what to do plus we don't want to keep her away too long in case it stresses her and pups x
  15. Willow is walking fine she's not looking her balance so she's doing well there and she's eating plenty we have been feeding her wainwrights puppy food (wet) mixed with dry and fresh cooked chicken. She is drinking plenty of water too but prefers cold water she won't touch it warm or room temp. Pups feel warm if they get too hot they move away from mum. We only have a towel in the cage right now Will deffo keep an eye on her in case there is another pup in there. And we will be ringing the vets to book their two week appointment for free pup check and mother check also to buy the worming liquid to feed pups and mother. We will keep you updated x