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  1. Willow thinks she s a super hero. How on earth can she sleep like this?
  2. Mammy please can i have a treat?
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. Willow is getting better the redness has really gone down it's starting to go back to her normal skin colour and the fur is coming back lovely and thick. She loves her new food and is just as cheeky as ever l. Feeling so relieved she is on the mend with this. ?
  4. It was more of a spray for the house my boyfriend treated the house whilst I took her out for a while it dries within an hour and this happened before de fleaing sge had no fleas but we just took a precaution so it can't have been that. We have her booked in next week for he first scan she seems happy in herself still bouncing around and playing with her flamingo and her new froggy and when she goes to see the father of her pups Dylan she s constantly playful with him. The antibiotics, scrub, new food and change of cleaning products she hasn't been scratching and biting at herself so fingers crossed it heals better in the next few days
  5. Thank you we have changed all cleaning products in our home along with de-fleaing our home and our willow with the proper stuff from the vets. The new food we have put her on is Arden grange, recommended by the vets as well as pets at home, that along with the antibiotics and antiseptic scrub should help. Hopefully! We just don't want to see her in any pain the poor little thing.
  6. Thanks we've changed her food to a rice based one and it's for sensitive skin and I've started to use different cleaning products around the house so hopefully that will help her didn't know about the evening primrose oil though thanks for that
  7. No they didn't tell us and yeah we told the vets all this
  8. We've had her a few months previous owners said it happened once and get said to them was hormonal. Told the vets we had bred her and they gave us noroclav for her they said its not 100% if it would harm the pups just my boyfriend was unsure if anyone else had given their pregnant dog the same
  9. Thanks we have changed her food to a more zinc based but the vets have gave us noroclav antibiotics for her too are they safe to use with her being pregnant?
  10. Thanks i hope so too it's heart breaking seeing her like this she seems happy in herself and is still eating and drinking plenty and it doesn't seem to bother her just the itching really
  11. Hi there being new to owning a husky we have read up on alot about them. However willow has a problem with her inner thighs. We have treated her for fleas and tics also wormed her. But recently on the 15th day of her heat cycle we noticed a bald spot forming on her inner thighs. We kept a close eye on it for a few days and noticed other areas of baldness. She bites and scratches so much it's now spread across her legs and on her lower stomach as well as around her private area. We have bred her and are just awaiting results of pregnancy. We have had her to the vets which we got antibacterial scrub for her and antibiotics. We have read that this could be also due to a zinc deficiency so we have changed her food to a better one for sensitive skin. We didn't care about the price although quite expensive but we don't know if it will help. I will post a picture of the baldness. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same issues and what did they do for their pup to help them. We are really concerned about her.
  12. Hiya myself and my bf are new to owning a husky. We got her from a family member at the age of 3. She is called willow and we absolutely adore her. Pictures below with her best friend Patrick and her beloved flamingo