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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. I hope you will be able to recover from the stress soon. I would probably be very upset for some time. I'm sorry. Kim
  2. Oh, what a cutie. It sounds like you have tried everything to find the owner. I know of two Husky Rescue groups, but they are both based in PA. I'm not sure if they could help you in TN. If you want to look them up, they are Tails of the Tundra and Delaware Valley. Kim
  3. Mine started blowing his coat while it was still Winter. It took a good 3 months or so and I think he's finally done.
  4. Aww, what an interesting problem to have. I am sure you understand that's his way of communicating, but others may wonder what is going on. Mine whimpers sometimes when he sees another dog, but he's not very loud. I hope you will be able to work with him on that. I wish I had some advice or tips to give, but I just wanted to say hi, and welcome to the group.
  5. Mine is almost 4 and he is rather lazy. I've had him about 9 months now, and this is common behavior for him. But, if this behavior is new, and you are concerned, it wouldn't hurt to have a vet check the dog over, to be sure everything is fine. Especially if the behavior came on suddenly. Kim
  6. Wow! It sounds like you are well-prepared! I hope you enjoy the new pup! As far as crates, I have the "Large" size crate. My husky is about 60 pounds and it seems to fit him just fine. It is the kind with a divider. I don't remember the measurements on the crate though. Let me see if I can find it real quick; that may be more helpful to you. Ok, I just looked it up on the Petsmart web site. I think the brand is Top Paw/ 36 inches long, 23 inches wide, and 25 inches high. It has a front door and a side door. Of course, zip lock all the seams, and put clips or something on the doors to keep them closed. (You may already know that.) Kim
  7. I'm not sure if I can offer much help, but I would say to give him some space. My dog is almost four years old, and I've had him about 9 months now. He is pretty shy, and doesn't like to be touched much. He used to flinch when I would try to put the harness on him to take a walk, but he soon got used to it. So, watch him, and pay attention to his signals. Touch him as little as possible and give him time to adjust. Watch his ears, his tail. They are big indicators of how he is feeling. Again, I'm not very experienced, but this is what I have learned so far in my experience. Hopefully, he will adjust soon and feel more comfortable with everyone. It takes time for them to trust you. Kim
  8. Well, congratulations, even though this wasn't planned. I hope all goes well for you and Ghost. We will all wish and pray for a positive outcome for her, and for you & the entire situation. Kim
  9. Vickie, Aww, I'm sorry, I hope I didn't make you worry. Olaf was adopted from a shelter, too. (Well, a rescue group got him out of the shelter, then he came to me.) I think Olaf was mainly upset that his routine was interrupted. He's fine now and is back to himself. Kim
  10. Awww... I think they are so used to their routines that they get upset when anything changes.
  11. It was heart-breaking. I'm glad he's back to himself now. I will be going away for a few days over the summer, and I made arrangements with a very nice lady who provides care in her home, one dog at a time. I took Olaf to visit her and he seemed very comfortable there with her, and she has experience with huskies. So, hopefully, that will be a better experience for him.
  12. I had to go out of town for a family member's funeral, and I boarded Olaf at the local pet resort for a few days. I was so anxious to go pick him up before he had to spend a 3rd night there, but, oh boy, he was mad at me! he basically yelled at me when I picked him up, then completely ignored me once I got him home! He definitely had an attitude and it lasted a good 16 hours or so for him to make up with me. He would still follow me around the house, but if he caught me looking at him, he would look away. If I said his name, he would not look at me. If I tried to pet him, he would turn his head or walk away. He finally forgave me and made up with me, but I was upset that he was mad at me. Have your babies ever done this to you, when you had to be away from them? I'm glad everything is back to "normal" now. :-) Kim

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