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  1. @DanUK I guess we're all running around like idiots and entertaining our dogs!!,? ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  2. It's ok to look like an idiot@mattman17 LOL! I do the same thing. Then I play hide & seek running around the barn (looking like an idiot to neighbor's LOL & could care less LOL), then I'll say "BOO" & hide behind the barn. The dogs go NUTZZ & of course find me too quickly but I start laughing!! (They look at me like "why is Mommy talking to herself?!!") Honestly, we kind of have to be idiots for our HUSKY BABIES!![emoji57]?[emoji23] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  3. OMGorgeous!! SKYLA looks so adorable with that warm towel around her...she owns it!! Yes, her eyes tell it all. How the light is hitting her, I see those silky angora strands of fur that are usually Samoyed... she's a true beauty!! Plus, she's got the "snow nose" going on!! [emoji307][emoji738][emoji178] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  4. Aww, it looks like ICE, BEAR & PEPPER love it and have made the rug theirs already!! Love that gorgeous rug!![emoji171][emoji178][emoji170] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  6. @KimHuskyMom The hike sounds so much fun with OLAF!! Hope the rescue group gets alot of donations. And hoping OLAF gets that playdate!![emoji171][emoji169] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  7. @chelseafan LOVE the rugby ball (what's left of it) and your two pretty babies!! I also love the stone Husky!![emoji16][emoji171][emoji169] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~ Aww, DAKOTA looks so beautiful and on that gorgeous rug!! Love the rug & furniture!! You have to have your decor always "match" your beauty!![emoji179]? ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  8. @Clean_cut Very beautiful & precious photo with your 5-yr old & new puppy!!![emoji171][emoji179] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  9. @PaulG Let us know how your Husky Meeting goes!! You have to have play dates again!! I love watching how all of them get so chatty & howling!! ARMANI is always the loudest and purposely makes everything so dramatic... he's hilarious!!?[emoji191][emoji191] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  10. MARKIE~ I'm so happy they got to play!! Even if it was raining. Most Huskies love the rain & get a bath out of it!! Beautiful photos!![emoji1] [emoji252] [emoji258] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  11. WOW!! All the choices they make!! I never had any idea...they look like baseball catchers!! Well it is baseball season@PaulG !![emoji461] ? ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  12. Absolutely, praying for the both of them! [emoji120][emoji179][emoji120][emoji179] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  13. That you!! ALINAH is still feeling great being Mama's little princess tomboy LOL!!? ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  14. Very precious photo!![emoji171] ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~
  15. Love LUKA's photo!![emoji488]? ~ANGIE, ARMANI & ALINAH~