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  1. Thank you ROB for the update!!?
  2. Keep in mind your puppy is only 5 months old. MANA is just a baby and still growing & developing. You do not want to run her on your 10Ks... she's way too young to run like that. She should just be walked right now. @BingBlaze n Skyla said it best...MANA should only be walked no more than 25mins at a time. You could buy a harness & leash for more controlled walking. You can teach her tricks like sit, shake, high five, etc., using training treats. Huskies love to learn. Also, you should buy a crate for her to stay in while you're working. That's for her own safety and your house's safety. MANA is just beautiful!! Good luck with your baby girl!! ????
  3. @joshy ~ I'm not really sure what is the correct way for whether or not to elevate dog bowls. I just know there are different opinions out there.? (My two Huskies love drinking out of the hose. If I hold the hose up higher watering flowers, they jump in and start drinking, but then they'll kind of cough. So I keep the hose lower toward the ground because I don't want them getting bloat.)
  4. P.S. JOSH~I happened to noticed you have your dog's food/water bowls elevated and that's fine. In the past, I've read different articles & opinions about elevating dog bowls and whether it's safe or bad. I've heard that dogs with deep chests can develop "bloat," which can cause gastrointestinal problems or worse. I don't know for sure what to believe. And please do whatever you want. I just wanted to bring this to your attention if you wanted to do research.???? *I don't know if anyone else can weigh in on this topic and/or their experiences with elevating dog bowls?? https://dogcare.dailypuppy.com/raised-dog-bowls-good-bad-dog-7187.html
  5. Adorable video!!? SKY is "Super Mama" with puppysitting her own 10 puppies!!? Her pups have sure grown!! I bet you guys stay busy!! That's a good way to slow down puppies inhaling food on the floor!!? You could also buy those slow feed/no bloat doggy bowls that really help to slow feeding. I think I'd get about 4 of these bowls for 10 pups!! The add for Chewy.com said 20% off your first autoship. The Jumbo bowls are $4.51. I just thought I'd suggest these bowls vs. eating food off the floor (like mine have to do...they still won't eat food out of their bowls and have to flip the bowls upside down)!!?? https://www.chewy.com/jw-pet-skid-stop-slow-feed-dog-bowl/dp/40254?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=JW Pet&utm_term=&gclid=CjwKCAjwzoDXBRBbEiwAGZRIeMAVwSEkoV8qAMVHo7EoDb5WeYFq-9fV3ZP8OUZmiIq_G3gtqNKl1RoCjkEQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. @JOSHY~You have a stunning gorgeous girl!! Keep in mind, she is only 6 months old and still has quite a bit of growing to do. And since puppies grow so quickly, you could increase her puppy food a little bit...maybe an extra cup of food per day if she's extremely active. (At the puppy stage, it's better to have a little extra food than not enough.) She has a tall, slim frame, and is just beautiful!! What's her name?? Please post photos any time!!???? ??? WELCOME ABOARD ???
  7. @Makayla Hello. Your MILEY is gorgeous & a sweetheart!!? I know you are extremely busy with work & school, and having an active dog can be overwhelming. 1)Think of your Husky MILEY as a child. A child could not be left by itself all the time and would become bored, anxious & sad. 2) MILEY is looking up to you for happiness, to learn, play & feel loved. You've got to make time for your baby girl. You can take her on daily walks, play some games with her like Hide & Seek, tug of war w/a doggy rope, get her some non-edible chew bones, balls, get some doggy puzzle games, etc. 3)While you study: If it's warm enough outside, you could walk MILEY and hang out studying at a quiet place like a picnic table or park. You could bring some of her toys. Even if it's just for 20minutes, she needs to get out some and walk to release all that play energy she has. 4) Take Breaks. You need to take some breaks from all the studying. That's when you want to play with MILEY or take her for a 30-minute walk. Walking will help her, but it will also help you to lesson feeling overwhelmed. Always use a leash & harness. 5) Can you take MILEY to your parents to play & they can watch her for a bit?? 6) Make sure you give MILEY these 4 things: ~Physical Stimulation ~Mental Stimulation ~Communication ~Lots of Love 7)Please "never" use a Shock Collar. That is the worst thing you could ever do. It's cruel but does not help with discipline, it truly causes severe fear & anxiety. Also, never strike/hit a dog for discipline. Instead always use positive reinforcement "reward" training with doggy treats. It sounds like MILEY is "not" being bad at all, she just wants someone to love her & pay attention to her & play with her. Remember, MILEY is just like a child. You treat them calmly, gently & give lots of love. 8)You can teach her tricks using doggy treats like sit, shake, lie down, high five, etc. Only do training for about 10minutes at a time. Huskies love learning new things. ?9) I would get her spayed after her heat season. (Neutering is for males.) It probably won't calm her down much. You said your family wants to breed her. But if no one has much time for MILEY, then no one would have time for puppies. Talk about being overwhelmed...having puppies can be crazy & especially overwhelming.?Plus, there are already so many Huskies in shelters waiting for their forever homes. I hope this information is beneficial for your situation. Just take some time to be creative with spending quality time with your baby. You can look on the internet for fun things to do with MILEY. You have an incredible, beautiful dog who loves you!! It's hard work but you can do it!! So go love on your beautiful MILEY and take her for a nice walk...or she can take you for a nice walk. ?????
  8. Well your doing really great with training him, etc.!! Puppies learn things so quickly. You can play games like hide & seek, tug with a rope, puzzle doggy games, etc., which is good mental stimulation. You should post some photos!! ???
  9. Maybe the fact that he is "by the door" is the "key" that he needs to go potty. Another sign is if he starts sniffing the carpet, take him quickly outside and say potty. To train him, I'd take him out every 30 minutes to go potty (and say go potty) even if he doesn't have to go. I hope this helps.???
  10. That's just too funny!! I think kids & teenagers are so taken by their beauty that they go into shock!! ??????
  11. ??? WELCOME ABOARD ??? The do destroy things esp if you leave them home alone. Your Husky didn't mean to do it and just don't know any better. You can't help but to love them. ???
  12. Some kids a few streets over have asked, "Are those real wolves?!!"??