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  1. Deeply praying for your sweet baby![emoji171] ~ANGIE
  2. Praying for your SKYLA-Baby! It's hard when they hurt. Vet bills are so expensive, but anything to help our precious babies. SKYLA is a doll baby, just gorgeous![emoji171] ~ANGIE
  3. Wow! That's a "low" flying helicopter! Definitely checking out the babies!? ~ANGIE
  4. Could ALASKA have been hit by a car, possibly fell down some stairs or something happened to her at the breeders?? Or could she possibly have a genetic problem with low bone density. It is so scary she has 3 fractures! Hopefully, the Vet can give her pain medicine though she is younger than 12months. Even though animals do not always show pain, she has to be in "significant pain." What is the Vet going to do regarding the 3 fractures to help her heal?? For now until the Vet decides what to do, I'd keep her laying low and not walk her except for potty breaks and no running. I'd also have where she sleeps, some kind of padded bedding with a good amount of padding to help her sleep in less pain. Bless her. ALASKA is in my deepest prayers for the fractures to heal properly & great health.[emoji171][emoji252] ~ANGIE
  6. I wasn't either. (Santa can come every day of the year bcuz he's MAGICAL LOL!) What's the Secret Santa about?? ~ANGIE
  8. It sounds like possibly seizures. If he also shakes or acting like he's swimming/ dog paddling in his sleep, then probably a seizure. But I'm deeply praying for your MARLEY Baby! He is just adorable! ~ANGIE
  9. Thank you for the kind words! I am a worrier (I know that is bad to worry). I just love everyone's dogs! I can tell you have a compassionate heart as well & you both do awesome at taking care of her. Your puppy looks GORGEOUS in the photos and has a big happy smile on her face! (She has a mega long tongue like my ARMANI LOL!) Your wife is very beautiful as well! The photos are precious! It actually looks like your puppy is very fluffy/furry vs. overweight. She looks a little stocky (very toned) like she's getting ready for another growth spurt. I hope she doesn't have a spine problem. It could just be her legs that need a surgery. (Some times dogs' kneecaps are not attached when they're born & it causes the legs to protrude out, which I believe surgery can fix that.) So I'm praying everything goes well if you get a second opinion! Are you from Alaska?? That would be a cool name for her, but I'm sure you have already named her. Anyway, please let us all know how your puppy is feeling/doing periodically. I pray she'll get better! Talk to you soon SOUTHSHORE![emoji252][emoji252] ~ANGIE P.S. HUSKY HUGS![emoji191][emoji191]? ~ANGIE
  10. I'm the same, I only use my cell app. But absolutely the BEST APP out there over FaceBook or any other app! You definitely put many long hours in creating this awesome app, and your hard work has truly paid off! The reward is helping all of the pack! I truly LOVE this app! *Husky Owners* is the BEST!!! [emoji252]?[emoji191] ~ANGIE
  12. SOUTHSHORE~ I apologize & hope I didn't offend you, and I must have misread your original post. I also read your other one. It sounds like you are doing great & caring for your puppy! Very, very beautiful puppy you have! I have never heard puppies having a fracture but that's just me. I agree with the others to find another Vet to get a second opinion. Something is physically going on with your sweet baby. It does look like it's coming from her mid-spine and affecting the back legs. I really hope a Vet can correct the problem. More importantly, I pray she is not is bad pain. (I've never seen or come across this problem before.) If a Vet can do surgery to correct the problems, that would be wonderful. If she cannot be corrected 100%, as long as she's not in pain is really all that matters. If you still want to show her, I hope that happens. If not, it looks like you have an amazing, loving puppy that you all love very much! I hope you can find another Vet to XRay her and give a second opinion. I am deeply praying for your precious baby! ~Godspeed~[emoji171] ~ANGIE
  13. Hello! Definitely take her to a Vet & soon. Her spine from the middle to tail looks like it humps up. So she very well may have hip problems. Also, her back legs look a lot shorter than the front & back legs/paws pointing outward. She may need surgery for her hips and back legs. *NOTE*: (Please do not take this as mean or harsh.) BUT PLEASE, DO NOT LET HER OUTSIDE RUNNING FREELY ON THE ROAD; SHE WILL GET HIT BY A CAR. If she's gone 2-3hours at a time, that is not good. I do not think it's a good way for her to live stuck in small caged area most of the time. (I really feel sorry for her that she's by herself alot. I feel like she is lonely & doesn't get much exercise or interaction, etc.[emoji20] ) Let your house be "her" house as well. Let her walk around in your house & she'll relax. SHE WANTS TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR PACK.[emoji4] It sounds like your Husky is on her own so much (in her pin or out running free & gone for hours). She needs for you to spend lots of time with her when you're at home, let her out of small cage area & lay by the couch on a padded rug, and take frequent walks with her on a "harness & leash" on her. You can do one-on-one training with her for fun & reward her with puppy treats. She needs lots of love & cuddles with you. You could get her some durable & safe dog bones to chew on. Give her tummy rubs & play with her & her toys. You could turn your hose on and see if she loves to play in the water, etc. Your sweet baby just needs to be loved & not caged (when you are home) or running free outside. Praying she doesn't have major health problems or need surgery. Your beautiful & gorgeous puppy is looking up to YOU for love, happiness, safety, to be healthy and have the best life possible. ?[emoji252][emoji171] ~ANGIE
  14. Adorable photos of SNICKERS "and" the purple Nike's! (Poor little purple Nike's!) LOVE SNICKER'S & SIMKA'S storytelling![emoji252] ~ANGIE Oops! I meant poor little purple "REEBOKS!" ~ANGIE