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  1. I use "leave it" for anything I don't want them too do. I.e. Other dogs, litter, pee mail. Etc. This is is one Of the things I love about our huskies. Their ability to get super excited. Bugger other dog owners.
  2. This was tongue in cheek bud
  3. I noticed the harnesses I have connect just above the tail. Thank you you for the reassurance.
  4. I've copied this from a website that sells these items. I now have two temporary harnesses with the plan to order some indi dog ones in the future. This photo has the lead clipped to a small piece of connecting rope that joins the harness. Both my x back harnesses have this, but it looks like the weakest part of the outfit. Is this really where you clip the husky's to? Has anyone changed theirs for something stronger, or just clipped straight to the webbing?
  5. Your husky's seem very calm. What have you fed them today, opium?
  6. on this note, i went to wyre forrest today. I met a chap with a young husky. We both got close and Taylor made some very aggressive noises. I thought about your post and retracted quickly and still managed to say "don't let her off" and he replied " i do all the time....."
  7. last time i checked, people didn't call me god but i thank you for doing so. You can call me rob. Perhaps you do not live in the country, but i have no problem keeping both blaze and taylor away from other people and dogs. I guess you would need to walk past peoples drives for someone to come out of one........... not as impossible as you think
  8. Thanks for the suggestion but it's a bit late. I read that several months ago when I got a husky. ? The act is the reason I avoid other people and dogs. Nothing to worry about.
  9. Yes I have an on lead issue. I haven't muzzled Taylor and refuse to. Hence my other post. Taylor growls at every passing dog and it's exceptionally aggressive. It makes other people actively avoid us when we come towards them. So far the only success I've had is with well known dogs and owners that allow me to bring her close so the two dogs can interact. No biting in an aggressive manner but lots of teeth out nostrils flared and really aggressive noises I just avoid other dogs on leads all together. Hence not going to the dog meet in Warwickshire. Its not not a cure but works for us
  10. I'm as rude as they come. Why is it shocking that you are a nice person? Wouldn't it be more shocking if you weren't? I'd like to thank you. I asked Blaze to chill and this happened ? Who's there???‍♂️
  11. Can always brush your husky's teeth if needs be.... both of mine are on a wet dry mix. Weve tried all sorts of food including raw.
  12. I also googled it, lots of different acronym meanings. you're right, the definition is "A person who makes abusive or aggressive posts on the Internet, typically one who conceals their true identity." Anyways,