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  1. Still waiting. I did hear back from the shelter. They had some questions about our adoption application. (A call to our vet showed our dogs overdue for vacc, when they had in fact just been there.) That was a week ago. During this wait I've watched some Husky videos...and laughed a lot. I had been planning on naming this dog after a friend who took his life almost three years ago. The anniversary of that date is fast approaching. If we get this dog very close to that day it will be emotional for sure, if not a little creepy.
  2. Still waiting. Haven't even seen the new guy yet. I sent an adoption app, but they are 2-3 weeks behind on processing them. I suppose it's selfish to hope he doesnt get a home before then.
  3. Great. Our little Pomeranian doesn't want anyone near the door, but a Husky wouldn't care. Just great.
  4. Hi, New here. My wife has given the OK to look for another dog. Good thing I have been looking already. I hate being caught unprepared. I'd like a Husky. We once had a Husky mix, and she was the best dog we ever had. Wonderful dog in all respects. Since we've never had a pure Husky and I know it's not the same, I've been researching a bit. That led me here. One question: I keep reading Huskies don't make great watchdogs because they won't bark and love everyone. However, I was wondering: We have two smaller dogs that do watch/listen/bark/etc. Although a Husky may not instigate it, would a Husky join in? Sort of a picking up on the pack behavior thing?