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  1. I know! Apparently the owners were in a rush to get all the puppies out. Either way Leo is well taken care of at our house! The supplemented milk says that it's for puppies from 4-8 weeks. He eats multiple times throughout the day and night. So probably I'd do some more research and start feeding him solids after 8 weeks!
  2. Hello! A few days ago we got a husky puppy that we named Leo and who will be 6 weeks on Wednesday (03/22). I'm feeding him with "Supplemented Milk" in powder. He seems to eat all day and I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. I feel like he's not getting enough and he's still hungry. He doesn't seem to be having any stomach problems. He's very playful and is starting to learn how to "bite". I've read about the best dry foods and found that "Taste of the Wild" is the best one out there (according to a website related to huskies). The problem I have is that I don't know which one to pick for Leo and I don't know when I should start introducing him to it. I would also like to know which foods are good and bad for him! TIA Here's a picture of Leo. Isn't he adorable?