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  1. Thank you....I know for sure that's not accurate ....I will take her Monday to the vet...and I will found out if she pragnant for sure......!!! Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your opinion!! and I respect it too ...!! But I do believe in mother's natural and they will know what to do!
  3. Yes....I will ...tomorrow Monday!!! First thing to do!! Thanks all and I will let you all know what hapends!!
  4. Thank you all.... Yeap I was disappointed ...and I will find a better vet.....well she is almost 2 years and we took her with the male ...and yes we want her to have puppies we were not there..and this is her first time breeding her ..we love her and we want to take her of her!!! But I will for sure finding another vet!!!
  5. Hello to everyone here!! I'm new on this site and I need your help...I have my red neck husky her name is coqueta and I want to know if she is pregnant!! Hoping someone can help me she has about 3 weeks that she was with the husky male but we never saw them stick together only two times in the night she was screaming so hard .....well she has her nipples big then usually and her abdomens is swallowed by the ribs and she can't jump like before she lost her appetite and she peeing everywhere!! I hope somebody will let me know I need to know because I call the vet and they said I need to wait.. Thank you in advised!!