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  1. Thanks for all your advice guys, would you believe we seemed to have solved this by moving his bed into the kitchen and closing the door at night and leaving a light on for him, unless he is just playing us for fools ha ha ha
  2. This is the problem, he can go from been happy bouncy normal seb, to crazy dead weight clingy seb with no warning signs or clues . Can anyone recommend an insurance company for huskys so u can get him tested for everything although I really think it's behavior led not health x He has a den under the stairs loves it sometimes won't go near it other times lol I really have a crazy sib
  3. If it was fireworks which I'm doubtful of what would I do about that, could it be separation anxiety if so what do I do it's causing so many sleepless nights not sure how long I can cope
  4. Checked by a vet when it first started happening he is a heathy dog. Also when I take him out he is absolutely fine.
  5. Ive had seb the 6 year old sib for 3 years with no problems and since October last year he has been odd, but not every day, when in the house he won't leave my side to the point of putting on dead wait, if I make him move he just want to go outside and not come back in,just lies in 2 spots in the garden, again putting on dead weight when I try to get him in, The main problem is at night he started by headbutting and scratching at the bedroom door and when I open it he just stares and pants intently, so we purchased a baby gate and stop him coming upstairs but low and behold he attacks the baby gate pretty much nightly he gets plenty of exercise and he is not on his own for huge periods of time, please help