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  1. Wow! That was a fun read! Thank you so much! #1. I don't want them to be kennel dogs. I just was thinking about something where if I had to run to the store for 20 mins or if I'm out cutting the lawn and its a nice day out, let them hang in the kennel for a while. They'd most certainly be house dogs when they're not going on walks/runs/wrestling around. #2. The microchip is a great idea. In fact, the kennel I would get a pup from inserts them automatically when they're pups. Another question.....I'm now thinking more and more about getting two but the kennel I referred to costs about $2000-$4000 for each pup. What is the average price range for an AKC husky pupper?
  2. That's kinda what I was thinking. The yard is big enough to put up a nice fenced in area by the deck. I mean it won't be 100'x100' but something like the picture. Maybe a bit bigger than that. Big enough for him to have some running room and room for us to play a bit. Put a dog house in it....I think it'd be cool to put a sand box in it so he can dig and frolic. Line it with rock or brick so he can't bust out. Cheaper solution....can do it in a day or two.
  3. First off, let me introduce myself to these forums. My name is Dan and I'm a 28 year old male from Minnesota in the United States. I had a yellow lab named Rocky for 12.5 years until he just got too old before he went to puppy heaven. It's been 5 years since he passed and it took a bit before I thought about getting a new dog. Now, originally I thought I would get another lab but I just feel like I'd spend too much time comparing the new lab to the old lab. Some can go out and get an exact ringer and name him "______ II" but I just can't do it! So I'm thinking about a husky. At this point, I'm 4 days into my husky research. I've learned a lot and have a lot to learn before I feel comfortable making the leap into bringing a husky into the family this spring. However, there's 2 things that are making me nervous and I'm now doubting I can get a husky. Here's why: My wife and I are already active. We already go on our daily walks/runs and like goofing around with the dog in the house so the part of keeping a husky active shouldn't be an issue. I know when a husky blows their coat, it's a bit more severe compared to a lab shedding but it won't bother us too much. Due to our work schedule, one of us should be home most of the time. I work nights, she works days. Sure there will be periods where nobody is home but I don't think anyone expects someone to be home with the dog 24/7, 365. We have an unfinished basement. It was perfect for training my old dog because it didn't matter if he chewed, scratched, or went potty down there so I think that'll be great for crate training. We have no children yet outside of nieces/nephews who visit so we're not worried about the pup being around kids. There's a very reputable and highly touted husky breeder just 3-hours north of us where we'd get the pup from. So we're off to a good start but these two things make me nervous and have me worried that I shouldn't get a husky: We have a house on 3.5 acres and no fencing. I've read far too much that basically says that if you don't have a fence, don't get a husky. Due to the size of the lot, the terrain (half of it is brush/woods) the neighborhood (None of the 17 houses on the block have a fence), and the cost of putting that much "husky-proof" fence up would be up there. We only want one dog but I've heard some people say that if you can't get two, don't get one. This doesn't worry me so much as I've seen many huskies being the lone pet in the family. With Rocky, we had the top of the line invisible fence. We're talking about professionally installed and professionally trained where the 92 pound lab only got out 2 times in 10 years. I've read accounts of people saying invisible fence work with huskies, and others saying it doesn't especially when they see a critter. So is not having a fenced in yard the one deal breaker? Will I not be able to play with my dog in the yard without him on a leash (fetch, running around the yard, etc.) Are huskies guaranteed to flee into the next county anytime they get outside? Are there any options that doesn't require a fenced in yard? Am I really going to have to look at another breed over this? Any/all opinions and thoughts are welcome! Thanks in advance!