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  1. I may take the advice on the behaviorist, as i am looking at a couple now. Now she told him no when he was trying to get to another dog so went to move him and he turned on her. He does this and he does it out of frustration, he has done it before and it is because he is being stubborn and not liking being told no. But this cannot happen an i will get it out of him. But there was no reason other than he didn't like being told no.
  2. Ok so Chase is 10 months now. All in all he is a typical Husky. He play mouths and barks as answering back. Adolescence has hit hard. However the other day at day care he was being pulled away from another dog and he bit the girl, now he didn't draw blood he bruised her but this is not acceptable and not the first time he has reacted like that in frustration/anger. I need to know what is best to say when i am not around. I have put a check collar on him now so they don't need to put hands near him but i was wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar? Chase seems to react badly out of frustration especially if tired or grumpy but i cannot excuse this and will not have it. He nearly got kicked out of daycare because of it until i agreed to get him neutered later in the month. Thanks
  3. I have used it for months now, his Guard hairs are fine, as long as you are light. The furminator is not a blade but a fine brush. As long as you are soft and use it lightly it doesn't pull anything. Chase is a huge woos, if it was pulling him, he would tell me about it.
  4. I use the furminator..... gets so much out...
  5. Thank you, we have decided to wait until about 2 years now. I was trying to avoid buying a bigger crate as his XL is getting too small for him. So i will buy an XXL crate and use that until he is 2 i think.
  6. let me know how it goes, i am curious, mine is 9 months now and always crated but i would like to create a place for him when we move so he can roam when we are out.
  7. My gf picked one of these up a few weeks ago, went great in his crate to cool him down in the heat, he has managed to split one now, only one of the length but thats typical. Hopefully the rest holds up.
  8. Hi Abi, sent you a PM, me and my girlfriend walk Chas eup there most evenings so anytime you would like to do an off lead walk there would be great.
  9. Hi All Some of you may have read my post about my 8 month old boy at day care. Well on the back of that and many discussions i am asking advice about having him snipped in here. At 8 months i feel he is too young, i understand people say to let them fully develop but no way will my gf go for that, he is getting a real handful and i do not mean in a husky way i mean humping male dogs. People say that won't calm that down but i think it will from research i've gathered. My question, is 12 months a healthy age, would doing it before affect overall growth? I really want him to have fun at daycare and right now they are on the edge with him because other dogs are turning on him. He is lovely natured but over excited he goes a bit over the top. I have searched and read previous topics and doubt i will get much different in here but i was curious to ask... Thanks guys
  10. Hi guys I cannot get over my boys behavior at the moment. At home he is ok, has to be crated because at 8 months he can be over the top. But this week my girlfriend started fulltime work and as such we decided to put him into daycare. Now in his first week, he has caused other dogs distress by constantly humping them, he refuses to rest when other dogs do. He is getting time outs, answering back, then mouthing in frustration. They are sticking with him for now, but at home he wouldn't get away with this, he is really testing them to the max. I know he may settle and get used to it. The humping will stop when he is neutered but i refuse to do that before he is 1 year old. I am seriously at a loss, i am worried they are going to say no. Apparently he is making other dogs uncomfortable, the mouthing when answering back is not on, and refusing to settle unless separated is just strange. I wondered if anyone has any similar experiences.
  11. She doesn't learn to hold it, she can hold it. She learns where is acceptable to go to the toilet. So firstly she thinks indoors is ok, which is a bad thing obviously. So what i would suggest is, going back to potty basics. She goes out every hour (waking hours) and is on a lead. Take her out for 5-10 mins on the lead in the back garden, if she goes, repeat the cue 'wee wee' then good girl. teach the command of wee wee etc for when she does it so she can go on command. If you have her roaming keep an eye out she may just go to the door to go out, but right now she doesn't realise the house is not a toilet. IF she goes in the house, take her outside immediately, again on the lead and try that. It will take discipline and consistency from you. Witht he waking up, well ours is nearly 8 months now and has slept through the night in general for months. No up for toilet breaks etc. He has been able to hold it for a good few months. generally he will not go in his cage unless it is a last resort he will hold as long as possible. he doesn't even go out when he gets up now, he waits to go on a walk. Common with dogs i am told, they like to save it until they are out and about. So i would cut out getting up at 5am at all. Habits are hard to get out of older dogs i know that so best to start again totally with these things and start googling and find an approach that suits you, but one that is tailored towards a puppy. it just sounds like bad habits to me. If i was up at 5am i am sure mine would get up but i don't get up at 5am and he is generally very good, we get up at 8 and he is fine.
  12. Ours is now 7 months and he is still crated, he had a pillow in there until recently that was cheap from pets at home, easy to take the cover off and wash after accidents. Also used a hot water bottle to help settle him at night and it worked a treat. The crate we have is XL and he is nearly too big for it. Funnily enough though ours adopted one of the kids bean bags shortly after he arrived and he still uses it to this day.
  13. Funnily enough this is not dis similar to an experience i posted about on here last week. Mine is 7 months and recently started waking up to get attention from his crate. I think this was down to the heat but i also think part of it was just being naughty and as people say, knowing how to get around you. These dogs are clever, if they howl and you come, there you go, that works and they do it again. I got out of it (it seems) by using what i call the supernanny approach (used on supernanny for kids), if he howls and barks, i give him a few minutes, get up go to him, don't talk. I let him out and see if he needs the toilet etc. If he doesn't i will tell him to go to bed. If he ignores me i take him. (chance 1). Second time i simply open the cage door (as i now know he is just messing) I tell him off and say no. Time to go to sleep. First night he must have got me up 5-6 times. But after i tell him sternly he has stopped. This may not work but i am just giving my experience as mine seems to want to push until he knows he has gone too far. A stern no and time to go to sleep work for me now. He is back in his crate and touch wood, sleeping through.
  14. I have an enclosed park near me that i am lucky enough to go to twice a day with Chase, generally if we are alone i let him off but with others around i don't, people or dog he won't listen and will just hassle them rather than come back. But mine is nearly 8 months and tbh his teenage years have hit and he can be a nightmare. He did exactly as everyone says was great for 5 months or so then hit 6 months and just ignores us and is naughty. But we love him and wouldn't change him for anything.
  15. Well we are in Wyken coventry and there is an enclosed dog park there. Could always do an off lead walk there sometimes if others wanted.