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  1. Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. I had a old dog do that to my mum a while back. She was mean to the poor thing. Even tho he was blind he found her stuff to pee on XD I would kennel them at night or just close the door to the room. Sometimes it's a faze that will pass Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Guess I'm the bad guy for holding their snoot for 5seconds.... Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  4. Mine aren't aggressive at all. Maybe it's how I did it? Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Sounds like they are testing your boundaries. Hold his muzzle and tell him. No! It will take a while, as they want to chew anyway. Play with them more. Get that energy out! Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  6. Leave her in the kennel for short times while your home. And praise her when she doesn't chew or freak out. Later do the same with the radio on. Talk radio or music. Leave the room for a bit and come check up. See if the noise tricks her in believing she's not alone. That's the only thing I can suggest. Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  7. i use a bungie rope along with a normal rope. to be precise i use this http://www.tugntowbikeleash.com/ right now my youngest is still growing so i cant buy a x-back with out her growing out of it. Even with one dog it still wants to move around. Its snug but not tight. Sorry i hope i read your response right as its sort of confusing.
  8. I didn't read all the comments but if he's in the cage more than10 hours a day that's too much. How about meeting him half way. Find a room like a bathroom or a deck/porch that is closed off and he can escape out of. Dog proof it and let him have open space. It's I would say at 10 weeks old give him 2-3 feet to play with or 5 feet Max. I only say that because you said he isn't have potty issues. Don't give him water or food while your gone. Just a bone and two toys. Maybe a cuddle blanket you don't mind chewed up. This is what I did slowly as I gave my puppies more freedom. But they had chewing or potty issues. Anyway,this way he can walk around sniff stuff and lay where he wants in a place that he can't break. Maybe he doesn't like being enclosed in the kennel. I know my oldest hats being caged and behaves better the more freedom we gave him. If you pick the bathroom option have the door open and a tall gate in place to keep him in and giving him a feeling of openness. Test this on the weekends to see how he reacts and what to fix while being watched. Hope this helps. Sorry if it's out of order. I'm on my lunch break haha! Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  9. Hello I have two dogs. One whos fully trained on a bike and the other is still learning and some times does a better job than the oldest, in listening, haha~! My question is, how can I properly set up their harnesses so it doesnt hurt them. Im used to one dog so I got an x-back harness. It works fine but some times he doesnt want to walk ahead of me and the vest will get tangled and twisted and i have to reset it. No big deal hes kinda lazy in our runs. The youngest wants to not stop run. But she is still growing so I have a normal harness that you get in a store http://www.petsmart.com/dog/supplies-and-training/collars-harnesses-and-leashes/harnesses/kong-paracord-reflective-adjustable-harness-28700.html?cgid=100082 something like this, same brand. But with a handle on the top so I can grab em if i need to. This also twists and goes to the side, moves alot. I dont like it but its the best I can do till shes done growing. Anyway. How i set them up is i have one clip that goes to each dog on the back of their harnesses. And they pull that way I drew a poor picture on MS paint to help explain. I look online for ideas on how to do it better but i only can find 4+ teams not two dogs. When i have them cliped this way like i drew in the picture. Their harnesses shift to the side twards each other. But in this video they dont do that at all Am i setting them up wrong? should the line connecting the two be wider? Should i have the two connected by collar too? I just dont want my dogs hurt in the long run. They dont run directly in front of me. Could that be the issue? They run slightly to the right because i wanted them away from possible traffic. If a video would help i will be more than happy to record a run some how. -Thank you for reading! Hope to get some help soon as springs coming and my dogs a antsy!
  10. It's a X back harness that goes to their tail. It's not a problem when it's just him. Only when it's two of them together. It's just if they slow down and are closer to my bike it twists and when my youngest wants to run left away from the trail because I'm still training her to not be randomly doing that.... I have my smallest one on a different type of harness because she still growing and it shifts too. I need one that has hooks on the sides rather than the top of the back. I trained them to be on my right so they are not in traffic when I walk them around town. There is rarely any cars when I take them out but I want them safe encase someone forgets to give me space. I got the xback because I thought it would help him pull...it does when it's just him. I can't use it when it's the two. I'll try and look up that H harness as springs coming and I might need it Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app
  11. Maz51 pretty much said it all, haha! i personally use the tug-n-tow http://www.tugntowbikeleash.com/ Its great for newbies because it takes care of the rope so you can pay attention to training more. It attaches to your bike so its ready to go. I use that and a leash for training as some times they wont listen or forget to stay to my right side of the bike where i like them. So i lightly nudge them the other way. You dont let them pull on it, its their for reminders and training. It took me and my first dog a few months to figure out what we were supposed to do and how to do it. Now, together we are flawless. Went to add another dog in the mix....square one again haha! Now he wont take directions. He lets my youngest do it! Shes a good listener and learning fast because i know what im doing more and my oldest some times helps. Figure out who will be the listening leader and teach them left and right commands before going. Once you are going. On calm streets and with no people or cars to distract them. Teach them stopping commands by doing it at each cross way. This is something after a year of trying i got my oldest to understand. I found that using marker like a cross walk helped. Once they are stopped make sure they dont walk forward or else you repeat the command. If they walk to you thats ok but not away. This is stop as in no more forward. To go again tell them "lets go" or what ever command your using to tell them GO If they get distracted call their name and tell them NO or the GO command to remind them to move forward. Praise them every time they keep walking forward and not to the distraction such as a person walking by or a squirrel. Personally i would do the same block or path you pick for quite a while till your convinced they are ready for a new path. my oldest can go onto any path while my youngest gets sniff crazy and distracted on new paths. Oh, puppies~ https://alpineoutfitters.net/Scripts/default.asp i just got a harness from them recently. Alot of people use their harnesses, i think they are pretty good. But i should have gotten a custom harness as my dogs like to walk side by side and it drags the harness in a odd way. They also have gear to help hook up and attach your dogs properly
  12. ok...i saw alot of chew-able things on the floor. Make sure in the play pen that there is nothing but their toys in the pen and that there is a 6 inch around the pen with nothing around it...my youngest some how got things in the kennel that shouldnt have gotten in there. Also make sure than the pen cannot be moved, knocked over, climbed or chewed/bent. The toys should be rotated as well. Huskies get bored. Give them 3 things at most. Something to chew, play and cuddle. Or a ball, a bone and a treat like a kong filled with peanut butter for example. Change them every other day A medium to large kennel is a must for the first few (2-3) months I say large because some times dogs will chew forever and you might need it. If not its always good to keep around for safe travels. It will take a while till you get the feel for their potty times so some times a bigger kennel will help while they grow. All kennels come with a wall that you can move to make the kennel large or small. Really so long as they can turn around comfortably that is enough space. Both my dogs cried and whined while in the kennel so i just let them sleep with me the first week. After that it was ok and they slept fine. Please make your first impression with them on the weekend so you two can get to know each other well, this will help with separation anxiety. If you want you can put blankets in the kennel but if they chew them up put nothing in there but one toy for chewing. Also if your away from home you can always play the radio so its not too quiet. play pen, um the hard floor should be fine. If you are worried about them being uncomfortable tho. I live in the USA so not sure if your walmart will carry these foam pads https://www.amazon.com/We-Sell-Mats-Interlocking-Anti-Fatigue/dp/B00DXXKG9Q you can arrange them how you like. My local daycare uses these. They can be clean easy and for the price if you need to replace them, pretty easy to do. It will save your floor from being scratched up if your worried about it. So long as the mat edges are out side of the play pen area, they shouldnt be able to chew it up very easy, they might dig but while your home watching them. Tell them "no" and make them play with something else Get them 3 types of bones till you can find a favorite. It will calm down the chewing of other important things haha! Dear horn bone, raw hide, and plastic kong bones/ropes. Puppies will chew and bite so be patient till their puppy teeth are gone! Do not let your dog drink alot of water before bed. Or feed them 1-2 hours before bed. This way they will have less accidents. It may seem mean but puppies will always tell you they are hungry. Fight the hungry puppy eyes!!! Feed them the same time every day. Each dog is different. My huskies have a hard time keeping some fat on them. So i give them a cup of breakfast,lunch and dinner. But puppies cannot eat that much at once. Give them half cups. It will make them feel like they are getting fed alot but they arent. So an example will be. Feed when you wake up(5am), hour of potty and play time. Feed when you get home(15 or 3pm), feed around dinner time(17 or 5pm) or past dinner time. Fed at that last hour before bed (20 or 8pm) Again just an example. But i try not to feed my puppies unless I am going to be home in the next 4 hours. Thats max puppy time for holding it in, If you will be gone for longer than 4-6 hours and cannot let them outside. For the first 3-4 months with your puppy, get pee-pee pads and place them in the kennel or play pen so they can have a safe space to go the the bathroom with-out punishment. If you want them to to potty outside in a designated spot. Take them with a leash and bring them to the same area, each time. Clap, praise, treat. What ever makes them happy RIGHT AFTER they are done. Anything past 10 seconds is lost on them haha~! This wont guarantee they will go in that area when they get older and are off leash to go outside. But it will help. Maybe give them a rock or something special to pee on *shrugs* the whole back yard is for my dogs so i cant help much here. I hope this helps. I have raised 2 husky puppies and they were both so different with their needs. Let me know if you have anymore questions. I tried to think of everything plus answer your questions. Sorry for the long post
  13. http://www.softouchconcepts.com/product/sense-ation-harness This is what i use it works pretty good and you can have more training control by attacthing it to the collar. If your dog is like my youngest and darts back and forth instead of being on your side while you walk, this is a must have
  14. I use a regular leed with a sen-ation brand harness to cut the pulling down Sent from my HTCD100LVW using Husky Owners mobile app