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  1. Got the go ahead from them yesterday! Was really not happy about how thin they'd let her get. I shudder to think what a vet would say. Turns out they don't know anything about dog foods. The new food has a much higher meat content, is hypoallergenic and all natural. Only a few quid more expensive for a 15k, too.
  2. We haven't switched her food yet - the previous owner had her on Brummel and Peacock but we're going to switch her to Wainwright's turkey and vegetable. She's awfully skinny, can see her ribs and her hip bones are really prominent. The leash is a good idea, thanks!
  3. Great, thank you! We're making sure she keeps her fluids up. Will go boil the chicken now.
  4. Just a follow up question if I may...! We've been to the vets today and he suggested soft muzzles for both of them until hostilities have lessened. Have done this and things seem to be going better. Maia's tummy is bad at the moment, her owner said it was not like this before we took her - so I'm assuming it's due to the stress of the move. But at the moment her poops are very runny. I was wondering if I should be feeding her basic foods instead of her regular, and if so, what? Not sure if this is best practice given she isn't suffering from a bug or infection.
  5. Not used to younger, I think that might be part of the problem. I think that's probably it. She went for Frankie a few times whenever Frankie got too close, so I was just very scared that the situation may escalate. She's laying down on her blanket in the crate now.
  6. Thanks for the reply! Strangely she's used to spending time with others, she lives with another husky, a great dane and a pomeranian. That's a good idea. I did ask for a towel that smelt like the house/owner and have gotten a blanket, so I'll pop that in the crate for her.
  7. Hello, Due to circumstances beyond my control I am looking after a friend's husky for the next fortnight. I have taken the two dogs out for a walk together and they both met on neutral territory. I'm wondering if anybody has any tips in regards to making the transition a bit easier for them both? My puppy is 9 months old, this new dog is 2. The new dog has snapped at Frankie a few times (he is very boisterous) and Frankie is now very cautious about her. Many thanks.
  8. The look on his face says it all...!
  9. Evening folks, My pup was neutered today and he seemed to have taken to his head cone rather well - or so I thought. I just went to adjust it to make it one notch tighter - and he went for my hand and came very close to breaking my skin in one place. I know he could do a lot of damage should he want to - and I'm trying to put myself in his shoes, having a strange thing on my head for the first time that stops me from walking and seeing properly - but I'm wondering should I be worried because he reacted in this way? Or is it just a culmination of the traumatic day and pain he's most likely in. He's never done it before. Thanks.
  10. Never heard of this happening before. What a horrible thing to do... I'd be freaking out! Hope nothing comes of this... Cameras are a good idea, along with security lighting if you haven't already got some. Never hesitate to call 101 - that's what they're there for!
  11. Poor Sarah! Really hope everything goes well next week.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation, I've found a similar one on Amazon and have just ordered! I took Frankie to the vets today and thankfully the hotspots are healing now. He's also teething, which is a nightmare!! We took him to the woods today and a muzzled husky ran up to him out of nowhere and started trying to attack him and knocked one of his teeth out. The noise he made was awful. Found the owner shortly after but they didn't seem to care. The entire tooth has gone but there's still some small fleshy bits dangling down which I'll have to sort out tomorrow. He's not eating now so I've frozen some kongs for him. Tried adding water to his food but that's done nothing. It never rains, it pours!!!
  13. Glad to hear he hasn't had anymore! Frankie has started to go in the river quite often, I towel dry him when we get home but perhaps that isn't enough - I think I'll buy a hairdryer for him tomorrow. I've just ordered some hibiscrub from Amazon, cheers! He's in a t-shirt tonight to stop him from licking his steroid cream off...
  14. Evening all, My poor boy has developed 2 nasty hotspots on his chest area. The vet has given him some steroid cream and has instructed me to clean the wounds/apply twice daily. I was wondering if anyone here would have any tips to perhaps prevent or at the very least lessen the likelihood of him developing these again? My understanding is that if caught soon enough they aren't really serious enough to bother the vets with - which products do you find treat them best? It's driving me crazy seeing him like this, all he wants to do is itch and scratch them. Kind Regards, Patrick & Frankie
  15. Sorry for not replying folks, had a very busy couple of weeks. Frankie is 14 weeks old tomorrow and is doing great! His eye problem (if it ever was a problem) has now gone.