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  1. Above is right, depends how long the line of breed has been in that kind of climate is also a big factor. I live in England and it's always quite cold but my Husky will sit right in front of the log burner for hours which is extremely hot then he leaves to the kitchen on a concrete floor and has a drink to cool off. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. If mine falls asleep on a concrete floor it is nearly impossible to get him to go to bed, have to get him into his crate before he falls asleep otherwise he might as well stay where he is! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  3. Mine also only goes in at night (he falls asleep next to me then when we are ready for bed he goes by himself) as emma said more time out than in. We do from around 10pm till 7-8am. He also has a large pillow type bed out of his crate and another one a lot smaller in his crate that he moves around. He also uses it when there are too many children and he feels uncomfortable he knows it's safe for him I bought the biggest crate that would fit in the place that I had planned for him and then divided the crate off so he didn't use it as a toilet and slowly made it bigger. It is a Large Kong crate. He has his cuddly toys and hide bones, nothing that will hype him up otherwise he sits there all night playing then wants to get out. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  4. Always crate train them so at least they are used to it otherwise you are going to struggle if you ever have to crate them, vets, groomers etc will all crate it so it will make it harder on the dog if you don't. My husky is with me or someone 100% of the time during the day then into his crate at night. Gives us sometime apart and he also uses it if he feels overwhelmed during the day which makes him feel safe, where a normal bed won't do that. Also with a normal bed, the likely hood of it actually sleeping on it are slim due to how hot it will get sleeping on it. Just my opinion from research and 18 weeks of owning one, other people will know a lot more than me.
  5. Thanks, he looks stunning love his markings! On my way to pick him up now! Just left London for Cambridge super excited and more picture coming! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  6. To be fair I think he has a straight tail that's hugely fluffy compared to him. Ill be seeing all the health checks for the parents and pups which ive been told are were fine, nothing abnormal. I'll get a picture of the sire and bitch when I go on Saturday as it is something I want to keep!
  7. Care to explain on that? I don't see anything wrong with his tail and all their dogs are pedigree kc registered, she showed me all papers when I put deposit down.
  8. I have a Kong large puppy teether which seems the perfect size and I have 2 of the larger Kong toys which as you say are too big for him as a puppy. Really hard to find toys that are suitable for the breed and size and going online you really don't know what your getting unless you've seen it already! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks! Yeah that's the place, they are great people and have amazing dogs, would of took them all home if I could! When I pick him up next week I will have done the 300 mile round trip 3 times to see him! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  10. She is a registered wolf dog rescuer and the huskys she rescues are usually ones she bred and sold and the new owner need to get rid of for various reasons so she has them back and into the pack. She keeps the ones that are deemed unsuitable for adoption (both husky and Wolf dog) very weird but the size of their place it works for them! It's called Nesslands and it's in Cambridge, Uk I'll look into nylobone and order one asap! Thanks for the welcomes and as the lady says - he's a stunner and amazes me every time I see pictures!
  11. I have been looking for squeaky toys but nothing big enough that he can't swallow. There really isn't much around here! May have to find somewhere online and do it, but I much prefer buying in person so I know what I'm getting! He's gonna be 12 weeks before he goes out there after all vaccinations and he will still be supervised, as he will only be put in it if we go in the garden as next doors dog has issues and attacks everything, he gets through the fence so I can't have him out there alone He has a sand pit and my nephews old garden toys as the breeder had the same and they loved them!
  12. Hello, my name is Chris and I'm from London, UK. Been extremely busy with fencing and building a 8ft long 6ft wide 6ft high run with a roof as next week we pick up our 8 week old Agouti Siberian Husky from Cambridgeshire! He will be our first Husky with the chance of rescuing another husky or wolfdog once he's through his puppy stage from the breeder as they are registered husky and Wolf rescue fosters. They have 30 adopted huskies and 6 Czech wolfdogs which are theirs with others that come in that need a new home! The breeder has been sending us pictures as we intend to make a collage with paw prints etc throughout his life. The dad is a Agouti Siberian Husky, long hair, blue eyes with a curled tail and the mother is a pure white Siberian husky with blue eyes too! Here are some pictures that they have sent us! 5 weeks old I have some at 6 weeks old when I visited but they are on my camera I'll upload them at a later date And 7 weeks old He has grown a lot since we first saw him and he's put on a healthy weight too! I'm hoping that he will be to house train as he has been walking over to the drain to go wee since he was 4 weeks old! I will get pictures of the parents and post them along with his growing pictures. Has anyone got any suggestions for some puppy toys for him as the local pet shops and pets at home only seem to stock kongs that are suitable for him and I want to get him more toys before he gets here! Thanks and hope to get to know you all more!