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  1. Hi, I changed to raw for both of mine as they had dried as pups and started to become fussy. You could start by introducing lamb ribs and lamb or beef mince, just be aware of how much her daily amount should be for her weight. There are ready prepared raw meals on the market too if you don’t fancy making your own. Good luck ?
  2. Hi, gorgeous puppy ? it sounds like you are more than prepared! Good luck with everything else ?
  3. As Rob says, just to add, the reason for 5 mins per month of age is so they’re not over walked as pups as they can suffer with their joints when older.
  4. Hi, I had this issue with mine when they were younger, I started by leaving them for 5 mins at a time, no goodbyes and no fuss when I walked back in, I gradually built the time up and I can leave them for 5 hrs now with no issues. I worked on this everyday and several times a day, they’re both 2 now and it’s taken from them being 5 months old until 18 months of age to have built up to 5 hours. Good luck ?
  5. Hi, gorgeous pup! Cai, my red had blue eyes until he was 10 weeks old then changed to green and finally they’re Amber, hard to say what colour they’ll end up, it would be nice if they stayed green ?
  6. Hi, I’m a raw feeder and mine have raw lamb bones regularly, I agree with the fact that some vets can be funny about feeding raw, one of the vets I saw at my surgery commented on how shiny their fur is and asked me what I feed them, when I told her raw her attitude changed. The only thing I’d say to be wary of is if you feed lamb chops, just take the round bone off as the vet told me about numerous operations she’d performed on dogs that had blockages due to that particular bone. I prefer to give lamb steaks rather than chops, lamb neck fillet and ribs are prob the favourites of mine.
  7. Awww, she’s getting so big now, she reminds me of an Arctic Wolf, gorgeous ?
  8. Cai actually thinks this is his bed?
  9. A lover of animals wouldn’t entertain any sort of shock collar however you dress it up and they’re controversial for a reason. The relationship between you and your dog should be built on trust and the best way to do this is positive reinforced training. I wonder how free a dog really feels with one of those god awful collars around it’s neck.
  10. Forgot to add, he was 2 last Thursday ? We went out for the day and cake was had, it lasted all of 2 seconds!
  11. Happy birthday handsome, what a lovely face. ?