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  1. Pics of your Dogs right now. . . no posing just click and post !!! My 3 right now Click on Pics to make em bigger) Snoozin Darwin Awwww Echo giving googly eyes at my Son Dozy daughtry
  2. Friday 6th October to Friday 13th October 2017 Ring this number to book for some reason the website is playing up there are caravans available 01745832079 EHU, shower and toilet blocksNearby eating out pubs etc. . Beach and looong walks.01745832079 - ring this to book/pay deposit. Inform HOF how many humans, and nmbr of dogs. Ty Mawr CampingConwyLL2 9HGSay you're with the Husky Owner's Forum; on the The Warren
  3. Handsome boy
  4. My boy Darwin had chewed all his tail fur off from stress. cooped up in a flat for 12 hours per day, not enough exercise. When we adopted him at a year old all he had was a thin rats tail. It took a year to grow back and even now 9 years later you can see a slight ridge in his fur where the new fur grew back.
  5. anybody Else only 3 weeks to go !!!!!
  6. Epilepsy affects the senses. Ask any Human epileptic and they will tell you they smell things and see flashing lights. So it's very possible his condition has changed his sense of smell. what was once as you say "Died and gone to heaven" food now may smell like garbage to him. It's time to experiment. offer him different foods and see if he's interested
  7. That's a great offer Dan I'm sure someone will take you up on the offer they are a great harness
  8. Great fantastic views
  9. Nice Wish we had somewhere local we could let them off for a decent run around
  10. Lovely handsome Dawg
  11. Yeah foxes, cats and squirrels over this side of the pond. we have to go to a zoo to see a raccoon
  12. They don't eat as much as a similar sized dog, overfeeding even treats can cause the runs. Stairgates keep them out of areas you don't want them to have unrestricted access to. If you crate her cable tie all the corners and edges or they will escape On that subject never leave windows or doors open even upstairs windows if you give them an inch they will get out. There are no quick fixes, time, training and patience.