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  1. They don't eat as much as a similar sized dog, overfeeding even treats can cause the runs. Stairgates keep them out of areas you don't want them to have unrestricted access to. If you crate her cable tie all the corners and edges or they will escape On that subject never leave windows or doors open even upstairs windows if you give them an inch they will get out. There are no quick fixes, time, training and patience.
  2. Oh, Poor Ice Everything crossed for a swift recovery
  3. A W E S O M E
  4. hope he can get your dogs back when they leg it
  5. He's fine, currently looking a little skinny but he's just finishing blowing his coat so quite normal. with a full coat he's a normal healthy looking Husky
  6. My boy Darwin is 10 years old. He will only eat once per day some days he wolfs it down others he will pick at it for half an hour then leave the rest. you can't force them to eat but they won't starve themselves.
  7. More grog for us Sent from my SM-G930F using Husky Owners mobile app
  8. anybody else wanna come and play
  9. What a handosme chap you have there. and some fine adventures you've had and are planning
  10. Happy Gotcha day Mishka
  11. They are quite snug at first but they quickly adapt and I've never had any "wearing in" they are super comfortable right off. probably best to go half a size bigger than your normal shoe / trainer size as your feet swell when on long walks
  12. here's where to get them Dan. . . and they are on special offer £121 instead of £160 bargain http://www.polimil.co.uk/footwear-offers/adidas-gsg92-boot-black.html