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  1. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 854 votes towards this years awards and 27175 as the total number of votes for all time
  2. I have an ongoing battle with Marley (18 months) - the fussiest eater I have ever had. Yesterday he turned his nose up at raw chicken carcase,beef mince, sardines and kefir with some bone broth over the mince (one meal) - as soon as I put his bowl down he walked outside and laid down. This was at 12 noon - tried him again at 3pm - same thing - tried again at 6pm and he decided he was going to eat. Many days he will eat breakfast and then nothing else. One thing he will always eat though is eggs - either raw or scrambled, if raw he likes them whipped up with a fork first. Providing he has had an egg or two I really don't care if he has anything else. He used to get a lot of choices - when he was younger he would get at least four separate things to try and tempt him - now its one choice and he will pick out what he wants - or eat it all - or eat nothing. On those days he is being difficult I just give him a couple of eggs at the end of the day. When he won't eat mince - I add a whipped egg and coat the mince in it - he gets a lot of mince whilst trying to lick the egg off. He isn't particularly fond of mince - it hasn't got bone in it and he likes his food to crunch - hence it is usually mixed with either egg or sardines. He loves chicken carcases but will not eat a bit of chicken breast or thigh if it hasn't got a bone with it. The raw chicken, mince and sardines gives them every single vitamin and mineral there is, the bone broth is a bonus they get 3 or 4 times a week, and I always give them a dessertspoon of kefir cheese once a day (Marley won't take kefir milk but loves the kefir cheese). A fussy dog is a nightmare - but there is always a way round it, particularly if you feed raw - you have so many choices not available if feeding kibble or wet (personal opinion only - not a criticism). Lunar is 11 years old and not a sign of tartar anywhere on his teeth - he has the teeth of a puppy - and for the last 8 years never been known to turn his nose up at anything thankfully! One last little bit on fussy Marley - even when he won't eat his own food - if he can get to the cat's wet-pouch food he will happily scoff the lot (anything stolen seems to be the best food on the planet) - and they contain better protein nutrition than wet dog food
  3. Calendula oil might help - its great for irritation, infection. If you can't find it just get some marigold calendula Officinalis flowers/petals pour boiling water over them, mash them down a bit to extract the oils and when the water is cool enough to put on the skin its ready. It is fantastic at healing the skin. Last week I got a very deep oven burn, which scabbed over and I then caught it on something ripped off the scab - looked like a canyon in my hand it was so deep. I did as described above and four days later its hardly noticeable, no longer red and one third its original size..
  4. Marley was never left alone - but I left the lounge door open one night and the next morning got up to this. About a week later he gave me a matching arm on my settee. I now have leather sofas - and the lounge is definitely out of bounds at night ! As above - never, never, never let him/her off lead unless in a secure park with 6 foot fencing. As young pups they will come back - but one day they just decide not to - and then its too late. Enjoy the ride of having the best dog breed around - life is never dull once you have a husky.
  5. I am doing my two twice a day at the moment - yesterday I concentrated on Lunar as he was in a good mood - and got one and a half pedal bin bags full - and he is short-haired - Marley is long haired and five times worse. However guys we cannot complain - we all knew what we were letting ourselves in for - and as the saying goes "no meal is complete without husky fur seasoning"
  6. Not getting into the smacking or not smacking thing - however just the pressure of one adult finger in a smack across the nose can break the delicate bones in the nose.
  7. Thank you for voting. Husky Owners now has 795 votes towards this years awards and 27116 as the total number of votes for all time
  8. Lunar, my Utonagan was 42 kilos and had to lose weight as he has arthritis of the paws (and I suspect hips). I almost halved his raw feed intake and more than halved his treat intake. I also stand in the kitchen - as Marley often will not eat all his food and Lunar was having that as well ! Lunar wasn't impressed, - but six months later he is now 38 kilos. Because of his arthritis I want to get his weight down to nearer 32-34 kilos so he is still on the same regime. I bought a whole lamb's liver and 12 chicken breasts today which I am going to dehydrate to use instead of shop bought wheat-treats. Marley will not touch raw liver - or even cooked liver but loves it dehydrated. It is more expensive than the wheat treats obviously - but I know exactly what is in them (pure meat) and both their eyes light up when they see what is being offered, given a choice they always choose my treats over bought ones. The one above is chicken breast and lamb's heart with the liver below As both hubby and I are vegetarian, it is not pleasant smelling the meat for 36 hours whilst dehydrating - but the amount I buy then lasts for around 6-8 weeks before they have had it all. I found a small amount at the bottom of their treat box a couple of days ago that was at least 3 months old - still crisp and perfect in its bag - not even sealed so it keeps for months.
  9. One cute puppy you've got there - and four ready made puppy playmates yippee !! Lucky girl.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Marley still occasionally eats dirt - especially fresh compost - never had a problem with stones though - he cut all his teeth on a fresh, raw lambs rib - or something bigger - far more tasty and interesting than a stone
  11. Welcome. My boy was just curious about my hens when he was a puppy - three months later I found him trapped inside the coop run - a month after that I rescued a hen from his mouth (luckily she was unhurt) - now he is 18 months old I would not trust him near them - however he seems to be finally accepting the cats - no longer chases them every time (just when he thinks I am not around and he is feeling sprightly). He has never shown any sort of aggression to them - but I take no chances, child gates at top of stairs and also office. If the cats get to the bottom of the stairs first - he stands no chance of catching them.
  12. Welcome. They definitely are a breed apart from the rest. I would never have any other dog now. Know exactly what you mean about the arguing though - I swear I am learning husky-speak as I know exactly what he is saying when we start to argue about him wanting another lamb's rib and me saying he has had enough - unfortunately he wins most of them as he backs up his arguments with full body hugs and kisses ......................... and I am a pushover.
  13. She has got to be one of the cutest pups I have seen ! Marley is a wooly and when he was the same age he looked like she does. I have a terrible job when walking Marley because everybody wants to come over and stroke and fuss him. Its gotten to the stage that he thinks everybody should greet him ! If she does turn out to be a wooly - you are going to have a stunning looking dog (ok she will be beautiful even if she is not a wooly). I know it is supposed to be a fault - but I've always loved the longer haired huskies before I had one.
  14. Welcome - great looking girl