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  1. Welcome to the forum. Zola looks exactly the same as my Marley did at that age:
  2. In the wild young wolf pups, wild dog pups are switched onto raw on weaning (6-8 weeks) - they eat what the parents catch/eat.
  3. I know its not quite the same but I changed Marley onto completely raw diet at 12 weeks old. I certainly could not afford to feed orijen.
  4. My Marley is at the shorter end of the husky height range he is around 22"
  5. I'm lucky as both the vets at my practice feed raw. My vet once even gave me around 8 kilos of beef heart, lungs, pancreas etc as his dog would not eat it - it does not like beef for some reason - Marley does not like venison, whereas Lunar has the discerning appetite of a hungry Lab.
  6. Really glad he is back home - and hope you manage to keep him contained - he looks up for anything now - let alone in a week when he is feeling better.
  7. Do you take boarders? He is house-trained, does not eat much, likes to give kisses - on the mouth - (no tongues)
  8. I agree with Petermartin - unfortunately mine is still at that stage - and he is 2 1/2
  9. I am afraid I have no ideas for you but I sincerely hopes he comes through ok
  10. wolfpup


    Not been around for a few days - well not since the original post really - been spending my time researching, - networking (for the first time in my life) on facebook - one closed group giving me links to another closed group - having to be checked out by them, - then getting another link to another closed group etc. At the end of this I have gotten information I didn't know existed - I now have Angel on: cbd oil Gold for Life Black salve capsules (half a capsule daily) - the photographic evidence from so many animals on this facebook group is truly amazing - showing the tumours shrinking and disappearing - cats and dogs. nose cancers, anal cancers, - pets given less than a week to live are still around 9 months later. The black salve is again a herbal preparation - https://lozzswellnessstore.co.uk/sho...apsules-400mg/ containing herbs I know to have anti cancer properties. I learned about this from an American group who gave me the recipe for making it myself - but most of the ingredients are not available here (although I have some that are supposed to be banned here - not all) - then someone in the UK told me about Lozz's site so I ordered them on Friday. Whilst so far she has not eaten today, she is obviously not in any pain, continuing with her normal routines, her fur is improving (had gone 'greasy') and her eyes are looking brighter. Also she had had the runs for nearly a week - which has stopped and is back to normal. Whilst I am not expecting a miracle cure - I am getting what I did want - a quality of whatever life she has left. Thanks for your support guys UPDATE: hubby shouted down he had Angel, so I ran up to get her tablets down her neck - which she took (relatively) ok this time - at least she didn't spit them out - and afterwards jumped down and went straight to her feed bowl - and is currently demolishing some sardines and a pouch of Purina One (her current favourite)
  11. Welcome to the forum. He's lucky to have you on his side - and he also looks full husky to me
  12. wolfpup


    The mixture of gabapentin and the prednisolone seems to be working a treat with any pain - she is showing none. She even came on my pillow again last night - and that was after two hours downstairs with me during the evening (being cuddled) - before going on Marley's bed for an hour, using it as a scratching pad before settling down to sleep ........... he laid on the hardwood floor in front of her all night - didn't try once to get her off (as he usually did). The new stuff arrives tomorrow - at least I can put that in her food - My hands and arms are suffering quite badly with trying to give her two tablets a day (ever read the "how to give your cat a pill)
  13. He could be a part woolly - my Marley is a woolly - the coat is longer haired and thicker.
  14. Hope all goes well - bandit is the prettiest little rat I have ever seen by the way.

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