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  1. I got Marley as an extremely cute gorgeous pale grey and white 12 week old pup (that's him now in my avatar) - but that is not why I got him - I became his 4th owner! He is now 2 years old - extremely high maintenance (and not just his long coat), and has so far eaten his way through a sofa and a chair. Most of the rest of the house is husky proof as I have an older Utonagan (husky/Malamute) - who did over £3,500 of damage by age 3 (he is now 12). I had a fairly good idea of what I was letting myself in for because of Lunar - but Marley is like Lunar on steroids. You will never tire him out once he gains adulthood - and one other thing, a bored husky is something to fear, if you do not keep them amused they will amuse themselves........................................... and its usually very expensive (as I know only too well). If you want a dog to be happy at home alone for hours at a time, - get a Lab, if you work and he is alone - you will come home to a wrecked house and looking for a new home for him inside 12 months. Having said all that - if you are prepared to put in the time at home and at least 3 walks a day - preferably of 3/4 of an hour or more each one once he has grown up, never being able to let him off lead unless in a really secure dog park, spending time keeping him occupied and amused when not walking him, you will end up with the best companion you could ever wish for.
  2. You should never feed cooked bones to a dog - cooked chicken bones splinter and can get stuck in the pipe leading from the mouth to the stomach - I would get him checked. Please only feed raw bones - My dogs have been fed raw chicken bones for 12 years with no problems. I really hope he is just on an 'off feeding' period - Marley does this sometimes. However better to be safe ...............
  3. Lunar and Marley received their presents today and - as I opened the envelope they were very interested in the brightly coloured wrappings on their individual presents - both their noses were working overtime - now all I have to do is put them out of reach of a husky who can jump higher than I can reach !! Many thanks to whoever sent the presents for your lovely accompanying letter. Happy Christmas
  4. I have a husky and a utonagan (husky/Mal) - I also have two cats. the Ute is 12 and the husky 2 - the cats are both 12. So far everything is ok - but I am constantly watching out for the cats. There are child gates at the top of the stairs and to hubby's office - both with a bar cut out so the cats can get through at speed if necessary but the dogs cannot get through. During the day the cats stay upstairs but come down in the evening and are on the sofa. One of the cats will rub up against Marley's face and he will lick (kiss) the cat. However he will also chase them when he is feeling playful. Its an uneasy alliance - I dont think he would do anything - but I never let my guard down
  5. Welcome to the forum - lovely looking pup
  6. Thought you might be interested in this timely reminder to be careful over the Christmas period particularly. http://www.k9magazine.com/what-plants-are-poisonous-to-dogs/
  7. Lovely looking dogs - and looks like a wonderful area for them to grow up in.
  8. Gorgeous precocious pup you've got there ..........9 weeks old and learning to drive already
  9. OK Posted mine today - due for delivery on Saturday.
  10. Marley is the same - am really not looking forward to his first full 'blow' of his coat - I get a double handful out of him every day as it is.
  11. I am so happy everything went so smoothly for her first time. Just think of all the fun you are going to have in a few weeks - I am envious - nothing beats puppy cuddles
  12. That is why I phrased it the way I did
  13. Can everyone put their dog(s) names up on here so we can address it to the dogs - that way people will know without opening the parcel that it is the secret santa present? My package is ready to go but would like to know the dog(s) name to address it as well as the person. Whoever gets mine - the chicken is at the top, the lamb's heart in the middle and the lamb's liver right at the bottom. The container is new from Morrison's and is just a bonus My dogs names are Lunar (Ute) & Marley (husky)