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  1. There is only one door in my house that Marley cannot open (the front door), and that is because its kept permanently locked. He even worked out how to unlock the back door and open it. Hubby used to tell me off for forgetting to lock the back door at night - until we watched him paw continually at the key until it turned enough, then he hit the handle and pulled the door open. They are master houdinis. As your pup gets older he will become less trustworthy - and once his prey drive fully kicks in he must not be let off lead. There are husky owners who are adamant that their dog is different, always comes when called etc - but too many owners have learned the hard way that one day for no apparent reason their dog just started to run, and never came back. For me its always on lead, - the only time off lead is in a VERY secure dog park, minimum of 6ft fencing, I always need to be thinking of security - because my little fluffball is always thinking about security frailties and weaknesses. I love huskies - mine keeps me on my toes.
  2. Cute! welcome to the forum
  3. My Marley ate the arm off one armchair - then a few nights later gave me a matching arm on my sofa - he's 2 1/2 now and still not allowed in the lounge overnight whilst we are asleep - my new suite is leather and I'm taking no chances!
  4. Marley is 22 kilos - I feed raw - I give him between 280 - 350 grams of food once a day - I don't weigh it now just do it by eye). It is extremely rare for a husky to overeat. When they are full they will just leave the rest (unlike Lunar who always waits to see if Marley is going to leave anything - and if he can get to the bowl before I do). If he looks like he is putting on weight - cut the food down a bit. I get most of my meat from a local shop specializing in raw feeding. However there are many companies on line who sell raw feeds ready made if you cannot find a shop local to you. I've been raw feeding for over 10 years so I do not use the ready made meals but make the food up myself (cheaper than ready made). On average I suppose I spend around £60 a month for two dogs. The beef mince is from my butchers,the sirloin chunks from Purely Raw £3.50 kilo. I get chicken carcases from my butcher at 60p a kilo - shop bought are a few pounds. I get whole lamb side ribs (about 10 individual ribs on each one) and again pay 60p per kilo for them from my butcher, I usually get 20 kilos at a time so I don't run out (freeze whole rib sides two at a time as they take up less room - then just take one bag out put in fridge and cut off a rib as needed) - https://www.purely-raw.co.uk/ this is the shop website so you can check out the prices from there. I normally give two different meats and one fish daily - e.g. today they had beef mince, pork chunks, a whole sardine each (about 8" long), plus a raw egg each, 1/16th teaspoon of spirulina, and about a 1" square of coconut oil flaked in the dinner. Then as treats they get the lambs ribs - which make up the bone portion of their meals - usually about three a day each over a few hours - but more if they can nag them out of me. When I first started raw feeding I really panicked about whether they would get all the vitamins and minerals they needed - and frankly when I first started out they were not - but as I researched and learned it just became second nature and I rarely think about it now as I have a 'check list' and I just even it out over say a week - Vitamin E & K together with iodine are usually the ones missed - so twice a week they get a raw egg each or some salmon - which contains all three. If you want to pm me with any queries I would be happy to help as far as I am able.
  5. That handsome guy looks 100% husky to me
  6. I wish I could offer some help - my advice would be to see a behaviourist. What was going on when he snapped?
  7. Welcome to the forum - stunning pup you have there.
  8. This is Marley when he was around 20 weeks old thoroughly enjoying himself. I usually gave him single lamb rib bones (raw of course) but this one was intended for Lunar (13 yrs old). Dog's stomach acid is 5 times stronger than ours and is meant to dissolve bone - he lost all his baby teeth on raw bones (saved my furniture). I used to have a vet who told me I would end up killing my dog because I gave him bones - I changed vets. Mine get at least 3 single lamb's ribs daily - as the bone contribution to their raw diet (80, 10, 10 rough ratio). It is the highlight of their day (apart from w.a.l.k.i.e.s. of course). As pups in the wild they would gnaw on bones for the calcium, minerals, marrow etc as well as cleaning their teeth by pulling shreds of meat away from the bone. 99% of dogs will not swallow big lumps of bone - they gnaw off little bits and chomp on that a while before swallowing. Personally I would not worry - let your pup have fun
  9. Marley after a hard play session and a full tummy from dinner - looks like he is having a nice dream - can you see him smiling? He looks an angel when he is asleep. Also yesterday I noticed that he is getting a snow nose - pictures are not too good of him as he thought he had done something wrong when I was trying to get the photos He does everything wrong - moults just before the coldest part of the winter, grows his coat in spring, gets a snow nose in spring when it is warming up, but I love him to bits anyway
  10. I think that possibly the reason you have never had a case of ZRD is precisely because you feed raw (as I do) - which ensures maximum nutrition, zinc wise, as there is very little to interfere with zinc absorption. That, and of course that we are lucky enough not to have dogs with a malabsorption problem. I also think that it is slightly overblown - but it is an American piece and they tend to phrase things differently to the UK - however the information is useful I believe especially for people who feed kibble type feeds when it advises e.g. switching to a grain free kibble to lessen zinc interference, and checking the specific type of added zinc - as not all zinc additives are equally well absorbed by the body. I just think that if someone saves the pdf on their computer - maybe in a few years time if a problem arises they have the information on hand to suggest to a vet, all the better if no problem arises and they can just forget it. I belong to the older generation who think "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it".
  11. I think this pdf covers just about everything most of us would need to know about ZRD, it is in three sections 39 pages long - but 'easy' reading. I first came across it as three separate articles in dogs naturally magazine - then found this pdf. One thing I found rather startling is that huskies and Malamutes require a far higher amount of dietary zinc than other dogs - or us. we need about 15mg per day but huskies need a minimum of roughly 1mg per kilo of dog weight - and some need up to 100mg per day. It also goes into the amounts of zinc in around a dozen food types - and I thought that, because of the way I feed my boys - they were getting too much zinc on certain days (around 300mg a day) - zinc toxicity can kick in starting around 240mg a day from memory. This had me worried until I also read that zinc is not well absorbed by the body and only around 15-40% of ingested zinc is absorbed - so it means that my boys are actually getting between 40mg - 120mg of zinc daily. (whew) - excess zinc is not stored in the body. It also goes into the different types of zinc in prepared dog food - so you can check the type of zinc that is in your dog's feed - and how easily that type of zinc is absorbed by your fur baby. zincdeficiencyinsleddogs.pdf
  12. I really wish more people were as up to date as you then - even my own vets wont titre test unless you specifically ask for it - they recommend every 3 years - even though the vaccine manufacturers state 5 years - and my vets are perceived as progressive.