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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. Cage muzzle they come in plastic wire and leather, The cloth fold up type are ok but restrict breath drinking, I have one in my dog pack just in case i need to throw one on along witha fold up water bowl, some picks follow so just google "cage muzzle" or "basket muzzle"
  2. impossable to say the eyes can still change colour up to about 6 months of age also be cause its a genetics thing you can not really tell by looking at mum and dad either
  3. What can a husky chew on that is safe umm Another husky
  4. With the UK's new id chip law, I still haven't worked out how they are going to enforce it, no one not even my vet has asked t scan to chekc them yet. I saw a dog warden a few weeks ago ad asked them and they said that the office they work for has only one scanner that most of teh time doesnt work as some ones left it switched on and the battery is flat so they end up taking the dpg to the local vets to check for a chip
  5. something must be wrong with your furballs I just move a lead or coat in my house and they are waiting at the door or pacing the room stalking around me
  6. Last time we had this i walked around a few stores and got a two dog toys, a glowing collar thing, some salmon treats, and added a pile of poop bags (lol they come in handy but I did not want to use packing beads so they were usefull and took up space) as packing (I did think about using husky fur.... really i did lol... I can not be the only huskie owner that has thought about it when they packing a box) If i remember the most exspensive part was the postage charge 1st class parcel post
  7. if she passes the others i think you will have to put a cage muzzle on her when she goes out so she can not eat any more.
  8. I got a Border Collie years ago that was 18 months old and had never had a collar on I got him a liteweight collar he did not like it at first but a while later if you took it off he would push his head back into it to have it put back on
  9. I hope to soon be having husky play dates again (have a meeting monday about it) my boy plays with two huskys and a malmute Tibetan Mastiff puppy. When they puppy first joined in the play dates he was small enough to walk under my boy, now a few months later he is the same size as him. Its fun to watch them play together husky to husky just some times the games sound and look like they are trying to kill each other to non husky owners lol
  10. erms hate t say it but its just yur furball being a normal husky doing husky things at night when you least suspect
  11. eyes can still change colour upto about 3 or 4 months of age depends on how each pup developes but they should be getting there at about 10 weeks of ages but as said it depends on each pup
  12. Vets charges are a joke, a few years ago one of my dogs had a bad eye, the drops teh vet gave me cost £17.50, few days later i was in the ocal chemist and saw the exact same eye drops over the counter for £2.50. I think vets fee's should be Capped as you can find some bills are inflated by post code, Other times they charge a huge mark up on bandages and gauze pads the normal add on seems to be about £10 per bandage I know some people defend them and say they have huge costs and stuff but its a joke how two vets a mile or so apart can charge such different fee's one will ask for a couple hundred for something the other over 1000 for the exact same condition in the same animal. Also a few years ago one of the cowboy scam trader shows did one about Vets, they had a researcher take a dog into a selection of vets that had been checked out as healthy by a top vet before the show. In most cases the vets all recomended some form of treatment one even wanted to keep the animal in. They also reported on vets that did poor treatment in one case actulay cuasing harm to an animal and in another billing for treatemht that was never done if i remember it was for pins and screws in bones that later at a another vets were when xrayed not there
  13. nope its just like normal gift shopping apart from who ever you are matched with may say dog gifts. or human gifts only or say no rawhide for the woofs. Only other thing is if your sending abroad you may have to watch dog treats as you could have them seized by funny import laws
  14. you can add me UK only please
  15. Dogs love to dig some breeds more than others, and you end up having a garden that looks like France in WW1 So you either get used to to a garden that looks like a building site or convert to paving stones or as some have make a small dog area and let them dig that into the Somme