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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. test yup looks like sites working again
  2. Had a letter from Royal Mail yesturday and lets just say i was not very happy about the part payment I thought it was taking the being polite Freeking peepee out of the situation we are sorry we lost you christmas gifts to some one have 6 first class stamps so you can send more stuff for us to loose Having to wait for my bank statments to arrive so I ca send them info on the cost of stuff lost but still they could have thought about this and waited for me to get the other stuff before sending a few stamps
  3. Welcome to that Pack, I used to live out near Dalmally Oban Loch Awe area, so you in a nice part of the world. I noticed in one of your pictures that you had your Boy OFF LEAD, Please stop this as huskys are HIGH prey drive dogs and although a few people say you can off lead them, they are wrong as they will take off and will kill smallanimals cats etc worse sheep and get run over or lost. you just have to google husky kills sheep to see how often it happens last year there was a case where over 100 sheep were hurt and killed by a husky in england. Wrose you husky is getting to the age where the Husky breed behaviour will kick in (around 8 monhs of age) and this is the danger time as they will suddenly refuse to isten Read the other posts on the forum and have fun.
  4. Rats like other rodents leave scent trails as they run along walls and edges if you spray jays fluid over them it will kill the scent (ok jays does not smell too great but its not awful) so you remove the scent trail and then either block the edge so they cant run along it and force them out into the open (which they will not like) they will then either go around your garden hopefully staying outside or move some where else.Link to where you can get some but you may find it cheaper some where else I am guessing that behind your shed is a small gap you need to block that gap completely stack some old bricks up into a wall about 18 inches high toching the shed wall and fence. spary the Jayes and the rats will loose the path and try to find a new way around to where they are going http://www.diy.com/departments/jeyes-fluid-outdoor-disinfectant-tin-1000-ml/38288_BQ.prd?ppc_type=shopping&ds_kids=92700025315343055&utm_source=google_cpc&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=PX_GSC_Home_and_Decor_Generic&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4b3l5rjM2AIVxrDtCh2GjwcPEAQYBSABEgIXZfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=COyUoPm4zNgCFaqjUQodtAkGOA
  5. My husky is almost sane, only silly thing he has done is get lost in the house. I once lost him and could not find him until I saw a curtain move and found him sitting on the window sill behind the curtain watching the road behind my house
  6. not much you can do apart from making an open space rats like to follow run along walls and edges they hate crossing open spaces. only way to deal with them without poison is rat traps, you could also try spraying some Jays fluid around the nesting area daily for a week or two and if your not on a water meter shove a hose pipe down into the nest and turn the tap on for an hour or pour some concrete over the area. Rats are hard to deal with they do say your never more than 6 foot away from a rat. also make sure your dogs are up on the Lepto jabs and watch out for wiels what ever its called its a nasty infection rats can pass to humans hence why you want to flood them out with Jays
  7. I posted my box where i live in Pontypridd post office, on the 27th of November (see proof of postage above) according to the complaints phone line it was scanned into system on that day and scanned again into the Cardiff mail centre later that same day. From then it has vanished. The box was i am guessing an 8 inch cube sort of size addressed and had do not open until 25th Husky owners secret santa written on it. I am guessing one of the part time christmas staff stole it, which is a huge problem with the post office at that time of year. Box would not have come open as i went over it with a roll of tape just to make sure it did not pop open on the way
  8. well I will put in the claim and send a 2nd box of this time recorded tracked monitored every step of the way, when i get paid on the 27th again
  9. phoned post office again, package is lost need to provide proof for cost of items in the box and make an insurance claim for my lost santa gift. I really am starting to dislike the post office, last time we saw you package was in Cardiff, no it has not been damaged ..... so some where between Cardiff and where it was going it went missing hope they like the dog toys and treats.
  10. Louie and my white shep Sandy enjoying a yingyang moment
  11. hate to say this but you may have to rehome one, huskys and malamutes are known for same sex agression some dogs just will not have another of the same sex near them. which is why i normaly say get one of both and things should be ok
  12. for the boiler Flue go to a caravan shop they make a collar that fits around the pipe https://www.static-caravan-spares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=113 admit it, its really a Man cave not a dog room
  13. copy of proof of posting, started a lost package claim, does not help that my local office just closed for all i know my box is sat in a bag in the locked biulding
  14. dont stick hand in mouth all you do is push ball in, use thumbs under the jaw feel throat for ball and push up from behind the ball forcing it up and out of the windpipe also this is an old story that crops up every couple years if you hunt on the forum you wil find an older version of this story where i posted links to dog hymlic vids etc
  15. umm, isnt the chinese new year in like 6 weeks time so that makes this a little early