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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. I feed my dogs raw food and they love the turkey necks. I just have to teach them that they are not allowed to eat them on my bed
  2. well I would mention as you were told she would be kept away from males and obviously one got her, and they then failed to inform you of that, so you could get the morning after injection. they are now liable for costs of her pregnacy, food and vets bills and for costs of rehoming the mixed breed pups.
  3. the name Tom Dick and Husky is a joke from the famous movie attached to the music The Great Escape theme Tom Dick and Harry were names given to Tunnles by allied Prisoners at a WW2 camp and it features in a true story where a good portion of the camp escaped in one night and a lot were later killed by the SS https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalag_Luft_III#The_Great_Escape https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Escape_(film) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057115/?ref_=nv_sr_5 on a side note though Huskys like to dig dens and when they do the way they spread earth makes a huge amount look like a small amount and you will be unable to see just how much earth they have shifted, what looks like a small amount may actulay be a couple tonnes in weight dug out of a HUGE underground hole that could extend well beyond your property bounderies and could upset people next door if it damages something. on the other paw they might see the funny side and help you fill up the tunnles when they walk across the lawn one day and drop into a 4 foot deep hole when the ground caves in under them
  4. I am guessing she went next door grabed the chuke and brought it home with her looking at the hole i am guessing she went under the fence on her side. you are lucky she only came home with one she could have spazzed out and killed the lot in one go You need to pack the hole with BIG rocks the bigger the better things the size of 2 or 3 house bricks stuck together at least bigger if you have them them fill in around them small stones they will just pick up and move it has to be to big for a husky to move
  5. I know some people that work in BIG food producing factories and the new laws are making a lot of work as they can no longer just go get a few tones of sugar from stores and move it to where its needed it needs to be tracked and followed every inch of its way around the place so some are going to start reducing sugar plant wide to make things easier to deal with on the paper trail accountability side of teh job as the food groups are now starting the fight to bring it in every where I can see the PC food groups forcing sugar lovers into going out sode with the smokers so they can have a jammy doger ......lol i got fat cus people were eating cakes and chocolate around me... second hand fatness..... sorry my response to some poeople who are over weight is stop eating, stop sitting on your butt and walk places and go jogging
  6. Welcome to Wales . lol this is funny but your living close to me for the Second/Third time as i used to live in Needham Market and then moved out closer to Diss
  7. Watch to the end for a surprise......this video shows just how good huskys are at earth moving and tunneling under the video link is some more text Yes there really are TWO dogs in that hole they also have room to turn around and moove past each other. I have told a story about huskys that dug a HUGE tunnel network in some ones Garden and out into the next door neighbours garden. I think you will understand just how good bad a determined husky can be at escaping by digging. you need to fit a fence at least 6 foot tall and then dig a trench 5 feet wide and to a depth of about 18 inches and lay wire mesh down and or add hardcore large rocks not small hoging chunks. Make sure the ground lay is attched to the fence then back fill. even then this is only as good as you are at checking for holes Under sheds and thick bushes as a den/tunnel entrance can be hidden from view by the sneeky furballs
  8. this was mostly for the UK members as the UK gov just brought in new laws on sugar content in foods and drinks. so things like Coke will either have to reduce sugar levels and add non sugar sweetners this will suck as i find sweetners taste funky
  9. Thanks it was the Videos from an old husky camp that actulay led me to the forum a couple years ago
  10. ok this is old news to some but thanks to recent changes in UK laws its worth putting it out again as the bite of the sugar tax kicks in replacements take affect if you feed sweet treats or other sugary human foods CHECK the ingreediants listing over the next few months just in case they swap in the dangerous stuff without warning you
  11. I wish i could come but i can not so please i beg you take some videos and youtube them this year ..... some one please think of the video's.....lol
  12. I would add in some raw sprats every few days and a squirt of salmon oil
  13. Depends on the dogs you meet. some have been raised right and know how to react to pups and young and mature dogs Its a pity you are not near me as my husky seems to have become Uncle Husky to all the local pups as he tollerates pups climbing on him and teaches them how to mix with other dogs as they get older over time he will change from letting them get away with everything to starting to tell them off when they get to agressive or playfull if you look back at my posts you will see a video with him and one of his nephew pups
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