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  1. Korra is 7 months now and has been shedding heavily since around 3 months old. I've read that some shed year round so I'm guessing this normal. I knew the shedding would be extreme but man it really took some getting used to haha
  2. 7 months now and 50 pounds btw
  3. https://vimeo.com/128074655
  4. Would it help if we put her in her crate every time she bite/mouth us? They're full on bites and very painful at times. We stop any and all play and ignore her and/or replace with chew toys. I don't want her to dislike her crate though, she likes it so far and goes in at will and doesn't cry much about it unless she's very hyper at the moment but she knows it's her bed/area
  5. Oh wow thank you @Mazz I'm glad I came on here and got opinions from others who actually own and have raised huskies. Reading about TOTW and seeing good things.
  6. I keep seeing other posts about Taste of the wild on the forum. Might just give that one a go. Thanks @SolitaryHowl
  7. Also just an update on Korra, she's 9 weeks now and showing her personality more and more. Full of life, just love her. She weighed at 14.8 pounds yesterday, in perfect health. I swear her coat and markings change every week. She's learning so much so fast. Still working on the bite inhibition, long road ahead. Will attach pictures.
  8. Took Korra to the vet yesterday for her second round of shots and our vet recommend that we change puppy foods from the Authority grain free puppy food brand our breeder started her with. Just wanted to know if anyone has had experience good/bad with any of the four brands she mentioned: Purina Pro Plan Iams Science diet Royal Canin She also mentioned it should be a large breed puppy food. We're going to switch her food so just wondering which food would be best. Any other brands recommended??
  9. Thank you for your advice @mydiamond We have chew toys for her and I do have a small kong (not the name brand) we freeze it and she loves as well as all of her other toys she sleeps with most of them. Just when we're playing I guess she does just get overexcited and starts biting and then doesn't stop in which case we try ignoring her all together until she calms down. We also replace our hands and feet with her toys and that seems to work most of the time. We are going to enroll her in some puppy training classes when she's old enough. Until then we'll just take all the advice we can get and stay firm but positive. We love her so much already and just want to make sure we properly train her.
  10. Sorry for the long-winded post, maybe I should move this to another section on the forum?
  11. One concern: Her biting has started to become aggressive, not sure if it's just purely playful or not but it's starting to worry me. She'll bite me "playfully" but when I tell her "No!" She barks and jumps back aggressively. Maybe she thinks I'm playing with her but it's getting worse now she'll run up to my legs and bite me or my pants, and she'll bite at me when I try to take something from her that she shouldn't have, growl at me etc. Just looking for any and all advice on stop this, worried that as she gets bigger she may be become more and more aggressive towards me. And it's mostly towards me, although she does nip/bite my boyfriend and our friends. We've tried the ignoring her method, doesn't work, seems to upset her more. The yelling ouch method, doesn't work...maybe she just doesn't like me very much
  12. Thank you all
  13. My beautiful Korra is here!! Well worth the wait. She's so sweet and so well behaved (for now) I'm so happy she's here Any tips on stopping the nibbling (biting) early on. I've got her some chew toys and she loves them but when we're playing with her she does bite sometimes, sometimes really hard. Just a puppy thing I know but will she eventually stop? As far as everything else she's the perfect pup, doesn't cry and loves to cuddle
  14. That's my baby girl! At 2 weeks old
  15. p