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    Born Denmark. Two siblings - recently discovered via DNA that we all have different fathers! both parents now passed. (I found at 58yrs five months after father's demise that I was adopted by him from children's home (born out of wedlock)aged nearly 4)and sister's father was also mine but...DNA genetic testing via 123andMe.com shot that down last year. NO worries - they were amazing parents.
    My husband looked at my striken face saying - 'You're not the woman I thought you were!' ROFL.... then
    Schooled in Oz. Grew up on a farm with eccentric mum/pioneer who introduced 5,000 new chicken stock into North Borneo.
    We also rescued several hundred dogs, cats - kittens & puppies out there and looked after orang-utans (48 over 8 years) otters, anteaters, mousedeer, gibbons, macaques, parrots, heron, African Grey, rats and bats (my pets) slow lorris', horse (retired young racehorse from Ireland/Singapore, rescued circus pony and other unusual animals. Rescued baby crocs from the pot too.
    Moved house 38 times.
    Moved to UK Dec 1969.
    School Ed. ended at 13.
    Nursing studies 1972-76 and Post grad nursing course in Theatre at Charing Cross following six months night duties at Guy's.
    Since then I studied and worked and hold about 8 'A' levels through my nursing, VR work (received my Diamond Jubilee medal)and private studies incl RSA course in Secretarial studies at Bracknell College and an Anaesthetic/Theatre perioperative practitioner (all rounder) Refresher Course at UWE.
    I hold Car, Motorbike and Coach licences. Also via VR Sea Cadets: RYA Day Skipper, Power Boat and safety certs, ME II, FAW Instr & Assessor (within MS-SC, music - snare drum and brass.
    Many varied jobs incl coach driving between divorces... No. 3 is brill. No 1 set precedence in divorce law lol - Mayes vs Mayes '83/'84 - was mentally ill. Has two grown children with whom I am still in touch albeit twice a year.
    Three kids - Daughter (32)is in top of DnB DJ - 'Missrepresent' - sadly we don't talk much - she is manic depressive like her father but I love her and am very proud of her.
    Two sons from No 2 - now 22 and 24 both settling with lovely girlfriends and in decent jobs - design engineering machinery. Also staying close by for extra cupboard food!!
    They get on very well with my Dave.
    Their father and step mum near too but not 'close' in true sense however loyal - and they have a younger half brother.
    You will see my background on dogs - via my WHW breeding etc...on forum posts.
    I mean well but know I can come across quite strong & opinionated - a chip off my mother's block!! Very determined strong woman.
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    Brass Band. Musher, Cruiser & caravan camper.

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  1. I keep all rooms closed in the bungalow. My two have an XXL crate and a bed down in the inner hall with access through the kitchen and 24/7 access via dog flap to rear garden/run area. Fresh water outside in two 2.0L bowls. My boy likes to shut himself in a room, then howl or 'myther'. I doubt if much damage would happen but they know the other rooms are out of bounds, unless we're home and using them. ?
  2. https://www.anythingdogs.com/siberian-husky-sterling-silver-earrings.html https://www.silverdogcharms.co.uk/working-breeds-malamute-charm/charms/94 Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Well done for starting. As Rob says - short periods & at home on 1:1 keep to five- seven minutes max. A few times a day. Dont forget play time too. Have a look at www.successdogs.com too. There's a free e-book on it but worth getting more info. I trained my two off this to go dryland rig running (mushing) but also good disciplines indoors with bed, sit, down, wait, paw, high five, say Please (wuff!) & stay. Here's the 'Bed, Down & Wait' followed after two and a half minutes, with a (silent) countdown and up to three minutes wait before heading for their bowls. [emoji847] Start at the beginning on the website in gaining that 'focus' first ... ie Lure, Capture, Reward. Positive reward training only. [emoji5] You can find videos on their fb page (Chester and Eski Cottee) with training I've done & do.. I can't load videos on here for some reason. [emoji848] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  4. Maz51


    Best wishes. I also train using www.successdogs.com Still learning so much with this breed! Good luck! Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Maz51


    My two weigh in at 38.2kg and 39.3kg (f&m)My girl gets 62.6gm part cooked raw (defrosted raw) and a heaped tablespn of kibble plus 2tblspn Kefir, half tspn coconut oil & 1 tspn ACV (apple cider vinegar) with added water and stirred. Raw veg when we are having any eg carrot, broccoli stalks, cooked sweet potato. And a frozen carrot to clean teeth. My boy gets 66.4 (approx) plus 2+ heaped tblson kibble plus same of the rest. Whole crushed in raw egg/shell (extra calcium) each twice a week. They are fed twice a day. In training sessions they can get up to 8 natural dark gravy bone treats or marrow bone treats. And raw bones a few times a week when I can get hold if them. If I'm running in a rig two or three times a week I increase their feed by 1/4 amount each but watching their weight. They are on a three monthly 'vet plan' check/overhaul too. [emoji847] The vacpacs have a big variety - Lovejoys & Forthglade incl Fish and Shellfish and these store on the shelf until opened then into fridge, so fab for travel away or camps! [emoji4] Albion comes frozen raw. I'm going over to the new kibble I've found but Xcel 32(% protein) is ideal for puppies, nursing mums and into adulthood. All Wheat and Gluten free. The next Xcel (29% protein) has Wheat, Maize and Gluten so this is no good. The pictured 'Natur' is £40/15kg sac so more than the higher 32 Xcel (£22.99/15kg) but it is still economical and under £60/ pcm for both or £50/pcm as kibble amounts vary. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  6. Frozen carrots for teething. When your pup nibbles, mouths, bites.. remove quietly from room & social company into a solitary room - two minutes. Bring back .. repeat immediately if they start again.. When they just nuzzle.. watching waiting.. reward with a treat saying 'Good boy/girl! Be nice..no bite!' This can apply to other undesirable or unpleasant behaviour. Never shout. They have excellent hearing. And they hate rejection.. all pack/herd animals do. If you can read EQUUS by Monty Roberts - so interesting.. on animal behaviour. I've met him.. incredible man. The successdogs.com site is invaluable.. for all your training and start now. Pups need help and support from day one. They too often leave far too early their litter pack and mum and older dogs who are their teachers in good behaviour. YOU are it now.. dont leave it till five or six months when they're bigger and stronger with bigger jaws too. Xx Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  7. Eski. Chester (Heart shaped head marking) Eski - squished by Chester Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  8. I cannot recommend a prong collar, e-collar or anything that can and will cause pain - to use as a deterrent or 'in a training" programme. 1. Pain causes fear 2. Fear creates mistrust. 3. Mistrust leads to more fear 4. More fear with loss of trust will cause reactive behaviour 5. Reactive behaviour can cause aggression 6. Aggression will lead to a bite 7. One bite creates fear in a human.. or anger.. and the whole circle starts again and escalates. This was only recently on tv here in the UK with every known dog behaviourist, psychologist, specialist, nonreactive trainer - and many also were involved in many other animal training. Once trust is broken, it may never be regained.. and, it has to be given.. and returned. It cannot be one-sided; that is a respect by fear view, not two - way respect one on one and trust - two way reciprocated. The pic shows a prong collar. If you haven't read Monty Robert's "Equus".. please do. He demonstrates real trust - and explains how to read and understandvnidy language in horses, but teaches you also to read a dog's or a deer's body language. He's fostered hundreds of kids too. [emoji847] I've met him.. amazing, wonderful and kind man. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  9. Online: sleeves for leads with "Training in Progress" or other. 8Below do excellent walking canibelts for you too. And you can get bandanas for your dog with messages on too, through another contact. Ask Dave Lowe. [emoji847] Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app Another way is.. when she starts anything unwanted behaviour immediately clip her lead and walk her out of the room into another room to be in solitary for a few minutes. They hate rejection. bring her back into the socialising room. when she's good - praise her with 'Good girl! No bite / Be nice!' If she starts again.. immediately and quietly take her out again; it won't take very long. [emoji847] This works for any undesirable behaviour indoors. It takes 30 reps to get a command to be understood and, remembered but also to be really instilled. and repetitions daily or several times a week are still important. Even we can 'lose it' (a skill) if we don't 'use it'. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  10. In principle yes. Using common sense though. And yes there's a lot of info.. I help as many as possible who enquire but... I am really concerned that so many people who get a puppy - especially a husky pup - just have not researched.. and I mean really researched: Basic care of any pup applies and this includes, setting aside time, WITH them, showing gently how and what to do stuff and giving them plenty of confidence through reward in training. Bringing a baby (pup) home does not mean a long weekend and then back to work! One day of ours is nearly 50hrs in a dog's life of time (as one year of ours = seven years to theirs) so a few hours is ages for them... eg 365 days = 2,555 days to them.. ÷ 12 months = 213 days to them/month; one day = 7.9 days .. in comparison... you cannot train a baby like this. We are what we're taught, shown and experience. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  11. I hope by house breaking (?) you mean 'potty' training. The breaking part may well come later! rofl Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  12. Why don't you lead her out on a lead/collar into the garden... my Eski doesn't mind close hugs and cuddles; my boy chooses to lie by/against/or on me as close as possible. But, if I move to hug or lie ON him.. a very low rumble emanates from him and he suddenly whiney/growls and extracts himself. He doesn't like being held, but non holding lotsa cuddles is adored. Showing your girl where to 'go' saying "Be quick! / Be clean!" Will get her to respond and of course ... over fuss and praise when she does ... her watching the others too when they're out for potty is the best teaching. Only just seen the two prev comments - they've said it all [emoji11][emoji6][emoji16] xx Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  13. You're very welcome. The 'guarding' over bones/toys or anything needs to be stopped now.. before it gets out of hand. I did this with my rescue girl aged 2.5 yrs and we had quite a few scraps with her vs my boy who came to me a nine weeks. After three years my Eski is much better altho' the occasional scrap still erupts. ● Added : I think she has had other experiences however I don't know, given no full history before I got her. (Her 66 yo owner died after an op (negligence and a # arm (undiagnosed/undiscovered/ignored) until a blood clot killed her) after falling on the way back when moving to her bed on the ward - no nurse present and just an 'untrained' uncaring porter;) the adult grand-daughter had been looking after Eski for supposedly a couple of weeks. (Six months, with a daily walker but admitted no knowledge much, of dogs or Huskies). Young daughter of three. I suspected possible teasing and or sudden touching when asleep as she really jumps/growls if her legs are accidentally touched when asleep, and then painfully submissive, lip licking, cowering into the ground. I am positive she's been hit too because same 'fearful' guilty behaviour when caught nicking empty packages, tins, tissues from friends' handbags ([emoji23][emoji16]) and even a raised voice in exasperation makes her cower. I hate this reaction so much it hurts me, and tell her off real quiet showing the remnants or scattered items indoors and out. She knows. She goes down on her front legs in front of me and lifting/curling a paw over her nose or eyes! I have to cuddle her to reassure her talking all the time and pointing to the items saying "Eski, no... please leave, leave, leave". She can melt me in no time. Chester.. well, he sits in the crate half turned away looking like "Not me mum.. SHE did it..." but, I know he can and does, do naughty too and if he's the first onto his bed when we come home to (sometimes nothing indoors but evidence outside!) I know who's the real culprit. He has had a few raw dinners off us off the cooker top - chicken breasts and porkchops .. temporarily forgotten by distraction/phone call. Take-out then or beans & egg on toast! Lol His face is actually funny as he's the "opportunist-in-the-moment-well-it's-there-and-you-didn't-say-'leave-it'-soooo" ..lmao.... He was lucky to have a foster mum (she really taught him well and mothered him) and a grumpy granddad (her Sire) in my older Westies; I bred from both - Wesley at Stud as a KC WHW multiple BiB's, BiS', Reserve Ch., Champions and a 5th Generation Crufts' winner preceding him - both have since passed and he pined badly after they went within six months of each other. My Polly Perkins came iff a winning Dam and had mated after two years old, with only the best lines from a fab breeder and judge of WHW (he's gone too now - Mr Pike) from Wales. I would drive her there to meet her mate (and, that was interesting and as least invasive for her), as she was very ready and willing ... I never left her and was close all the time when there for the deed. She was an incredible mother - five litters, (lost three pups) produced 14 fab ones, - and even adopted an older pup (by three weeks) whose mum wasn't nursing properly; we kept her) and they all had vetted homes and returned for 'holiday' stops too. None left me before 12-14 weeks. Jolly hard work (I worked 28 hrs/week 15 minutes away so came home .. but they were all laid back when they left, curious, adventurous - and no fear! I did everything with them and to teach them and show them as much as possible, indoors and out. (End of added). It was nearly three months before I found Eski (on Gumtree) and only then I discovered how many huskies were out there abandoned, not wanted. I cannot download my videos showing my two going through the ongoing training.. 'down' and silent 'wait' along with the 'leave/back away' commands mid feed. They have their own fb page Eski and Chester Cottee - check out the videos.. I do these every day, to ensure instant response and we can take bones off them too. You say you have other dogs so hopefully she'll find some comfort with one of them and grow up learning all those important social do's and dont's of her canine world. In that case, do your training away from the others in a quiet room, so no distractions! That web site is my bible in dog training.
  14. successdogs.com training starts asap.. free ebook too. She may be feeling claustrophobic being held. Also she may feel uncomfortable too if she hasnt been handled much. They are more a companion than a pet and certainly not a baby to be carried around. She may prefer to be with you on the floor and remember she will grow pretty fast, and big and strong! Make sure she has her own 'den' in a suitable crate; cover over the top and 1/3rd down back & sides, up against a wall or in a corner. Soft toys, rope toys - soft-ish to chew on. No Nyla bones and research safe chews. Research [emoji847] I can't say this enough. Dont forget she needs to be wormed pretty regularly. I'm sure you've had her checked over and registered at your vets, microchipped and necessary jabs organised /in hand. Avoid hard bones until 2nd teeth through after six months. Let her adjust to you but training in positive reward enforcement will also help her adjust from leaving her litter pack - no guidance from mum or her siblings; You. Are. It. Now. I really disagree with pups going this early. There is a massive world of difference between this age and a pup that leaves at 12, 14 or even 16 weeks, in confidence, nerves/growly/scared, timid or aggression. Once good to go out... 15 mins per day on a lead max in month one. Add five minutes next month so 20 mis a day. Continue adding five minutes up to a year. Let those joints, ligaments and bones develop strong and not strained. Rugs down on slippy floors to avoid over splaying of hips/shoulders -> hip/joint dysplasia st least until a year old. You know to avoid wheat and gluten products too. They cannot digest these as they do not carry the enzymes to do so. No shouting. Ignore the bad. Praise the good behaviour.. distract away from undesirable stuff. Remove quietly from social company for a few minutes into a separate room if, eg, mouthing nibbling biting hands fingers or clothes. Its easier to do this by clipping a lead onto her collar and lead her out. After a few minutes, bring back - repeat this if she starts again. They are very intelligent and learn fast! Praise & over-fuss AND reward when she's nice! Growling over food...she's probably had to defend her grub against her siblings .. so teach her 'leave it/give" : play tug games with toy rope - good bonding this - with other hand produce a treat saying 'leave it' - or 'give' and she learns this too as she let's go to take the treat/reward. Teaching 'back/away' is another and you can move in between something you want to separate her from saying this and asking her to sit straight away and... reward within three seconds. Repeat this as much as possjble. The rewarding is pretty often to start with so varying the treats and keeping them small will help but you may need to adjust her food if lits of treats are given. . It takes 30 reps to get this or any new teaching, across.. so persevere. Take breaks - finish with hands together & then showing empty and sweep out to sides saying 'Break'. Go play or let her chase a ball. Keep lessons to five minutes or when she gets bored... [emoji847] Good luck Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app
  15. Maz51

    Can someone help?

    Gate Snap Hooks. Similar system used on yachts but bigger - for safety lines. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app