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  1. Thank you guys for this! Sorry I have not been on in a while!!
  2. Yea the poop is normal and I would lean towards a behavioral problem as well. I guess I will have to start training with him again daily on simple commands and new tricks to keep him in check
  3. So Otto keeps pooping inside my girlfriends house in the mornings if he isn't let out at 6AM, but then he will poop again in the yard when I let him and the other dogs out at 8. He is used to staying there and doesn't do it at my house, and his food hasn't changed with the exception of feeding him the other dogs food which is also grain free on occasion. The last time he had it was a week ago but he's done this 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I dont know what's going on with him.
  4. Thanks everyone. And yes he is huge. He's about 62 LBS now, and I'm hoping he doesn't put more on after his surgery. I cut his food back by about 20% to counter that so we will see how he takes it. But he's doing great and expecting some snow flurries next week to play in hahaha
  5. Hey guys I know my post have been few and far between but my last one addressed some aggression issues. Well he was neutered last Wednesday and has been fine. The day I picked him up he was tugging on his leash and ready to play. I took him back to the park yesterday and he was really good for the most part, certainly better than he had been since his attack and had a good time. He has been playing well and acting well. My girlfriend rented a camera to take pictures of our dogs the new days at the park and I wanted to share those also. Hope everyone has a great day!
  6. I'm not following the "alpha theory" too well. It looks like I've inadvertently been caught with my foot in my mouth. But Otto doesn't live with the foster, and I could see how the attack has somewhat traumatized him. He's always been what I will call "aggressively playful" because of how him and my old neighbors dog played. They were raised basically together as puppies seeing each other every day and wrestled when they played. That's how Otto has always wanted to play with other dogs, but had never been outright aggressive until he was attacked. Since the initial attacked he has been attacked 2 more times; once while drinking water and Jake the foster walked out of Ashley's bedroom, and once when I walked into her house and Jake greeted us at the door with a fight. Both instances were mishaps as we keep then completely separate as much as possible and each case was just misunderstanding of if jake was in her bedroom or not.
  7. her foster dog jake attacked him after I was getting on to him and yelling because he attempted to pee on the Christmas tree. He ran through us to attack otto. Until then they were 100% fine around each other and otto wasn't bad towards other dogs nearly as much
  8. Lately otto has shown a lot of aggression stemming from his role as the alpha dog. It started when my girlfriends foster dog, who is also very dominant, attacked him. Since then he has been in the alpha role and been very protective and aggressive towards other dogs. He is scheduled to be fixed on February 3. I know I am mainly responsible for it as I've waited until he was over a year to have this done, but I wanted some insight as to if it will help him with this.
  9. Well that's all I needed to hear. I've started to try some new things today with him and he's been more willing to please me. Hopefully I can master it
  10. Is anyone opposed to them? Anyone have a particular brand they like? Otto has been bad at not listening when I call him or command him at the park i.e. when he isnt within arms reach or on lead, so I want to fix that. I still want him to be able to run free and play like the other dogs but not at the expense of him mounting or annoying smaller dogs when they arent interested. Thank in advance, Im pretty upset about everything. I bought a choke collar for him just now to start the new training
  11. being a true watch dog
  12. his favorite spot...too bad it's my spot haha
  13. Oh yea that's awesome Andy! Thanks as always buddy!
  14. Hey Andy! Wondering if you could do a quick crop and update of my signature now that Otto is grown up?? Me and Al thought the puppy pic on the left and this new one would be cool if you don't mind!