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  1. Thank you guys for this! Sorry I have not been on in a while!!
  2. Yea the poop is normal and I would lean towards a behavioral problem as well. I guess I will have to start training with him again daily on simple commands and new tricks to keep him in check
  3. So Otto keeps pooping inside my girlfriends house in the mornings if he isn't let out at 6AM, but then he will poop again in the yard when I let him and the other dogs out at 8. He is used to staying there and doesn't do it at my house, and his food hasn't changed with the exception of feeding him the other dogs food which is also grain free on occasion. The last time he had it was a week ago but he's done this 3 times in the last 2 weeks. I dont know what's going on with him.
  4. being a true watch dog
  5. his favorite spot...too bad it's my spot haha
  6. Oh yea that's awesome Andy! Thanks as always buddy!
  7. Hey Andy! Wondering if you could do a quick crop and update of my signature now that Otto is grown up?? Me and Al thought the puppy pic on the left and this new one would be cool if you don't mind!
  8. grumpy that I woke him up haha
  9. riding out the storms, yet again
  10. otto waiting to go to the park
  11. taking dads spot
  12. being mischievous being mischievous
  13. Me at formal last semester
  14. You know just watching some tv wrapped up in a blanket. And no I didn't not fix this lol