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  1. Lol alright, mine either
  2. Do you use that spray when theyre wet after a shower ?
  3. Yeah I have spoken with a groomer already, I live in miami and all people recommend is to leave my dogs with them and it would cost around 200 bucks for each pup. I guess I will have to take them to one since they have better products i am sure.
  4. I have a wholly coated husky, as for brushed one is the ferminator which i heard is no good and the other one is for dogs with long hair.
  5. How often does this happen ? Also do you recommend any type of detangler shampoo or conditioner to remover knots ? Cause he has a lot and it hurt him when i brush him.
  6. I am guessing that a blowout is when he sheds correct ? Thank you guys for responding so fast and as for the size of the patches is about a fist size.
  7. Hey dog lovers, my male Siberian had really bad knots on his butt cheeks and I couldn't brush it off so I decided it was best to shave that part and it has been months and no hair has grown back. Could this be some type if vitamin or nutrient deficiency ?
  8. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the quick response, i was planning on doing that due to the fact that she is acting normal and doing her normal crazy things lol. I will keep this updated for future reference.
  10. Hello there fellow husky owners, i just noticed a bump on my females private parts and dint know what it is, could someone chime in please thank you. She was in heat about less than a month ago.