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  1. Try Canidae Grain Free if you can find it. Not only did it fix Jasper's diarrhea problem, but he never used to want to eat his dinner either. Now he eats it all every night.
  2. Spot on. I've been using Avira for years, and found it better than AVG. I also used to use TrendMicro which was good, but have no reason to switch from Avira. IMO get rid of Spybot and all other Adware crap... a complete waste of time and usually does more damage than good.
  3. Thanks guys :)
  4. Jasper was named after the red Jasper stone as he is a red husky. It had to be a name starting with J, as I got him exactly 1 week after my previous dog died, who's name was Jordan, named after Michael Jordan. My girlfriend chose Mya's name... i couldn't tell you why
  5. My boy is 3 and a half and weighs just a little bit more than that, so it sounds good to me.
  6. Agree. Whilst I won't go into the fact that Royal Canin, like most pet foot brands, is crap, it won't solve the issue. Cut down on food first, and if that doesn't work, I would feed nothing but cooked rice with fresh chicken pieces and pumpkin. Then look at dogfoodadvisor.com and see where the food you are feeding rates.
  7. That seems small to me? My girl is 1 year and 3 months and she is about 23kg and i still think she looks too skinny.