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  1. Try Canidae Grain Free if you can find it. Not only did it fix Jasper's diarrhea problem, but he never used to want to eat his dinner either. Now he eats it all every night.
  2. Spot on. I've been using Avira for years, and found it better than AVG. I also used to use TrendMicro which was good, but have no reason to switch from Avira. IMO get rid of Spybot and all other Adware crap... a complete waste of time and usually does more damage than good.
  3. Thanks guys :)
  4. Jasper was named after the red Jasper stone as he is a red husky. It had to be a name starting with J, as I got him exactly 1 week after my previous dog died, who's name was Jordan, named after Michael Jordan. My girlfriend chose Mya's name... i couldn't tell you why
  5. I only recently got rid of XP SP2 and 'upgraded' to Windows 7... I hate it.
  6. Toilet training can be hard, but here's how I got my 2 to learn. We have a glass sliding back door leading to the backyard, so everytime we take them out to go to the toilet (after playing, sleeping, eating) we would put them on the ground and tap the door with one of their front paws. Then once we were outside, I would tell them to go "on the grass". Now, everytime we are inside and they want to go out, they will just tap the back door with their paw. Or if I'm taking them out before we go to bed, I just tell them to go "on the grass" and off they run. If you have a noisy house, you could also put a bell near the door and get them to tap that.
  7. Hyper is more, Hypo is less
  8. I couldn't think of a good one, so I just picked one at random Talking away I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it anyway Today isn't my day to find you Shying away I'll be coming for your love, ok
  9. I know it's Pink but I don't know the name
  10. Is it sad that I own albums from both of those bands?
  11. As if your second dog wouldn't be a Husky
  12. I have leather seats and my dogs have never ripped a hole in them yet. Another bonus also, is after we go to the park and they are all wet and muddy, they can just jump in, and it will all just wipe off later. You can't wipe mud off of a cloth seat
  13. Yes beef or chicken stock is fine
  14. That seems like a great price for grain free. I buy Canidae grain free, and a 10.8kg bag costs me $115 (£62)
  15. Just be patient and it will happen. Jasper was pretty quick at learning how to play bite, but it took Mya until she was 5 or 6 months before she learnt.