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  1. Not sure how many are into F1, so will post my first decent post up about it for this year, and see if anyone is interested. So who do you think will be the biggest losers this year? There is a reason I ask. In my opinion it could be Force india. My reasons. Last year they were 4th in the constructors, which is awesome for them. But this year we have. McLaren - They are targeting a lot higher up. And personally I believe they will if the engine is there. Renault - That brings me to renault. Having a constructor in there, I can see them improving in chunks each year. That could bring them up, and others around them such as RB and McLaren. Although their improvement may well come from McLaren feedback, and if thats the case, it may not be till 2019 we see any change (haha, like we have a clue what 2019 will bring LOL) Williams - They have redesigned there car a fair bit more than others, due to a dismal season year last year. If this is a good change with Paddy Lowe in the driving seat (not literally I hope lol), then they have a good engine to push it along with. Sauber - They not only have decent financial backing this year, they also have the 2018 ferrari engine. This could push them up the championship this year. Looking at this, if we say that its likely to be the usual top 3, then Force India have 4 teams in my opinion who could potentially be fighting them off the 4th spot.
  2. Anyone up for the F1 league this year? We've not done it for a while, and F1 season is coming up again.
  3. You think it's not practical for you? I'm thinking I might walk. Would take me ages though the tunnel! LOL
  4. Probably Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  5. Typo lol Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  6. Marc & Sarah with 3 dogs. Matthew and Lou will probably be there at some point.
  7. We have done suspensions in the past, where people have stepped out of line. In general however, it's simple enough just to respond and explain things, or even send a direct message when needed. In reality, when it gets to a point of someone being suspended from the forum, then it tends to be someone who is not particularly wanted on the site in the first place, and so what's the point. We're really built to be more of a light hearted community. There are far too many forums out there run like a boot camp as it is.
  8. Can I just point out here that there is some real confusion with allergies, and with wording. First of all, allergies can be worse for some people than they are for others. No matter how much you like the dog, no matter how much you want to rescue, no matter what the situation, if you have a bad allergic reaction then you would have little choice. I too would question, if the dog had been there a few weeks and then decided to take them back, but that isn't what has happened here. I can tell you 100% that if you don't understand this, then you likely have never had a bad allergy to anything. Case in point here. I have an allergy to dogs in general. Which sounds ridiculous given that we have 3 huskies. If I have been stroking them for a long while, then I have to wash my hands and ensure my hand don't go anywhere near my face. This however is with my own dogs, and not with others. For some reason I don't react the same with huskies as I do with a lot of other dogs. Some peoples houses who have dogs, which are very cleanly kept, I simply cannot breath in. I end up with bad asthma problems. In that situation, I would not even be able to walk that dog, at all, and would likely end up in hospital. In my opinion, keeping a dog under those circumstances would be cruel to the dog. People do not know the extent of the issue, and should not be quick to judge. Secondly, please bear in mind that we are from all over the world. There will be times where there are a cross over in language. Robs "so explain that one" would be taken as "hehe go figure", or "ironic that isn't it?" or even "I cant explain why some people are allergic to some dogs and not others". Rob clearly stated after the very first reply to this, that it was a figure of speech and not something that was a literal question. Lastly, Angie. For some reason you feel like you were judged for your comments. You seemed to miss that your comments were judged in the same manner as you judged someone elses. Rob is simply trying to ask people to be a little more friendly. That is what this forum is for. We are a forum built by husky owners, for husky owners. Not a breeding site, not a rehoming site, but a site for people to meet other individuals who have huskies, share experiences, and occasionally meet. There are enough husky forums around where people judge others for their actions. Thats not what we were built upon. PS:- Just a pet hate, but thought I would mention. I've been reading since about 5, which would give me 33 years experience to date. I'm almost 99% certain I can read without capital letters where they don't belong.
  9. Really sorry to hear this Andy
  10. Louise is in Hospital tomorrow, so not sure when I will be there, but will most likely be there at some point
  11. Empty your browser cache if you are not seeing the editor m8. Was an update last night. I'm just that quick with em these days, you don't notice
  12. Fixed
  13. Hi Guys, Just a quick message to let you know that the mobile applications should now be working again. Please let me know if you are still having issues.
  14. Yeah, I wouldnt be trying to do that. Tis broken, well and truly.