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  1. Marc

    World Cup?

    We'll still probably lose, because, well, we just do LOL
  2. Not from the pub no LOL And actually, in our house, it would be quite possible for that to happen whilst we are at the other side of the house, and not hear it.
  3. Apple products being overpriced actually depends on what you're buying. I have an iMac, and I can tell you now that to buy the same kit, like for like, it would cost me more to buy a windows based PC. With the computers, its actually a fallacy that they are more expensive than other PCs. If you buy a PC with the same spec, it will actually cost you more. Prime example is the iMac 5k that I have. You look up a 27" 5k screen, and that alone will cost you 1k, and thats without even starting with the computer. The phones are over priced, which is why I have a Galaxy S8. I do wish I'd stayed with an iPhone though, just because of the l level of integration you get between the phone and Mac.
  4. Im actually going to repair it .... Watch this space, this could be genius or a complete disaster lol
  5. Marc

    World Cup?

    Good race today so far too
  6. Well, I guess this is behaviour LOL Went out for a drink last night with a few friends, and got a phonecall from my Daughter to say Koda had "Got out of his crate". Well, that was an understatement Seems he didn't like crate last night. Or the carpet, or the bookshelf, or @Sarahs crochet stuff. Time to get some DIY on the go me thinks.
  7. Marc

    What series?

    So, we're at the end of our latest series, and looking for something new to watch. Let us know which series you are currently watching, or recommend one you have watched! For us, its been greys anatomy lately, and its spinoff series Station 19. If you haven't watched these, have a watch. Greys anatomy specifically is really addictive. We've not watched the last series yet, as we're waiting for it to finish before watching so that we're not waiting from one week to the next lol
  8. Marc

    World Cup?

    Anyone else watching the World Cup? If so, who do you think will win? I don't usually watch football at all (soccer to you guys over the pond), but I do tend to watch the World Cup when its on. Just watched the England game, and now watching my F1. First for me having a day of sport, as I don't tend to watch much sport in general other than my F1.
  9. Just thinking about how people browse the site, so I thought I would just ask the question. Sure I could probably look at stats, but thats just not as much fun So what do you have that you browse the site with? Personally, I use one of 3 iMac - I spend most of my day on this, and so generally this is what I use to browse and post on the site. MacBook Pro - Don't always want to sit on my desktop, so will often sit in the living room on my laptop. Galaxy S8 - I do often use the husky owners app for android. Tends to be more for browsing than actually posting personally, although I know there are many who use it for posting.
  10. Well, not exactly goodbye LOL. Emma has decided to step down as moderator on the forum due to lack of time at the moment. Would just like to say thank you for your work on the site during your time as moderator Hope to see you stick around of course
  11. If you're looking at the site and thinking "I'm sure that section was there", you are probably correct. I'm just rearranging some of the sections on the site.
  12. We love it up here, and would never live anywhere else now.
  13. Marc

    Am Back

    Welcome to husk..................... ah, you know the spiel lol
  14. IMPORTANT:- Anyone coming to camp, you may need the barrier code to get in. The code is 4567
  15. 1pm till 3pm Sent from my [device_name] using http://Husky Owners mobile app

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