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  1. Empty your browser cache if you are not seeing the editor m8. Was an update last night. I'm just that quick with em these days, you don't notice
  2. Fixed
  3. Hi Guys, Just a quick message to let you know that the mobile applications should now be working again. Please let me know if you are still having issues.
  4. Yeah, I wouldnt be trying to do that. Tis broken, well and truly.
  5. Yeah, it wont be working yet. I'm awaiting a new version.
  6. We always order everything from Indi-Dog
  7. New house of cards is out on netflix!!!!! Anyone else watch this? For anyone who doesn't watch this, and has netflix, you are seriously missing out. Don't be put off by the fact it's a political drama, even if its not the kind of thing you would usually watch. It's basically a series about a couple who are trying to get themselves to the top of control in the whitehouse and stay there, but doing it in every dodgy way imaginable. Not to be missed.
  8. Well, Dave. Can't see McLaren getting themselves back into the mix LOL. Looking very much like ferrari's season this year.
  9. I'm the same as Paul on this one. I have the software, but I'm by no means an expert. If you send over the video content though, Im more than willing to have a go at it
  10. On the latest upgrade, you will see that I have changed the way in which the camp section of the site now works. The problem with the camp section, is that it can be difficult to get all information together into one place. You will now see that when you select Husky Camp 2017 - Oct, that instead of the traditional forum view, you instead are taken to the camp section for October. the first thing that you will see there, is an activity stream of content related to the camp. You can join the camp discussions by selecting the join button you will see in the top right of that page. There is then a section to see who has joined that area, a section for information (which is essentially a forum), and also an area to add images from camp to, so that they are all in one place. There may be other tabs being added to that section at a later point in time too
  11. Wouldnt fancy the ride to get there though. Bit far to go for a 2 hour ride lol
  12. Looks a nice place does that
  13. I'm aware of the issue with the iOS and Android applications at the moment. Put quite simply, I hadn't thought about them when upgrading to the beta, so they are not yet compatible. I have been assured that situation will soon be rectified however.
  14. You will notice that since the upgrade the like icon has looked slightly different. I have now finished with these, and they are ready for use Reactions Reactions are now in place of the like system. Similar to facebook, you will now be able to add a reaction to a post, rather than just clicking like. You can do this by pointing at the icon where the like button used to be, which will give you the option to select a reaction of your own choosing
  15. So, some of you have already noticed that the latest topic box is missing at the top of the site (yeah, I've put it back lol). We now however, we now have a better way for you to view! When looking at the site previously, you had one choice when you first came to the site. This was a list of the last 5 topics that have been responded to, and a list of all the forums you could view below them. For anything else, you are clicking around the site, selecting the activity stream or selecting 'new posts'. What we actually want to do when we visit the site most of the time is to see what is new, within the things we are interested in, right? Lets be honest, the only time we select a forum is if we want to post a new topic. Welcome, the new fluid view At the top of the main page, you will see there is now a selection box. This will allow you to switch from the traditional forum view that you are used to seeing, to the new fluid view. The fluid view will show you every topic on the site, in order of the last reply. It essentially gives you a never ending list of topics, in the order that you want to view them in!!! As you can see, this is a list of topics in the same kind of view that you used to see at the top of the site. And better yet, it will remember you were there! So if you prefer this view, you can stay on this view, only switching to the forums list as and when you wish to do so. At the right of the page you will see the list of forums. If there are none selected, then it will show you every topic on the site. If however you wish to see only certain forums, you can simply select them from the list. So here I am viewing only announcements and introductions, as thats what I want to have a look through.