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And this is Jax!
Hello to all! I'm a first-timer with an almost 7 month old pup named Jax.  He is actually 3/4 Husky - 1/4 Lab mix, and I'm hoping that's allowed on this site? He's a wonderful boy and we're learning every day... I say "we" since I need as much training as he does   
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Proud Husky Mom of 3 ❤️
Hi everyone!! 

I’m Miranda and from Montana (USA) so we get plenty of snow for our snow babies to play in all year- including summer! You can always find snow somewhere in Montana! We have three beautiful huskies in our family: Kai Merrah who turns 9 next month, Nya Mae who is 5, and our newest Laika Jayne who is 12 weeks. Merr-bear (Kai) is your stereotypical energetic husky who is quite sassy- she will follow my husband around after he comes home from work and stomp her front paws and howl at him until he gives her what she deems is the appropriate amount of tummy scratchings. Chub-a-lubbs (Nya) is our rescue and is definitely not your usual husky- she prefers to lay in my lap or under my feet all day and eat. She’s quite lazy and has a lot of anxiety from her past (we got her at 9 months old and were her 5th home). She’s quite large however and weighs over 100lbs so she is now on a diet and I have to drag her off the couch to go for walks because if she had it her way she would stay there all day. She’s one giant cuddle bug though and I’m so happy we were able to rescue her. And lastly, our newest addition is Laika Jayne who is now 12 weeks old. I have always wanted a sable husky and when our friend who is a breeder had her- I instantly fell in love. She’s quite unique in that she’s got a dirty face with her coloring as well as green eyes. Our little coconut is quite the snuggler and very spunky. She also thinks she’s the boss of the other two. It’s fun watching her play with Nya because of their size differences. LJ has been the perfect addition to our family. 

Can’t wait to get to know other husky owners and share in the love of this breed! They are just the best!! 

(Pictures 1-3 Kai Merrah, 4-7 Nya Mae, 8-15 Laika Jayne, 16 N & L, 17 K & L , 18 K, L, & N) 
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Brand-new Husky mom - Hello!
Hello, All!  We are soon to be the proud family of an adorable husky pup. Well, he's actually my son's dog, 😉

I have raised 5 fur babies from puppies over the last 31 years, so I am experienced in crate training, house training, click-training, loving on, you name it with puppies.  I've also been doing some research on Huskies because we've had large dogs in the past (husky/shepherd mix and a Great Dane) but I want ot be ahead of the game when he comes home to us.  I have a crate that was perfect for the Sheltie, but obviously Luke will outgrow this pretty quickly.  What size crate do I need to get for him as an adult?  I plan on getting one with the "grow with it divider" so that I don't have to do the Russian Doll Crate game and have a bunch of extra crates and expense.  

We are also going to be way ahead of the game in that my mom, who is one of the best dog trainers I have ever met, is coming two days after we bring Luke home.  She got her Border Terrier puppy at 8 weeks of age and by the time she'd had him a week, she'd taught him to sit, spin, and lie down.  He had a large repertoire of over 150 behaviours and was an amazing partner of hers until his passing about 4 years ago.  If she sneezed, he'd go find a tissue.  He could turn the space heater on and off.  He'd bring her her slippers or shoes, depending on what she asked, for, and he loved to get the laundry out of the dryer.  I know how to use the clicker and train, but having her expertise will be a PLUS (and that way she comes to visit too) and we can make sure we get Luke off to the best start.  I like the idea of clicker training because I love that the dogs learn to think and problem-solve vs just do whatever we push them around to doing.  I know Huskies are very intelligent and want a job, so I know that clicker training will be an awesome way to work with him.  

I have a good vet lined up, and the yard is fenced.    Tia for the advice on the crate.  

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Husky Puppy Escape Artist at 8 weeks old...
Husky Puppy Escape Artist at 8 weeks old...
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Our husky, Blaise, is about a year and a half. She has always loved going to dog parks and playing with other dogs. She is VERY playful but never mean. She IS physical though.

We thought we would get another dog in hopes that they would play together. So we brought home a little lab mix, Bella. We just got her yesterday and she's about 4 months old. 

I know everything is brand new, but Bella doesn't seem to like Blaise. In Bella's foster home, there were other big dogs, but they were older and more calm. Bella got along really well with them.

Again, Blaise doesn't hurt Bella... she actually barely touches her. She just jumps around, like she's trying to taunt her into playing along. Bella just snaps at her or tries to run away. 

A friend brought over their bigger and older dog this evening and Bella loved her. The older dog just not really reacting. 

Any advice to help them become friends? Thanks!
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Hi this is my baby boy storm he is 11 months old he as bi eyes and is a pie bald he live with me my husband and for children and he's a real big baby
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Introducing Sansa the Siberian Husky. she's 6 months and a whole bundle of stubborness and trouble, but a loveable one.

we live in Northumberland and she's a very happy Puppy sister to my 2 kids

hoping to get loads to useful tips and advice as seem to be getting loads of conflicting advice from others.

nice to 'meet' you all

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Hey folks, how are you all? 

Quick update! We've now moved and settled in, and the dogs are very happy! We don't have much of a garden (just a tiny slab of concrete) so we are out 3 times a day, and there's so many cool places to explore here! Wales definitely beats Suffolk for walks! 

We have just started an ongoing giveaway, the winner will be drawn on the 28th of each month and the prize is a £10 shopping code valid for 3 months. To enter just post a pic of your dog on an adventure to FB/IG with the hashtag #madeforadventures

Dogs must be wearing Indi-Dog gear in the picture and we may use your picture for advertising. Open worldwide, US/Canada winners will get the equivalent USD/Cad (at the time of winning) to spend on the US/Canada sites 

Now we have moved we are based in Powys (on the Shropshire border), and we'll be attending camp. If you would like equipment to be delivered in camp or to book your dogs in for measuring by us then drop me a message on here There's a website code that will remove any shipping if you want to collect from us (either from our home or camp), the code is COLLECT

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Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to one of our long time members here Lee ( @Husky-gunner ) and his wife Lorraine. 


Some of the husky owners crew at the reception (we were probably drunk lol )
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Hello all!!

The bossesname is Cleopatra, Cleo for short. We rescued this amazing girl in November of 2017, she has been a delight to add to our family. Although she can be a handful! We live in Tacoma, Wa. 
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I'm a new member, my husky's name is Obi-Wan.  He's about 2 years old, loves the snow (of course) and my kids and wife.

Looking forward to the advice and community! 
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New family member
Hello all my name is Carl and where proud owners of our new son Blizzard. 3month old Husky. Where in the U.S.A. All.is going well on his training, as I'm training him to sit at all cross walks. Potty training is on track. Only issue I'm having its his food. Do I mix raw and hard food or do I just do hard. We rescued him. Just want him to be healthy as can be. He has water poop. And is on iams. I read  a lot of threads and just want or son to be healthy as possible. I found this group on Google. Looking forward to the reward that is husky. Thanks and hope you all have a good day
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