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Ty Mawr Holiday Park, Towyn, Conwy, LL22 9HG, United Kingdom

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  2. More grog for us Sent from my SM-G930F using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Just the two of us.............................. (and the dogs of course)
  4. anybody else wanna come and play
  5. Due to a change in circumstances I could probably come now but don't think I've got many hols left ? I will definitely join you for tea still and I might pop up at the weekend
  6. not us this time the tax man wants his money and he wants it now...he is not getting it now but that is a different story...
  7. We still on for this? Think we will be looking a record numbers at this rate. Only a couple of months away now.
  8. I would remind you all if I was coming...but the tax man wants his monies first .... fecking idiot..LOLOL
  9. Yeah that join club caught me out too. hang on a minute I thought. . . I started this thread I shouldn't have to join it again Marc adding new stuff. . . Then forgetting to tell us about it.
  10. 110 days until Husky Camp!
  11. I am missing Robke reminding us every day how long until camp. Also whats with this 'Join Club' to be able to reply. Just spent ten minutes loading the site in various browsers trying to reply to this.
  12. C'mon folks Octobers not that far away
  13. Please add a comment to the thread and I'll add you to the confirmed list of attendees. Andy, Kellysaurus, eden-willow + Echo & Darwin Phil and Anne-Marie Wales + Logan & Lucy Rachael + Astro Alicia Doyle
  14. Friday 6th October to Friday 13th October 2017 Ring this number to book for some reason the website is playing up there are caravans available 01745832079 EHU, shower and toilet blocksNearby eating out pubs etc. . Beach and looong walks.01745832079 - ring this to book/pay deposit. Inform HOF how many humans, and nmbr of dogs. Ty Mawr CampingConwyLL2 9HGSay you're with the Husky Owner's Forum; they may be in The Meadows Field, but check.