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  2. I would like to open shop with different dogs toys and maybe clothes. But it could be difficult as I'm not a business lady so I can do it correctly. A friend of mine told me to make a business plan and to decide whether I want online shop or do rent. What do you guys think would be better?
  3. could now be a dry river bed....😀😀 I think we should all go on a steam train ride with the dogs....
  4. Hi there! I'm Teona. Nice to be here!
  5. LOL - That is why I said "had a river running through it" and put beach in inverted commas. ie. flat beach like entry to the river. Kept me busy in my Lunch Break though, trying to find it on google maps.
  6. Alyn Waters is built round a river you clown the name gives it away 😂
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  8. It was nice there, but not what I was thinking of. Its West, has no river and not very scooter friendly. After staring at Google Maps for a while, I found it. Alyn Waters!
  9. Think you might be on about the beach and woodland walk we did at Newborough Beach
  10. not got a clue what you are on about....LOLOLOL
  11. I thought the whiteboard with a list of options worked really well. Had distances, times etc. (whether there is a pub there). Means for the regular excursions, we can swap about based on weather. But obviously some events need to be fixed / prioritized / pre-booked. Barrys BBQ, Group Dinner (out), Group Dinner (camp), Off-lead I really like that place we went that was to the East, wasn't Loggerheads, but that direction. Had a really good circular walk that was mobility scooter friendly, had a river running through it with a good 'beach'. Someone must know where I am talking about.
  12. Will be there Friday afternoon Marc can you ask Sarah to put our itinerary together if she's doing it please and we need the equestrian centre booking or we won't be going. Andy you usually book the equestrian centre m8 still doing it ?
  13. Thanks mate. Yeh it was what the vet had concluded also without actually seeing him. Ahh, ok. Will keep an eye on it
  14. Fantastic Pics, thanks for sharing
  15. Very nice pictures....great to see pups having fun...
  16. YOUR WEBSITE VOTES Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 101 votes towards this years awards and 28204 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  17. SimkasMom


    Very sad I agree. I think even the shortest flight would be too long for our precious fur babies. Natalie & Simka
  18. Good evening all! Simka here barking I hope all you Huskies and humans are ready for spring! I can’t WAIT for mud season! Mommy had better get her vacuum thingy ready for me! Well, I found out today that GrizzLee and crew tried out a new doggysitter. Jen is one of Kirsten and Rachel’s friends and neither of then could watch the boys on short notice. I know Grizz and crew had been kinda bummed, since they were looking forward to enjoying Kristen’s sneakers but Jen really came thru! The boys were outside when she arrived: They ran in to greet her and taste her shoes and slobber them up: MmmmmSlurp! Heavenly delicious new pink leather Reeboks! GrizzLee got first dibs and sniffed and licked them hungrily. After that, Roscoe, Snickers and Rusty and him all ganged up and chewed on them, pulled the laces out and wrestled them off her feet: After they claimed her Reeboks as theirs, they hid with them under some warm blankets in the guestroom: Well, that was earlier. Not sure but I have a feeling that they have probably been enjoying those yummy chewy reeboks all day! Well, it seems like Jen is a good fit. GrizzLee and crew sure are lucky! They have the next 3 days to enjoy those reeboks. Hope they last that long. Yikes! Will update all you Huskies later! Simka
  19. I think he figured out that once he goes into the crate, you go to work and leave him! So he is delaying... Hmm, would there be a way to outsmart him by “breaking the pattern”? 🤔 or could you always leave him in there with something he loves that takes a while to eat ( like Kong with frozen treats inside?) so he will barely notice you leaving...?
  20. We have hot humid summers here ( southeast USA) and my dog drinks a lot more than during cool weather! I bring water on our walks in the summer. You could try giving him a kiddie pool with cool water in it, or even ice. Your dog may just be feeling hot, ( is he panting a lot) and then is trying to cool himself off by drinking. Drinking a lot can be a sign of other health issues, but your dog is young, so is probably healthy...if worried, you could measure how much he is drinking, then call up the vet and ask... hmm, my dog is indoors with me with air conditioning in the summer, and goes out early in the morning and after sunset. He has a stainless steel dog bowl and I need to refill it about 4 times on summer days...only twice on winter days. Plus he probably drinks about a bowl of water when out on a long walk.
  21. Whoops, sorry, no idea why I said “she!” Sorry Alpha!
  22. Yesterday
  23. All ours will go into the crate when asked as we crate-train all our dogs (and most fosters) though crate's folded away most of the time (reserved for fosters nowadays). We found that feeding and treating in the crate worked for us (all food and all treats). Even when the dog didn't need to be in the crate, we'd ask them to go in before giving a treat - and usually we'd usually let them come straight back out again - the important thing was to get them to associate the crate with treats/food, even if they weren't asked to stay.
  24. From the description above, I think your Mastiff might well have contracted bloat ( gastric dilatation and volvulus - GDV) as that hard, distended stomach is one of the signs - and, unless treated within a matter of a few hours, the twisted stomach/gut having cut off the blood supply results in tragic consequences. I'm a believer that most dogs can tolerate most temperatures providing they're acclimatised to wherever they may be, the exception being single coated dogs won't cope with extreme cold.
  25. Markulous


    Very sad. I guess the "incorrectly" loaded was into an unpressurised part of the hold and not the pressurised section, sutable for animal transportation
  26. We had a fabulous time photographing the rally a week ago - nice bright conditions (great for our cameras), cool temperatures (great for the dogs). And there were dogs! Lots of dogs! Great thing is that the club runs all breeds and still has junior classes 😊
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