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  2. if you look online you can buy Milatary bandages that have a dressing pad attached use one and wrap the long bandage it comes with around him, you can then use VetWrap that only sticks to its self
  3. Unfortunately they will be bandaging him whilst he is still under sedation on Tuesday so I wont be allowed near him - however I will be telling them HOW I want it bandaged - and this time I want my bandage back! At nearly £6 for an 8" bandge I cannot afford to have them not give me them back.
  4. I would advise them of what happened and do all bandages and packing myself. I agree with @PaulG I have never had luck with the way they bandage and end up having to redo it by the time we even get home. He to be good with you doing it and by his reaction, he is telling you he only wants his mom to doing it. 😁
  5. Well I have a few more questions for the vet on Tuesday. The bandage finally slipped about an hour ago so I got everything ready to try and get more honey into the wound and re-bandage him. He was surprisingly compliant (for Marley) - however once I had eventually gotten the old bandaging off him (they had taped it directly onto his fur! - so rather than cause him distress I had to cut some of his guard hairs) and had a good look at the wound I dont believe I have been told the whole story - if the wound had broken down as she said - then there should be a massive hole with quite a bit of pus. Instead the wound is much flatter than I would expect - and very irregular shaped. It looks as if when she pulled the fur she tore the skin as well as the stitches and has cut that skin off completely He has no skin whatsoever in a patch about 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" - there is a little pus just off the centre - about the size of a 5p piece or maybe even a little smaller. I touched nothing on the wound itself - did not try to clean it up - put manuka honey on the dressing then put the dressing on the wound - ensuring it was all covered in the honey - then rebandaged him. Sorry guys did not have time to get a camera and take pictures ................. whilst Marley was allowing me to work - I did! At least I know this bandage is comfortable for him, will not slip and irritate the wound any more. I have lost three tank tops and hubby has lost 3 tee-shirts - and I have two holes in the one I am currently wearing ............. at least he did not completely bite through the shoulder of this one, in his attempt to get to the wound. He has shown no interest in it since I have re-bandaged him - which tells me it is comfortable and not causing him any distress.
  6. I just mix different meats together so some chicken with pork or lamb to include the occasional duck neck, liver or kidney the odd bit of heart, beef, no mixer now because it contains dried sweet potato, only veg is a raw carrot occasionally. I have been adding a powdered supplement called Meal Mix which contains trace elements and minerals, her size and food portion suggests one dose a day so that's what she gets. She's not into fish, I've tried salmon, it gets left, she has eaten sardines in the past but I can't find them fresh or frozen now. She will eat whitebait but even that has vanished except for in batter and that's a no no. 1 treat stick twice a day, 85% meat and the rest is veg. Something called spirit sticks, they're about 10 cms long and 4mm across. The chicken is a thigh with skin but bone removed. Rest is human grade raw, the lamb is probably the fattiest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 271 votes towards this years awards and 28374 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  8. After my boy’s last sedation for his butt, my vet refuses to put him under again unless it is life and death. This is one of his spots that went sideways. It didn’t heal pretty and every once in awhile he busts it back open but at least it is manageable now. Lots of long nights of him crying and trying to tear at it. You know what is best for Marley and he trust you. It may be best that you take charge and follow your gut. All you need from vets is antibiotics and pain pills. You can take care of everything else probably better then what they are doing. And ya, that is BS that they keep having to sedate him but then tell you to do it at home. 🤯. Unless they are going to put a wound vac in, I would tell them no more. You can get him healed probably better then they can at this point.
  9. He is a baby. Please post pictures. Love the babies and they grow super fast! At 10 weeks all mine would do is eat, poop, sleep. LOL If he is your only fur baby in the house leave the collar on him when you can keep an eye on him so he gets used to it. (Collar needs to be snug enough but you can put two fingers underneath. Don’t want him getting tangled up) Make sure the buckles and the latch on the leash is the correct size and weight for him. I made that mistake with my girl because I never thought about that until she started refusing her lead. They were too big and heavy. When outside, make it fun. Bring his favorite toy and play for the 10 minutes (after he goes potty)
  10. I don’t want to scare you but. That looks very concerning on many levels from the picture. It appears the eyeball itself is enlarged, the pupil is not dilating correctly, the lens may be damaged, there is staining coming from the eye, and she could already be blind. If you can afford it (it would cost me a pretty penny here, but better then waiting for it to be more serious) she needs an eye specialist to have that eyeball scanned. That is going to be the only was to see the damage. My guess is she got maced. And unfortunately, from close range and the PSI coming out of it did the damage. Keep her out of the sun. Order the glasses, she most likely needed an anti inflammatory. keep us updated. Good Luck
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  12. Agree with 2HuskyFun. Have that eye seen immediately by a veterinarian, who can then refer to a specialist if necessary. Huskies are amazingly accommodating to injuries and physical problems, so have her seen even if she appears somewhat nonchalant about her eye.
  13. Thank you , I did not know . I guess that’s why he doesn’t like to go outside very much .
  14. Puppies only need 5 mins walk per month of age, so at 10 weeks he should only be having 10 mins walks. It can affect their joints if you over do it Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners Also he’s only 10 weeks, it takes time for them to learn to walk on a lead. He’s only just left his mum and the world is a scary place! Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  15. TBH most vets do not seem to learn how to do a bandage on anything apart from a Leg, over the years i have learned to bandage all sorts of joints and other body parts. as to the honey it is probably cheaper buying it that way as teh vets would add a large markup on the price, things you can buy for a couple quid from your high street chemists Bandages Gauze wound dressings etc they will charge 10 pounds for or more, long ago one of my dogs needed eye drops, the vets charged me nearly 40 for a med i could get from boots for about 7.50 over the counter was exactly the same stuff too (one of my peeves about vets is teh HUGE mark up they put on things, like dressings, everything they use is what you can get on teh high street at a fraction of the cost) Also teh BIG vet schools Glasgow (probably the best) London etc are cheap to use as they will ask if you mind your animal being used as a teach aid so they can show students how to do stuff you just have to get to them
  16. I've been in touch with Mikey's foster mum - she is in her 4th year of Vet training - and she has advised me contacting Longridge vets (and hospital) - she says that the owner Paul Thomas has successfully treated many broken down wounds - she does her placement training there so knows them well. However she did say to wait until after I have seen Marley's usual Vet - Andrew Mellor on Tuesday when Marley is to have yet another anaesthetic to have the wound debrided and refilled with Manuka honey. 3 things I am very unhappy about 1) the vets cannot do any work on Marley without sedation and local anaesthetics - yet when his bandage moves they expect me to push manuka honey into his open wound and rebandage him. 2) They said they cannot sell me medical grade manuka honey for him - I am supposed to go to Holland & Barrett & buy medical grade honey from them! They should be providing the honey as part of his treatment! 3) The way they bandage the wound - it slips down and uncovers the wound - when I bandage him it stays in place for up to 3 days without moving. If I can work out a way to do it - why cannot three different vets work out a way? Even if all goes well from now on (and there is no reason it should) he will be left with a 3 1/2" long, VERY wide scar on his spine.
  17. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 270 votes towards this years awards and 28373 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  18. Thank you. I posted a picture hope its helpful.
  19. it is a long way to go, but you could ask for a referal to the Glasgow or London Vet hospital your vets should be able to get you booked in with a phone call then its just you getting him to them
  20. Hey guys , I recently purchased a puppy husky , I have had him for about a week now . He’s only 10 weeks old & he does not like going on walks . I have done a lot of research on huskys and to my understanding they are energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise. The first few days Whenever I try to put his collar and leash he would just lay down instantly and would not want to go outside . I would carry him the first few days because I thought he just was not comfortable with me since he was shy at home as well. But now he always plays in doors only . I bought him a different collar and leash in case it was because of that. & he still refuses to go outside . I carry him outside and he refuses to even walk when outside . He would just lay there . No matter where I take him. I feel like I’m doing something wrong . Pleaseee any advice or if anybody can tell me what’s wrong .
  21. Last week
  22. Oh she is beautiful 💞 we got ours as a 2 year old so never done the puppy stage but know that stubborn wilful and an ability to argue are all endearing qualities that us husky people get to know and love xxx
  23. Poor Marley xx and poor you horrible to feel so helpless. Hope it starts to heal soon xx
  24. OMG! I would have chewed her out and caused an unbelievable seen. My heart and stomach just flipped. What the hell was she thinking doing it that way! 😡🤬 I am so sorry hun. I really wish I could physically help you. Lots of deep breaths. See if hubby could watch him for a few while you go soak and reset yourself. I know how exhausting this is. We are so a like. No sleep for days watching over our babies and don’t trust no one to do it like we can 😉 You got him to start healing the first time, you can do it again! Me and my pack are thinking of you guys and sending good vibes across the pond to you and Marley. Positive thoughts.
  25. I typed the following in word as my computer is playing up so may come up as being copied and pasted - which it is. MARLEY IN TROUBLE Background - A week last Monday Marley went in to have a deep re-occurring cyst removed. On Wednesday the dissolvable stitches started dissolving and it all burst open so he had to go back under anaesthetic to have it re-stitched properly; Took Marley into the vets this morning to have his stitches out, when they unwrapped him the vet (think Locum as I have never seen her before) pulled the hair/fur away instead of soaking it away - and pulled the wound open again - she removed all stitches – including the subcutaneous ones. She told me the wound had ‘broken down’. He is now bandaged up - the wound filled with Manuka honey. I have been told to take him back on Tuesday (providing the bandaging holds up until then) for him to go back under the anaesthetic to have the wound flushed out, refilled with Manuka honey and re-bandaged. If it breaks down beforehand I am supposed to fill the wound with Manuka honey myself and re-bandage - something the vets are not willing to try and do without anaesthetic ! They have said it could take between 4 weeks and “ages” to heal. He is not allowed any walks, not to jump up the furniture, go upstairs – and we are supposed to keep him and Mikey apart in case Mikey accidentally gets at the wound. I don’t have a crate - and even if I did Marley would not go into it. Both dogs are rescued – with chequered back grounds. Marley is in great pain - whimpering and trying to get to the wound. The vet I am with is supposed to be the best in Lancashire - but they have let us both down. Marley is now back on much stronger antibiotics and back on the gabapentin for pain management - which so far is not working. I am scared
  26. I had dealt with dogs in the past that got maced. If they were sprayed directly in the eyes that would happen. She either got maced by a person, someone poured something on her face, or she decided to tryout a new protein diet that sprayed her. Without pictures it’s hard to guide you on what to do. Are you absolutely certain that there is nothing in her eyes? I would take her to an eye specialist ASAP. We have one here that specializes in Huskies for snow blindness. Very hard to get in though. If you are over 100% sure she has nothing in her eye: keep her out of the sun as much as possible, (they do sell sunglasses for dogs) I would use the eye drops for the conjunctivitis (wouldn’t hurt even if that isn’t the exact issue), keep a very close eye on her. She could very well lose her sight in that eye. Good luck and please post updates
  27. Something that worked for my boy's mouthy behavior was that every time he would bite/mouth our hands, we said "toy!" He learned that if he brings a toy to play with, we will continue to give attention, but if he doesn't (and continues biting), we will get up and walk away.
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