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  1. Congratulations so happy for you xxxxx
  2. Indoor game only
  3. Daffodils are toxic xxx
  4. You are lucky as are we really as Shropshire has some lovely spots and great history we live 10 minutes from Ironbridge gorge. You should visit on way up to camp it's a beautiful place.
  5. Ohhhh lovely for us history buffs one to visit.
  6. What a brave beautiful girl. Sending huge hugs xxx
  7. Mine were adults we introduced them away from home. We have had issues but only 3instances in 4 years. Both boys gorgeous.
  8. At my place of work organiser aka you has to do activity beforehand so can complete and sign risk assessment. (I have a friend who did it will find video and tell people it was you )
  9. Well we went and he was having non of it, he was very anxious and unsettled with very high heart rate. The ladies were fantastic fussed and praised him all the way and he still got all the treats and new toy as if he had given blood. At the end of the day he comes first we will try again and if he is as upset then that's fine. Pets blood bank do a fantastic job and we will continue to support them.
  10. Sweet x
  11. Hello and welcome x
  12. Welcome xxxx
  13. Welcome xxxx