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  1. Shocking news thoughts are with the victims families.
  2. Welcome our boys are dogs trust babies as well xx
  3. Mine hides round corner till he knows it's safe
  4. So pretty xx
  5. Looks like all had a great time some lovely pics x
  6. He can take the picture to school to prove the dog ate his homework lol (mine ate the eggs I'd boiled for 2 RE lessons so feel his pain)
  7. Hope she remains comfortable xxx she looks happy after her treats x
  8. Lovely pics x
  9. Welcome to the wonderful world of husky xx
  10. Yep been there but wouldn't give him back. Welcome to the wonderful world of husky they make you laugh and cry simultaneously xx
  11. Congratulations so happy for you xxxxx
  12. Indoor game only
  13. Daffodils are toxic xxx