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  1. Congratulations to your family on new arrival xx cute pic
  2. Welcome xxx a lovely boy you have there x
  3. Hi!

    Welcome Aurora and Nimbus xxx
  4. The door handle to the living room has to be turned up then pulled and yes he does it.
  5. Yep know that one lol
  6. Awwww cute puppy xxx welcome to husky owners x
  7. Very sweet xxx
  8. Welcome xxx
  9. Ouch
  10. Ours is 5 and still has tantrums lol cute puppy xx
  11. Best news ever ive always got an unopen box of tea bags x
  12. Your jokes always bring a smile or groan, stay well enjoy your dogs and make us smile xx
  13. You've gone for best option in keeping him in own environment im much happier leaving the boys with my son dog sitting as he knows them. We did have to kennel them for our daughters wedding, the kennel was great (told me off for phoning on morning of wedding instead of relaxing lol ) but you do worry more.
  14. Puppy xxxx very cute bundle of fluff you have there. Welcome to husky owners xxx
  15. I dont think there's a specific breed to look for, there are owners on here who together we have a right mix, more a personality and a dog who fits in xx good luck with the search.