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  1. Yeah mine love apples too!
  2. I feed mine Taste of the Wild, and they get 1 cup in the morning, and 1 cup in the evening. Also, I give them veggies (carrots, lettuce, celery) at lunch and again after dinner
  3. Our thoughts are with those affected, just terrible
  4. I used the frozen washcloth when mine were teething and it worked great!
  5. Happy birthday Astro!
  6. Welcome to the pack!
  7. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  8. I just think it was probably a combination of things, stress, medications, and the cone itself.
  9. Hello and welcome! I think it depends on the individual dog, but I would not count on a husky becoming a watch dog by imitating the others. I have 3 pure huskies and they just sit quietly and watch people walk by, even other dogs. I joke that if someone broke in they would show them to the safe as long as they have treats!
  10. I weighed the two males i had from puppies pretty regularly, so here are theirs: Nikko Yukon 10 weeks 16lbs 14lbs 3 mos 24lbs 17lbs 4 mos 34lbs 25lbs 5 mos 42lbs 29lbs 6 mos 47lbs 33lbs 7 mos 51lbs 38lbs 8 mos 53lbs 40lbs 9 mos 54lbs 43lbs 1 yr 55lbs (current) 47lbs (current)
  11. I agree that maybe once or twice a year I bathe mine unless they get into something bad. Yukon had some issues with peeing in his crate and I would have to bathe him like once a month or so, but otherwise I just use deodorizer if they get a little wet from the rain
  12. When Nikko was in puppy class, there was this couple that had two golden's from the same litter. They had horror stories of trying to train them both at the same time. Plus they seem to bond to each other rather than the family. I got mine about 6 months in age apart and it worked out much better
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum!