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  1. Going to bring it all in tomorrow so we 100% know it will be dry
  2. Shhh Rachael as a secret lol
  3. OK m8 no prob I didn't know will go look at the other one sometime this week
  4. Brill getting it on a Sunday m8 Me and Sue be there
  5. Found this place today looks perfect to me massive track but its tarmac not sure if it can be done on that ? Might be a pay site might not even be allowed on there but giving um a ring and asking can't hurt What you think ? http://www.marshtracks.co.uk/
  6. Can it be done on the beach Gary ? I'll got check it out m8
  7. Can it be done on the beach Gary ?
  8. You pick a day and I'll put it in no reason why we cant do it a few times
  9. How far away you wanna be from the camp tent ? its going near the electric box in the corner I remember where you was before .
  10. Yeah Yeah Yeah you will still be there lol
  11. you will both be busy helping Maz lmao
  12. Today 12c/7c 14/04 Southern and eastern areas should have a largely dry morning with some bright spells. However, northern and western parts will be cloudier with some rain. Rain will break out more widely later in the day, turning heavy in places. Tonight The evening will begin cloudy with rain, some heavy. Drier weather will arrive from the northwest, leaving some clearer spells and isolated showers overnight. Although breezy, patchy frost is possible.
  13. Today 12/4 10c 8c It will be a bright start to the day, but thicker cloud and outbreaks of light rain will soon spread in from the north for a time. However, skies will brighter again later, although it will feel fresher. Tonight Cloudy in the far south at first, otherwise clear spells and turning rather chilly. However, cloud will thicken in the west later, perhaps giving some patchy light rain by dawn.