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  1. Anyone any ideas what they would like to do at camp please put them here and we will try put them on the itinerary
  2. We just getting old Dave time to let these young ones run the show lol You been one of the best friends I never meet
  3. Any more need adding to the booked list ?
  4. Used this in the booking thread Any more need adding to the booked list ?
  5. Soz m8 am old lol How many of each ?
  6. Could in one of the rooms it be fine lol
  7. Reply below anyone I missed and I will add you Camp dates 12/19 May 2017 Weekend and day visitors welcome Me and Susan Marc/Sarah 3 dogs Carolyne/Phil/Chestnut 3 dogs Andy/Kells 2 dogs Rob and Di 3 dogs Richard/Lou 2 dogs Akino I see you booked but sorry I don't know your details Racheal 2 dogs Phil/Ann-Marie 2 dogs Marianne. Dave 2 dogs Chris/Jo 2 dogs Gary, Lynn Dogs ? Curtis, Bethany Martin ,tony ,sandi 2 dogs
  8. Anytime m8 You booked yet Gary ?
  9. Drive straight to camp I'll meet you there and you could stay in our caravan Thursday night if you like we staying in there from Friday so it wont be a prob Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Looking forward seeing you get saving pennies