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  1. aggression all shackles behind the neck all the way to the tail are up..ear in the back of the neck and all teeth showing... as far as the lead.. sometimes it can actually add to the situation of some sort of aggression... I let mine be a bit free and a bit tight but then I know all the dogs around where I live and have an "ignore '' command and these little yappers can keep yapping and my pack walks on... Bindi really hates any dog barking at her..she is the queen of the village...except that the village does not know that yet so there the ignore command comes in handy...
  2. sorry just seen this one...I cannot say how it works with younger dogs cause I have always had rescues older then 1 year... My Bindi is food aggressive as am I... If there are young kids around and they get a treat or their food I take her out of the scene..hallway or anywhere else where kids are not..not that I think she would but just do not want to take the risk..Iwan (welsh spriner) is starting to copy Bindi at times cause he thinks she gets more, and him as well we start taking him out of the way of kids...the otherthing I do start with as well is having my nephews 4 and 1,5 feed them treats on open hands..then Bindi is fine with that but as soon as she has a kong or a chew than she has to go away and the kids will have to be told do not go near her...
  3. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 248 votes towards this years awards and 26569 as the total number of votes for all time
  4. what ever suits you and your current 1 rule those 2 must get on...
  5. nope not funny...normal... but then I do not go on holiday without the dogs LOL..Di goes into museums and castles and I wait outside with the dogs....
  6. TO
  7. yes indeed...maybe loads of photo's and video's on your phone skype every hour LOLOL
  8. the most difficult decision an dog own has to make...
  9. AWWWW that is a nice pic... sorry to hear about Murphy...
  10. for him is to ask your parents to sort of keep to your schedule and you to wear an old t-shirt for him to have while you are away...and for you...well got nothing for you LOLOLOL
  11. yep indeed...and a given gift is the best gift...
  12. Got 2 that have just started...the joy..
  13. that is nice to have near you...we are going to check one out soon about 1 hr from here...
  14. classes with other dogs are good for socializing as well I would always choose for a class with multiple dogs small to big...