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  1. Kiruna in Northern Sweden.
  2. So after a couple of nice summer days with the snow having almost completely melted away... Winter is here again.
  3. Woke up just now with this on my chest. She was so waiting for me to wake up.
  4. So I gave Dex his food and... You know what, I'm not even going to question it [emoji52]
  5. Oh she tried that too, lol
  6. Came back inside and found that Maisy had decided to take my place. Guess I'm not needed anymore [emoji28]
  7. Edit: Wrong topic
  8. Jesus guys. I may not be a native English speaker but even I know a bear is often used as a slang for big guys who have some good facial hair, lol. There's a bear in that picture, right in front of you
  9. Just chilling with Maisy who I brought inside for the afternoon. Nice, quite and calm. But suddenly...
  10. Pretty much
  11. Dex is enjoying the snow in his own special way, lol.
  12. So today we took our 10 week old puppies out for a play in the snow. As you can see they had a blast! So fun to watch them trying to find their away towards the other side, lol. The snow is very deep.
  13. Although the arctic is a nice place for sled dogs, in the end their 'natural environment' is living in a pack. They don't really care where that is located though. The cold winter does give you the advantage to go dogsledding with them and is a really good way for them to burn lots of energy. But in return, when they are not running they have super high energy levels. They can be pet dogs (and I often have one of the dogs of the kennel inside my cabin every few nights), they're not the easiest type of dogs. They are very very attention demanding, lol. They live in the pack and do everything in the pack. That's where they love to be. They howl ten times a day together and all emotions in the kennel seemed to be in sync with all dogs, lol. Dex used to be very much an indoor dog. But I gave him the option to be outside in the kennel and he seems to really love it. I will take him inside every once in a while but most of the times he refuses to go. So for a dog that really loved being a couch potato that's quite something. Any behavioural issues you have with a pet husky indoor you'll just have the same outdoor in a kennel in the arctic. We do have a few 'special' dogs here, but we know how to take care of them so it's no issue for us.
  14. It's a lot of work but at the end of the day totally worth it. During the winter we do dogsled tours, and that's how we get (most) of the money in to pay for it all.
  15. 39 dogs on site here. It's fun, lol. But you don't need many dogs to enjoy the area. I've seen people with two dogs dogsledding/skijoring across the road and frozen lakes. Sometimes it's just the easier way to go from A to B..