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  1. I went skijoring with Dex two days ago. I fell a lot but had loads of fun and so did Dex. There's so many fun activities to do with dogs when there's snow
  2. Though hard to see, Pixel is on this photo. Somewhere in the middle a little bit on the left Yes, we have more snowfall here. Lots of it.
  3. This is Pixel. This is how I know when she really wants some attention...
  4. So I have this problem with my dog, Dex. Lately he's trying to fly away. We have him connected to this rope so he stays on the ground. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?
  5. Two photos, taken not that long ago. I was feeding the dogs. Dex is supposed to be in the right kennel with Pixel. He however couldn't wait any longer and decide to jump over the fence to his left neighbours, hoping to get the food 10 seconds earlier. Po and Bud look very confused. I was just as confused when I went inside with the food bowls and found 3 dogs. And right after feeding I said hello to our four week old puppies. They're getting really agile and will probably escape their box any time now.
  6. Dex on the trail just now.
  7. Dex <3
  8. Every once in a while I just take a dog from the kennel inside my cabin for the night. Right now I have this happy lad sitting on my bed, lol.
  9. Dex enjoying the sunshine after coming back from a tour.
  10. Training puppies today! Pixel is somewhere in the middle.
  11. Dex and Pixel sleeping together. They adore each other
  12. Ooh, what are you going to do?
  13. The last few days I've been out and about to film some of the beautiful sceneries around here while the guests are out on the sleds. We got some beautiful sunrises/sunsets, lovely weather and relative calm days (for us) so it was the perfect time to do that. You have no idea how super happy I am with the resulting video
  14. Got another shot from this morning. Usually about an hour before sunrise the sun starts lighting up the sky and clouds, reflecting a very warm orange and yellow light on the landscape. It usually only lasts a few minutes. Since everything is white around here it can look very beautiful.
  15. I got super lucky yesterday with the Northern Lights. Just as I was about to give up (blurry photos + weak lights) it suddenly started to flare up again for about a minute, enough for me to take that photo