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  1. Great. Our little Pomeranian doesn't want anyone near the door, but a Husky wouldn't care. Just great.
  2. Well...darn. But thanks for the info.
  3. Hi, New here. My wife has given the OK to look for another dog. Good thing I have been looking already. I hate being caught unprepared. I'd like a Husky. We once had a Husky mix, and she was the best dog we ever had. Wonderful dog in all respects. Since we've never had a pure Husky and I know it's not the same, I've been researching a bit. That led me here. One question: I keep reading Huskies don't make great watchdogs because they won't bark and love everyone. However, I was wondering: We have two smaller dogs that do watch/listen/bark/etc. Although a Husky may not instigate it, would a Husky join in? Sort of a picking up on the pack behavior thing?