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  1. Barnaby loves playing fetch! He brings it back every time and sits nice for it to be thrown again! But sometimes I do have to remind him I can't throw the ball until he drops it from his mouth or actually let's me pick it up without arguing lol xx Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners
  2. Could someone offer me any advice on how big a kennel run for our 2 huskies should be? We are in process of planning one for our back garden for our 2 dogs to go when we are out for a wee while during the day? Any other advice would also be appreciated - should we have separate 'rooms' for dogs, the easiest materials to build it with (also to keep clean), heating lamps etc? Thank you in advance xxxx Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  3. Barnaby sleeping on his back, in a C shape, with his paws over his full face... obviously he didn't like the idea of us watching him while he sleeps lol! Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  4. Here is my 4 year old male husky/Herman shepherd cross Barnaby. Such a braw or bonnie boy as we say here in Scotland [emoji170][emoji8]
  5. Thanks so much! Would you recommend keeping them separated whilst in the kennel run? They won't be left alone while Loki is still very young obviously, but it is a slight concern of mine if it's ok to leave them alone together. My sister recently got a 10 week old Pomeranian (not his biggest fan tbh - way too small for me) & was a good opportunity to see how Barnaby is when around another dog in close vicinity as we babysit him every Thursday. He is absolutely fine with him, we haven't had any issues yet so I'm REALLY hoping and praying the 2 boys will get on well. I know it will take some time as Loki will have a lot to learn Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170] Thank you very much! I'm pretty sure we will be introducing them in our house - would you recommend introducing them out with the family home first? Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170] Thank you! Yes I did think about this & my fiancé and I will be taking turns with walking dogs separately until Loki is trained and ready for the longer walls with Barnaby Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170] Thank you Jay. Definitely think the feeding the 2 dogs separately is a good idea as you all seem to have had success with that Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  6. Thank you very much for your reply this is so helpful! Feeding and walking were my 2 main concerns & whether they will need to be seperated when we are out! Your boys sound wonderful xxxx Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170] Thank you Emma! Great advice xxxx Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  7. Hello, I'm still very new to this forum but I'm learning something new about huskies every day & I'm looking for some advice from fellow multiple husky owners! We have just paid our deposit on our new male baby husky puppy (Loki) at the weekend & he will be coming home to join our pack in May! We already have a 4 year old male Husky/German Shephard cross, called Barnaby - who I think the world of. He is the most friendly dog I've ever known, has grown up with my oldest son & is now best friends with my youngest son too. Gets on really well with other dogs and we have never had any issues with him. We have done A LOT of research prior to making this huge decision but I personally feel we would benefit from advice from you guys on this forum as you all have first hand experience. I know every dog is different & it will be a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun Any advice on training, feeding, walking & anything in relation to having 2 fur babies would be greatly appreciated! We have already organised for someone to build us a 16ft kennel and run for the 2 dogs at the end of this month - so they have a space of their own as well as somewhere cool to be in the summertime. Here's my boys... [emoji190][emoji170] Thank you, Kirsty xxx Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  8. Thank you for your reply [emoji1303] Barnaby is a husky but looks like a wolf, I'm often asked if he is infact a wolf but people are always told he is a husky crossed with a German shepherd . I never refer to him as a wolf unless it's by nickname or fun with my family or friends [emoji846] Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4 [emoji170]
  9. Hi! Yes he is so [emoji846] xxxx Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4. My beautiful black wolf dog [emoji170]
  10. Had no idea such an app existed & it's now my favourite one to browse and learn something new about huskies every day... [emoji846] Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Kirsty & this is my beautiful 4 year old husky Barnaby. We live in Ayrshire in Scotland! I like to refer to him as my wolf dog as I've been asked many times if he is infact a wolf lol... [emoji170] Proud owner of Barnaby, aged 4. My beautiful black wolf dog [emoji170]