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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts. Due to me being paranoid with recent weight loss of my boy I invested in a doggy scales to monitor him. I am reducing his food for a while and will monitor his weight and closely. From everything I have read I have either been over feeding him or his food does not agree with him. I have changed his food to many times in a short period so am going to persist for a month and hope I find a nice balance of food, weight and pooooo.
  2. I only listen to other people if they own a husky now and ignore the rest. It seems that all the advice I have received from people with other breads of dogs seems to be wrong.
  3. As I have only have Mowgli 9 weeks I am very glad to have come across this article even though it was a few weeks late from me nearly loosing him. I walk him every lunch time with two jack russells and have let him off the lead three times in a unsecure field (Near a motorway ) This was on advise from my friend and he told me just to bite the bullet and let him off. The first time was fine and he just played with the other dog and recalled ok ish. The second time he saw a horse in the field next door and ran to it and tried getting though a fence and got caught in brambles. The third time off the lead in the same field I thought the horse was not around, but to my horror he was. Yet again he went after it and once he released he couldn't get near, he belted over a mound heading towards the motorway!. That was then the LAST EVER TIME he was going to be off the lead! Later that day I went and brought a 5m, 10m and 25m lead and to be honest the 10m is more than enough for him to have a run and play with the other dogs. The 25m can be a pain but is fine in larger fields. I have now found a secure dog friendly field you can rent which ill be taking him to every weekend I hope. Thanks for the great read.
  4. Tell me about it. I thought I was bad after a curry but this is just something else. Ill change his treats to something slightly more bland and boring for my sake
  5. I have notices that feeding times effect poo patterns like you would expect. I feed mine at 11:30 and 18:00 which seems to work with him. I think alot depends on when he is walked and most active.
  6. Hi Jack, Thanks for your reply. Hearing the amount you feed makes me feel happier. I have notice the more I feed the worst his poo is. Can get runny I think you right about the treats causing farts. I use Natures Menu Beef and Chicken Treats and this could be the cause.
  7. Hi Jay, Thanks for your reply. Im glad someone has confirmed he looks ok. At first I thought I was under feeding him but his stools got very bad when he was eating around 400g per day. The food is grain free and very high quality. The site you recommended does not list it. Info can be found here wolfworthy.co.uk. I was thinking the food may be the cause of his farting but I want to persist with this food as I believe the contents is good and balanced. I am going to monitor he weight, poo and farts for a week or so and see what happens. Thanks!
  8. As the title suggest this post could get bloated and smelly like me and Mowgli. I have only had Mowgli 9 weeks and from day one he has been a fussy eater. The previous owner feed him random cooked meets in large amounts and when I got him he weighed 36KG. Today he is 32! (Husky / Malamute X) I walk him an hour in the morning, 15-35min at lunch and an hour in the evening plus he is at work all day with me during the week. (Sleeping most the time ) He is my first dog and I just wont to make sure i am doing right by him. I am now feeding him wolfworthy dry only which is very high protein and am trying to get the amounts right. He is on 360g a day fed over two meals. I am considering dropping this a little as his stools are too soft. I am after some feedback from other owners on his weight and appearance as well as food amounts in grams. Oh he also farts a lot and it STINKS clears the room, settles and then he does it again! So My question are: 1: Is the exersise too much causing weight loss? 2: Does he look underweight? 3: Am I feeding him enough or to much? 4: Farting way to much ? 5: Am I a paranoid new dog owner which read too much on the internet? I have taken him to the vets and they gave him a MOT and said he was fine but I was not 100% confident in them as they didn't really know the breed. I have gone through 20 pages in the section of the forum before i decided to post so please be nice.....
  9. Hi All, New to the forum and thought we would come and join you community for you advice, giggles and general chatting. My names Dan and my new best friend is called Mowgli. I have only owned him 9 weeks and have been loving him for the most part He is just under 2 and is a Brown (or Red as some people call them) Husky / Malamute Cross I think. He is currently weighing in at 32KG and can be like a steam train when he sees any wildlife.