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  1. I have found internet diagnosing both myself and my pets always scares the hell out of me and it is never as bad as you read. This being said I would also get to the vets.
  2. Mowgli also eats grass. The first time he done it a few months ago he was being sick as he had a dodgy tummy. He now likes to stop during walks and eat a little and would carry on eating if I didn't drag him on. I read alot into this and its not much to worry about. Some dogs just like eating grass. They can be using it to self detox, Settle there tummy or just because there a pain in the arse and like to extend there walks by stopping to eat grass If in doubt take to the vets. I was worried and took Mowgli to the vets and they kindly said I was being a paranoid new dog owner and just to monitor him.
  3. Going by my Husky/Malamute X and other husky's I have seen I would say he has some malamute in him as his paws look bigger than normal. Very similar to my Mowgli. May be wrong though
  4. I have been in a similar situation. It has taken me 3 months to find something which works. My main advice is every dog is different and every food is different in regards to quality and the amount you feed. I am now using one of the cheapest food I have tried. I have tried Skinner, Wolf Worthy, James Welbeloved, Millies Wolfheart (Multiple) and Canagan Rachael recommended Canagan which is a very very good quality food which slightly improved Mowglis stool but still not perfect. This confirms my point that every dog is different. I then meet a dog walker who was a stockist for a food called Ancestral Canine (link below) which I gave a go. Within a couple of days his stools were firming up. He has now been on this 10 days and I need to reduce the amount slightly by around 10-20g to make it perfect I hope. In regards to feeding amount, this also depends on the dog and the food. For instants. Wolf Worthy I would feed 180g a day over two meals but Ancestral Canine I feed 310g over two meals and with James Belbeloved it was closer to 400g. This seems to be down to the protein content more than anything. Most people say change the food slowly but after trying so many food I just switch straight to a new food unless it is a 80:20 High Protein then do over a couple of days. Millies Wolfheart told me you change switch between dog food every 48 hours! Not sure I would like to do it that often but they should know what there on about. Another thing I read on the internet and do when switching food is to add a table spoon of natural LIVE yogurt to the kibble for a couple of days as it helps the system adapt etc. (This Works) OVERFEEDING IS ALSO THE BIGGEST PROBLEM as other have said. Take the minimum amount from the guidelines on the bag and then reduce it by 50-75g and if the stools are ok you can increase by 10g every couple of days until they become soft again. Allow a good 24-36 hours to see changes in stools after adjusting feeding amounts. https://www.ancestralcanine.co.uk/cereal-free/pack-leader-premium-cereal-free-recipe-25.html Hope this helps. P.S. I have stopped ALL treats while trying to find the right food as you will never know what is causing the problems.
  5. Think we have 6 eggs so far
  6. I read somewhere on this forum they were, so I hope so They help sort the soft poo out but not nice to watch.... ANY cooked bones are very bad!
  7. I thought I would start with a really cute video of Mowgli eating a raw chicken wing. DONT WATCH BEFORE EATING !!! and turn your Speaker up
  8. He thinks the work sofas is his thousand pounds play toy
  9. Get a camera up on the front of the house. Even if its a dummy one! My garage got broken into a few years back and I now have full perimeter security alarm system and 26 Cameras. Oh and Mowgli that would lick and cuddle any one who enters without permission (Husky = useless guard dog) I am slightly paranoid though
  10. Being naughty at work Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  11. We have the first egg. Woohoo. http://ipcamlive.com/58dcf31515d6d
  12. Came across this one day. I have not tried it but looks interesting as its a different approach to training. https://www.doglistener.co.uk/thejingler_further_information
  13. Sounds like a great idea. Ordering one now. How long will the treats last once dehydrated? And how is best to store them ? Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app