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  1. Thanks guys . Let's see how she reacts K A R I
  2. Buy puppy pads and just put them where he poops and pees .. Some people don't like using pads . They say it gives the dog the wrong impression, but then again , some people like them, like me . I have no problem with puppy pads . My pup is 13 weeks old and she pees and poops on the pads K A R I
  3. If I ignore her , she will go for my hair or feet . If I yell at her , she just jumps on me and bites me again . I've been told hitting her with newspaper on her butt (not hard) works , but I don't want her to stop like loving me . I sound stupid right now, but I don't want her to look at me as the bad guy so that's not an option with me . I've tried the look away and ignore her punishment , and she will bark at me and go for my legs [emoji30] K A R I I don't think that will work with Aurora , she's very stubborn and thinks she's queen of the house [emoji23]. I've never had a puppy before , just grown up dogs I've found in the streets , but this little one is a handful . She thinks I'm always playing and she bites pretty hard . I don't want to imagine when she's the size of a miniature pony with big wolf teeth [emoji1390] K A R I
  4. Thank you [emoji4] K A R I Thank you , Emma [emoji2] K A R I I noticed ☹️ K A R I
  5. Thank you , Jay [emoji28] K A R I
  6. Ever since I got her she bites a lot and it's probably just playing , but I don't want her to grow up knowing it's okay to bite . She knows a couple of tricks , like stay, jump, and sit . She only does them when she knows I have treats to give her , other then that , she just does whatever she wants when she wants [emoji849] K A R I
  7. 3 months and a day old. Time flys super fast [emoji24] K A R I
  8. Mine does the same thing . She doesn't sleep at the bottom of the bed . She takes up my side and has her own pillow but most of the time she sleeps on my side with my pillow so I just take hers K A R I
  9. I kinda figured she loves being with me . She follows me in the bathroom and even jumps In the tub while I'm taking a shower and hops right back out and just keeps doing that , till I notice she is having too much fun getting the bathroom rugs wet so I just take her a bath and she starts crying [emoji23] . I sometimes just dry her just to not take her a bath every single time she does that , but yea .. she spends time with my sister and plays with her for an hour and then she will just come looking for me . If she notices I'm gone she cries , but as long as she thinks I'm in my room watching tv she doesn't care K A R I
  10. Ok, thank you so much . No there isn't licensed dog daycares near and yes I checked her for ticks but she didn't have any . The pitbulls are kept outside and she was inside the intire time . She ate at 8:49 AM . I think she was just full and didn't want any more. They probably gave her more food to calm her down but she did get her vaccinations on March 8th . I have an appointment the 29th to get the other half of the vaccinations . How can I start to train her into being away from me ? K A R I
  11. OK so hi guys I left my dog Aurora with my boyfriend and my boyfriend payed a friend so they can watch her because he had things to do (Yes , I'm still pissed he did that and yes I had a serious talk with him) but so did I . I had an appointment yesterday and I couldn't leave her alone in the house . She ate at 1:35 PM and they told me that she ate all her food and that she was doing well. I honestly didn't believe them because my dog hates being with other people ... she doesn't feel safe, she starts crying and I understand the feeling of not feeling safe around people I didn't know , but when my boyfriend brought her home at 6:30 PM she was so happy to see me , the point she started crying . That broke my heart, but I was happy she was home and ok . At 7:40 I gave her some food , she didn't want to eat it . I started worrying and called my boyfriend , asking him what did she eat and how she was acting at his friends house .. he told me she was ok and was sleeping a lot and that she ate all her food . I also asked him how much did they give her? If they followed my instructions I wrote for my boyfriend , and they supposedly gave her a cup just like I said but I think they gave her more just to calm her down . I left her food for 15 minutes and she didn't touch it so I took it away and then I waited 40 minutes and then I put her food down again she took one and it literally took like 40 seconds for her to eat a little kibble and I was like ok she's making process ... she ate her kibble and she went back for food she only ate half of it I was like OK maybe you're not that hungry so she didn't eat for the rest of the night and right now it's 8PM . She was suppose to eat at 3 AM but she was sleeping so I let her sleep . I woke up at 7 and gave her some food , she didn't eat . It's not 8:11 AM and she still doesn't want to eat . I'm like worried they gave her a lot of food just to calm her down I know how she gets when I'm not around. My mom tells me . What can I do? I'm thinking about taking her to the vet this afternoon to see if there is something wrong [emoji30]. Sorry this is long K A R I
  12. Thanks . I can't leave her home alone , she would start crying and never stop . When I'd leave her with my little sister and mom just for a minute to take the trash out , she would cry till I came back... imagine her being left alone [emoji30]. I hate the feeling of her feeling like I'm leaving and never coming back . She can't be alone in the house , the neighbors will complain and I would hate it if I had to get rid of her just because the neighbors are a bunch of ass holes .. ana believe me , I already had a serious talk with him about him doing that [emoji19] K A R I Trust me , when it comes to my dog I will without thinking it twice . Even though he was the one who gave her to me for Valentines K A R I I did , he didn't take it well but I don't care , my dog comes first K A R I
  13. OK so I'm like literally freaking out I left my dog with my boyfriend and I'm pissed . Excuse my language . I had an appointment today with my doctor and I couldn't take her so I asked him a week before to watch her and he's not watching her right now he payed a friend to watch her so I'm like freaking out. I do know the guy and he has pitbulls but they are outside and they have ticks he doesn't shower them or none . I'm worried he doesn't understand her .. if they change her water every three hours, if she ate all her food when she was supposed to , if she's not feeling well, if there's cats . I left her one time with my boyfriend cause' I had to go to an appointment and he wasn't watching her and a cat scratched her . I freaked out and got super pissed at him and this is what he does now . I get that he has things to do , but so do I . If I would of knew he was going to do this , I would of canceled my appointment [emoji35] K A R I
  14. Encantada , gracias ! Same for me . She's so smart and interesting gosh I love her K A R I