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  1. I've been feeding my pup a half cup 3 times daily (8am, 1pm, 6pm) and he is now about 13 weeks old. I have heard about transitioning into 2 meals daily around this age and was curious if anyone else has any thoughts on it? Should I just begin by giving him a little more than a half cup in the morning and at night while doing less than a half cup in the afternoon? Maybe eventually end up feeding him 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night with no meal in between? Or would that be too much food, as he only eats a total of 1 and a half cups currently. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  2. I just purchased that exact one on Amazon yesterday for my pup. Hoping it helps stop him pulling so much. I'm taking obedience classes with him and my trainer had the small version which we attempted to fit on him but unfortunately it was too large! So I just ordered the petite/small for my 9 week old. Hopefully it fits for at least a month before he grows out of it haha.
  3. All of our walks take place completely on grass. I usually pick him up if we're crossing the streets. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. So today I'm running into a small problem. I've been in the process of house breaking my 9 week old husky pup. I've trained him to ring the bell on the door when he wants to go out and he's been pretty good at it. Well, today it's like 85 out and my little pup wants nothing to do with being outside. He's pooped inside at least 3 times already today and has had multiple accidents inside as well. The past week he has been getting very good with ringing the bell to go outside, but today he is not ringing the bell or even going next to the door Earlier I caught him squatting, ready to poop, I immediately picked him up to bring him outside. Normally he would finish pooping right away but today he just pulls at his collar and attempts to run towards my door to go inside. He never even finished his poop. Should I purchase pee pads for days when it is too hot for him to go outside? Will this teach him a bad habit, I've heard pee pads can confuse a puppy when house breaking. I took him on a walk around 7 this morning when it was a lot cooler out so I'm not too worried about him getting excercise. I just want to make sure it being this hot out doesn't screw up his house breaking training.
  5. Unfortunately I have talked to my neighbors. I have 3 people that live around me and all of them are completely fine with it except one couple.. But yeah, I was thinking of waiting a few more days before having him sleep in it. I'm hoping that these little 2 hour periods where I leave during the day will get him used to it. Luckily no one complains unless it's past 10pm. And I've been sleeping in the living room on the couch that is about 3 feet from the crate. So that definitely wouldn't be an issue when I finally attempt to keep him in it at night.
  6. Hey everyone, I picked up my pup from my breeder last week! And I've got to say, this past week has probably been the least sleep I've ever gotten haha. But I'm fine with putting up with it for my little guy Anyways, I just have some basic training questions. Id really like to make sure I'm doing everything right. For potty training, I purchased a bell for the door knob which he has been ringing on his own the past few days. The only problem is that he will ring it just to go outside all the time. When I take him out I try to make him understand it's only bathroom time. I say potty, bring him to his potty spot, and wait. If he has to go he usually will within the first minute or else if I see him digging or rolling around I'll pick him up and bring him in. He still has accidents of course. But I believe it's just because he is so young and cannot hold his bladder too long. He might pee on the floor twice a day without ringing the bell still (Was happening 5-8 times a day when I first brought him home) But he rarely poops on my floor anymore (except at night..) Crate training has has been real tough for me. When I first brought him home, I attempted to keep him in his crate for the night. That did not work. About an hour and a half after I put him in he was still screaming, and I was laying right next to him, unable to get any sleep. I finally calmed him down and let him out after he stopped yelling. Ever since that night I've just slept on the couch in the living room and he would sleep on the floor next to me (I have the rest of the house gated off, he's only ever allowed in the living room until potty trained). Really, the only problem I have with this is that I wake up to a poop on the floor every morning and I can't figure out when he does it lol. I usually go to sleep at 12:00 (he falls asleep around 9-10) take him out before I go to sleep, set an alarm for around 3, take him out again, and then he wakes up every morning between 6 and 7, I take him outside to potty, feed him, then we go for a walk and come home and play before he finally falls back asleep usually around 8. Then I'll have time to shower and eat breakfast. Because of the excessive whining I thought it just meant I will have to crate train him slowly. I go to college for about 2 hours twice a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays so have been using those times to crate him up and see if he gets used to it. I also feed him all his meals in his crate. Anything I can do to give him a positive view of it. Now, I'm noticing he doesn't whine or cry if I'm in the room and he's in his crate but if I go outside I can hear him start. I've been noticing this for about 3 days now. I'm guessing he eventually stops, it's just weird because when I get home I can still hear him crying, but as soon as I open the door he stops and just sits staring at me until I let him out. Then he whimpers and try's to jump all over me. Do you guys think I should attempt crating him up tonight? I've been sleeping in the same room as his crate so maybe that will stop him from crying. I'd really like to stop these night time accidents and I want him to like his crate. The only problem is that I can't have him crying for long at night. I'm living in a condominium and received a noise complaint the first night I had him in his cage.. Two more noise complaints and my lease is terminated. Also, how many walks a day is normal for a husky pup? I have to take Logan out every 3 hours or so for about 20-25 minutes or else he acts crazy lol. I just don't want to find out I'm walking him too often or anything. Sorry, I know this must be a really long read. And I'm no English major so there are definitely a ton of grammital errors. But thanks to anyone that takes the time to help me out! Here's a picture of Logan too for anyone interested!