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  1. I've looked at this website and it would be great to get a few dogs there. Let me know if you arrange anything.... or any dates.
  2. Just a reminder if anyone is interested, I will be arriving at Coombe about 11am. Usually walk there about an hour. So if anyone is coming let me know. If not we will be there walking anyway.
  3. I'll be deadly honest i have heard bad stories coming from similar starts to this. Huskies generally do have a prey instinct but understanding what this instinct is and acting on it are 2 very different things. The prey drive draws them to small furries such as cats birds, rabbits. Mine loves to Chase birds and Cats. He plays with cats quite often when he gets close. But i have heard multiple stories of Huskies playing with Cats and without warning them tearing them apart. All i am saying is be careful.
  4. I know i have said before not all huskies are the same, so i am querying to see if anyone has any experience of this. Chase is 7 months and currently crated during the night. He sleeps fine, no issues generally, but since the heat has picked up, he has been getting up about 3-4am and going crazy. I have no idea what to do, i let him out to go to the toilet in case that's it. He has water. But he goes crazy and then i put him back without saying a word and he settled again after about 30-40 minutes of whimpering etc. I am at a loss at what to do with him. He can't keep at this my daughter sleeps below him and has her GCSE's coming up. I just wondered if anyone had experience of similar.
  5. Ok i have had issues with food and since i have found mine is always hungry for the right things. Now i say this on one condition, i believe all Huskies are different, they have traits but there could be other factors. i.e i have one dog, yours could compete in some way which means they would be reluctant to waste any food as they may lose it if they don't eat it. Mine used to literally chow everything until after a few months he realised nothing of his disappears if he leaves it. Mine is only on dry food right now, he reacts well to it, he had a bad stomach but is going really well on puppy food. He gets 3 servings a day, 2 of about 300g and one small one for lunch. he doesn't eat straight away and generally eats it in one go when he gets round to it. i like it that way though, makes me feel he isn't starving. I think mine has a greedy nature though, treats he would eat until he is sick, but generally not too bad. One thing though, for the right food he is ALWAYS hungry. If he eats his food which is a big serving, he would scrat around for anything you are eating given a chance. I think it is just some sort of scavenger drive. He picks things up out walking if he thinks its food> he is not hungry he just wants it and goes mad for it as its all new.
  6. Yes we are going to Fargo village afterwards. There is some sort of dog show there, so we plan to tire Chase out with a walk first then go onto Fargo when he will be more relaxed.
  7. 11am at Coombs anyone? That's when we'll be there.
  8. I think me and my partner would be interested.
  9. Well i am open to any suggestions tbh, we are going to a dog thing at Fargo village in coventry which starts at around 11am so was thinking after that? I just need to check with my girlfriend what other plans we have There isn't an off lead area at Coombe, there is one near where i love which i use daily but its only about the size of a football pitch.
  10. I kept a chart of mine from a puppy as he was slightly underweight when we got him. But in terms of average there is none, each Husky is individual. Having met a few, mine at 7 months is taller than average but that doesn't mean he will be big. Although i expect him to be the way he is going. Weights are in KG. Date Age (weeks) Weight (KG) 22/12/2016 10 4.5 29/12/2016 11 5.5 19/01/2017 14 9.8 18/02/2017 18 14 01/03/2017 20 14.6 19/03/2017 23 16.6 07/04/2017 25 20.2 14/04/2017 26 21 11/05/2017 30 23.2
  11. Hi Myself and my partner would like our 7 month old Husky puppy Chase to interact with other Huskys more. So as i can see none have been posted for a while, would anyone like to arrange a meet. I am happy to change the venue but was thinking an initial option of Coombe Abbey Park in Coventry and Bank Holiday Monday 29 May. If i can get some interest would be great.
  12. Tbh all of the above. At home, on walks, with my friends or people at the school. I just know he's trying to play but he gets too rough with people if they allow it. So I need to stop it.
  13. Hi Guys Have posted on here before but my 6 month old Husky is getting big now and far too mouthy when over excited. he has just cut a strangers arm getting over excited and mouthing them. I am at a loss, he stops with me as i am clear and say NO. I say no with a strangers and if he lets them they carry on. I agree that people should be more educated bu this is something I need to take back control on and stop immediately. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  14. That is a good point with treats i will take them away for a couple of days and see how it goes. Amounts? A 5 month old should be eating? I was told 400-500g a day which is a lot so i currently give 300g roughly. He's not over eating but he is on medication from the vet which i think causes that. I do think i need to look at the treats first then i will consider a cheaper food.
  15. I am going to follow this as i have a 5 month old pup and have the same issue. he started on Purina but we changed him on vet advice to Hills. I think that is too rich and he is loose now. So on other owners advice i am trying Arden Grange. I have also in the past been told about Arkwrights by a breeder but this is about £10 for 15kg which must mean it contains nothing. Mine doesn't overeat he mainly gets about 300grams of food a day at the most in 3 meals. But i am finding he is loose more often than not and i need to try and sort this. Also does depend on length of time feeding, if you have changed a few times i have read and been advised by the vet this can cause loose stool. before discounting a food it should be used for 4 weeks and then assessed. Is my understanding as their system has not adjusted until 4 weeks. If you can feed raw, thats the best diet for Huskies for sure, but i am unable to due to storage for now so i will stick with the dry stuff and keep seeing if we can get it right.