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  1. That is a good point with treats i will take them away for a couple of days and see how it goes. Amounts? A 5 month old should be eating? I was told 400-500g a day which is a lot so i currently give 300g roughly. He's not over eating but he is on medication from the vet which i think causes that. I do think i need to look at the treats first then i will consider a cheaper food.
  2. I am going to follow this as i have a 5 month old pup and have the same issue. he started on Purina but we changed him on vet advice to Hills. I think that is too rich and he is loose now. So on other owners advice i am trying Arden Grange. I have also in the past been told about Arkwrights by a breeder but this is about £10 for 15kg which must mean it contains nothing. Mine doesn't overeat he mainly gets about 300grams of food a day at the most in 3 meals. But i am finding he is loose more often than not and i need to try and sort this. Also does depend on length of time feeding, if you have changed a few times i have read and been advised by the vet this can cause loose stool. before discounting a food it should be used for 4 weeks and then assessed. Is my understanding as their system has not adjusted until 4 weeks. If you can feed raw, thats the best diet for Huskies for sure, but i am unable to due to storage for now so i will stick with the dry stuff and keep seeing if we can get it right.
  3. I am going to work on the boy hand feeding. Thats the only option, the vet doesn't seem worried with his stool being soft and said to change food and perhaps he has in tolerances. After that it may be specialized dry food or even raw but that would be tough. I am not happy that a puppy should be food aggressive with children, he is around toddlers at times and they eat in front of him and its a behavior that should be taught is not acceptable in my opinion so i will continue to work on that. he is so good with kids that there must be a reason he does it. He can be grumpy with our 7 year old so i am keeping an eye on that and will get him hand feeding him. Really i have no resolution but some medication and a change of food and go from there. I will try increasing his food as i think that may be needed too if i am honest as he seems so hungry and scavenging around.
  4. Thanks mate, tbh the kids can hand feed him, he is not aggressive in general just if you go near when he is eating. Once he is in possession of the food its like he thinks you're trying to take it away.
  5. I understand this Rob, did you try over days? My Husky at 4 months will generally eat anything but the behaviorist was adamant that his behavior (eating anything he can get his mouth round, scavenging, food aggression) was down to hunger and few days over feeding will teach him to self regulate, it worries me that this may not be the case. I understood i may get soft stool and sick for a few days but teaching him food is unlimited was the important bit, now i am concerned that's bad advice.
  6. Hey guys just an update, The behaviorist came and tbh she wasn't worried by his behavior. What she said was he is guarding of food once its in his possession and not toys or things. Its not like he is challenging for alpha status more that he is hungry a lot and guards his food as he thinks it could be his last meal for a while. We have a lot of soft stools and she thinks heis food may not be right and as such he is not getting what he needs and is hungry. He is also on an eating schedule of 3 meals per day but she wants us to overfeed for a few days when we can and then let him self regulate so he learns food is always there and there is no need to protect it. As his stool has been so bad she has concern that he may have a stomach bug, the vet told me when i visited that this is normal for Huskies to have soft stool but she says that is wrong and it must be either him or his food. So i have taken samples to the vet to check and now am changing his food to a lower protein one to see if he can digest any better. From there we will be working up to free feeding and giving him more, he is 14kg at 4 months but she thinks he is too lean and should be bigger but no matter what he is eating he isn't and this could be because he isn't handling it for whatever reason so i am going to look to increase when we have a few days where we can clean up any sick etc when he overeats. Thanks for all the help on here it really was an experience and i am now worried about his health but we ar emoving forward hopefully and this should end the aggression if he starts getting unlimited food.
  7. Thansk Emma, maybe he is moody, i really appreciate the reply, i was hoping for more responses the best i have done is hire 2 seperate behaviourists to come and assess him and go from there, could do without the cost but if the dog goes for kids then he will be out and i do love this guy. Thank you so much
  8. 4 month old White Husky in Coventry here if anyone ever meets up....
  9. Hi Guys Firstly - I have a dog behaviorist coming Friday so i have not let this issue just go on. We have a 4 month old pure white Husky called Chase. We got Chase at 10 weeks old when he had been in a home from breeder for 2 weeks. Chase has always had slight food aggression which as the main feeder i have been working on by hand feeding and slowly adding treats when near his bowl. He was getting better or so i thought. We have 3 kids aged 7,9 and 15. The 7 year old loves him, they are like best friends and love running together when they are out and they constantly play. Chase was eating from a Kong on Monday when he knocked it under a coffee table. Not seeing he was eating (the kids are kept away from him at the moment when eating) our son stroked him and he turned and went for him, drawing blood, now he did not clamp down and resulted in more of a bleeding scratch that a deep wound but this cannot happen. Since then he has been frosty with him, growling a couple of times and even nipping at my girlfriend more (usually this is him trying to play but we are trying to get rid of this behavior) coupled with what happened Monday it is worrying. Now i am looking for any experiences or advice people may have, I am already looking at having 2 behaviorists come in to assess him and give us a plan as a family going forward but obviously if the dog bites a child again he will have to be kept away. We also have younger kids around sometimes and this behavior needs eradicating. it is making me panic about losing my dog. Now i fully accept this behavior must be for a reason. I accept this must be my fault for not training him right. We have been going to puppy classes and the kids are involved but i think he see's the 7 year old as his equal and that could be the issue maybe. I am looking for anything anyone can suggest from their own experience as i know any behaviors can be modified but i am at a loss where to start. Thanks guys
  10. I have an 11 week old boy who is exactly the same. To the point he listens to my partner and sees me as a big toy. he will play bite and if I give a toy he wants my arms and hands. I fold my arms and turn away and he'll go for my back. I'm going to ignore him from now on and not let him at all until he stops. As he only does this to me really now. And it needs to stop so I'll just say no and ignore him. Toys do t seem to work as he just carries on trying to get my hands.
  11. Hi Guys I have a 3 month old pure white Husky called Chase, i am looking to find a Husky meet in or around our area for him to meet other Huskys. If anyone knows of any i would really appreciate it. Thanks Robin
  12. I am in coventry and if anymore meets in or around kenilworth happen would be very interested with my new puppy. Only 3 months old but want him to meet other Huskys. Thanks
  13. I did some googling and came across this post from last year, i am looking to meet Husky owners in Coventry or nearby do these meets still happen? Thank you