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  1. Lovely Will probably less miles to come to camp lol
  2. Yeah ideally you need an exterior tap with a screw on end to attach a hoselock connector which will allow you to connect a hose to your pressure washer
  3. Yeah they're great for laminate and hardwood flooring but the heads are no good for brushing carpets and furniture bristles are too long and floppy for carpets and furniture you need something a bit (ahem) stiffer Sent from my SM-G930F using Husky Owners mobile app
  4. and a link to where you got it from ?? pretty please LOL never mind found it on Amazon
  5. Nice Pic My guys would rub their heads in the fish, roll all over it then walk away. Ares is a very handsome boy
  6. Oh, Yeah we've all learned the hard way from experience. We then try to pass on that wisdom to newer owners, . . . but they always know better, because it's "cruel" not to let them run Unfortunately in too many cases it's the dog that ends up suffering, either by running into a busy road or getting into a farmers field and getting shot, Or worrying at a farmers livestock then the owner gets a hefty fine and the dog gets put down. But of course it's "cruel" not to let them run
  7. Great news . . . NOW. . . When can we send round all the other new members and partners who think it's a brilliant idea to let them run free. . . . For training. School is open
  8. LMAO Rob you Nederlanders got some strange dawgs. . . lol
  9. Yeah, it's not a health issue more of a "Crufts perfect breed" standard. . . . nothing to worry about.