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  1. Both of mine usually sleep in the bedroom with us but the last couple of nights they have come upstairs when I go to bed but then within an hour both go downstairs and Marley lays in front of the front door on the hardwood flooring and Lunar makes his way to the kitchen to sleep near the freezer. Both are currently in the lounge with the fan on. I always put ice in their water bowl in the evenings - and last night I heard them both crunching some of the ice up.
  2. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 603 votes towards this years awards and 26924 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  3. I could well be in the middle of moving by then if all goes right - intend going to south west Wales - around Milford Haven area. It all depends on when probate is through on a completely unexpected inheritance. However it should make future camps a distinct possibility
  4. I gave Marley cold lamb's ribs - individual ones so they would keep him occupied for around 15 minutes. he lost all his baby teeth on bones and ice cubes.
  5. Lunar (Ute) guards not only my house - but the two neighbours and one across the street as well, barking like mad - then howling. Marley will only give one small bark but joins in enthusiastically with the howling. He won't initiate the barking though. Marley would not only welcome a burglar in - but show him where the fridge is for treats.
  6. I pay 65p a kilo for chicken carcasses, lamb ribs and any bones. Lambs ribs are the favourite, I cut each rib out separately and they get those as treats a couple of times a day - better for them than the commercial biscuits hubby gets them. Most smaller butchers have to pay to get their bones etc taken away - unfortunately the only butcher I know that actually does their own butchery is so large - they are paid for their waste by the pet food industry at 65p a kilo - hence that is what I pay.
  7. That shot could be used in an advert !
  8. My vet charges between £200 - £250 for x-rays - its worth trying another vet for the x-rays - then taking the results to your vet. Am thinking about her. Correction - that was my previous vet - my present one charged me £38 !
  9. welcome to the husky owners dilemma, we all thought we were experienced dog owners, knew what we were doing, - then we took on a husky - and the learning started all over again (big time). Don't panic, the rewards far outweigh the hiccups.
  10. Yep ! You got a husky all right
  11. Congratulations !!! So happy for you both. Expect the unexpected 24/7 he will exasperate and enchant you - and you will fall hopelessly in love. Exciting times ahead.
  12. I am coming late to this particular party as I missed the post originally. We are Marley's 4th owners - and he was only three months old when we got him! We have a Utonagan and I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for ................................. but it was a bit of a shock. I agree with everything that has been said - totally a breed apart from the rest - the best of all the breeds in my opinion. If I had my way we would only have huskies from now on. As previously said, all the dogs are different, Marley is now 16 months old - far more 'my' dog than hubbies - but he loves absolutely everyone he meets. He is the most loving of all the dogs I have had, but on his terms obviously, he also likes to spend hours outside on his own - no doubt working out how to get to my hens! He also lives with two cats - which people said was a no-no. By far the most intelligent dog I have ever had, the most mischievous, not the most destructive dog (but close) - our Utonagan holds that record at over £3,500. Difficult to train - but I have found an excellent 1-2-1 trainer now and Marley is now almost at the stage when I will be able to take him out (too strong for me). He is dog excited, not dog aggressive, child excited, people excited ..... as I said he loves everybody and everything. I really hope you find your husky, you are in for some very interesting times with one of the most intelligent dogs you will ever own, very challenging - but the rewards are out of this world.
  13. Welcome to the forum. As for chewing it appears to be a husky thing (more than other breeds). Marley chewed the arm off one armchair and then gave me a matching arm off my sofa. He is now 16 months old and has stopped ripping up the furniture thankfully. He only ever chewed anything if he was bored or left alone (read unwatched) we are both at home all the time - so we restricted access to the lounge when we went to bed - he just followed us up and went to sleep. Is he left alone for any length of time? If so try some 'educational' toys - like the Kongs with some treats inside so he has to work for a treat - will keep his mind off things like the furniture.
  14. You have got one serious cute baby there
  15. Fantastic they are getting closer - lets hope its the first step to real friendship between them and they grow closer