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    Grew up on a farm in West Sussex, always been around dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and even pigs. I have lived all around the Country from Lands End to John O'Groats. I have lived an interesting life, from being in a 4 million pound home to sleeping rough under a bridge. I have worked abroad and at home as a civilian specialist on attachment to a combat unit, Which messed me up some what physically and mentally. Been Married now Divorced. To me a house is not a home unless a dog is curled up some where waiting to trip you up.
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  1. Its good that you do this every body thinks and knows that people give blood for use in hospitals but every one forgets that our animals also need blood some times when they are having surgery and its people and dogs like yours that help those owners and pets the need it You and your pets deserve recognition for the help you give to others
  2. dunno if my boy would sit in a garden chair, in the house you cant get him nto the furnature. but go for a bus or train ride and he has to sit on the seats lol
  3. beleave it or not there are one or two cold and flu Virii that are Zoonotic between species such as dogs cats horse etc the numbers are so low that it is not really a risk fr either of you. so do not worry about it
  4. lawn sprayer on a timer to wet the area down if your not on a water meter or rain water butt with hose each evening or get a tougher lawn grass
  5. its not 100% but get a home pregancy test kit and when she pee's either hold it under her or catch the pee in a bowl and dip the tester in it also change vet
  6. You know i have this Bridge in London that I am selling i am sure you would be interested .....
  7. that is nothing i have found fur inside the oven
  8. dont let them off a lead to start with, huskys do not do recall up to about 7 months of age husky may come back but once the hormones kick in and the dog starts to mature mentaly forget it you may be lucky and have one that will come back some times but the risk with the prey drive and indipendant nature kicking in could end up with you losing your dog or worse your dog kills livestock or other dogs and you end up with huge legal bills etc
  9. My boy Louie has snatched pigeons out the air and killed them in the grab whilst walking down the highstreet, and its hard to pull his jaws open to get him to spit his prey and then kick it away. He has also lunged and attacked wind blown leaves when they suddenly fly up past his head. I would hate to think what he would do off the lead or if he ever escaped. I do let him off the lead but only in the local parks tennis or basket ball courts 12 foot fences and gates you can lock. I also know he is ok with kids but being a bit of a thug I knw he might jump up and not meaning to hurt a small child I try not to let him eat caught or road kill wildlife as i see it as a health risk with parasites being the least to worry about. I wish he was like my old man shepherdI have had him walking around off lead ina room full of left over african food, goat chicken fish bones all over the place and just one Leave it! growled at him and he just ran around helping clean up and put tables and chairs away, but being a husky short of putting a muzzle on him he will try to kill or eat things he should not
  10. letting huskys off leads is like giving a child a hand grenade sooner or later it will go off i am sorry for being blunt but no animal or human is 100% reliable 100% of the time it is a simple fact. sorry if that sounds insulting to any one but its true. in the country a husky or malamute can get loose kill or injure live stock that is not as simple as it sounds yes a farmer will get paid for the loss of the animal but he looses its young and breeding potential it could damage his business not for a few weeks but years or decades after. you also have the danger of your dog being stolen by some one who finds it ok some will get sold to good homes but others are sold to abusive homes or worse end up being used as live practice for dog fighting gangs a dog loose in a town you may say is safer but its not huskys and mals will kill cats and even other dogs as well as any wild life they also risk being run over on roads or getting onto train tracks and the chancs of them being stolen are higher. also you have another risk they will be picked up by a rescue and i hate to say this but the rspca and rescue charirtys in most cases do not understand huskys or malamutes the behaviour we see as every day normal happy healthy well addjusted dogs is seen by most as aggression and dangerous meaning a great many good dogs are being put to sleep in shelters every year as most do not understand the breeds traits and behaviours and use the judgement that any other breed doing that is a risk Huskys and Malamutes are not and i can not stress it enough NORMAL dogs owning any other breed for years or having read every dog training manual ever printed does not prepair you for owning one the best response i give to some one who says he read X Y Z book on the breed is sorry animals do not read books so after all is it worth the risk no just keeping your dog on a lead saves you from being vilified in your home area, loosing a loved one or causing others to feel that pain and loss
  11. iYou should be able to long line safely then but i have seen people using them and coiling the line over one arm with the wrist bent back a little who havent thought how the weight of a big dog running at 20 mph will pull on the line and snap the hand back and down. i think indi makes the little hook link
  12. There is an art to long lines, I started using them on horses word of addvice do not wrap around hand and elbow a sudden hard lunge could break your wrist. Put the loop over your hand and wrist then coil it holding the bulk on one hand whilst controling the dog with the other letting the loose come off your hand as needed if you need to break a lunge grip with both hands witha dog. I tend to feed the long line thru the loop of my harness and clip to the collar. I also have a short link that i clip to the harness and hook to the back of the longlines hook that acts as a safety incase the hook fails the added security is worth it
  13. Kong toys are ok but it depends on the dog. My boys would be ok with them my girl killed one in a few mins.
  14. i qould say get a shep or sheo cross. on a side note take the raw hide chew toys away they are very dagerous
  15. a trip to hardware store for some hooks to clip around the door and a bag of heavy duty cable ties put at least two ties on each side of the crate i must be lucky my boy has not destroyed anything in the house guess it heps that i got an adult and bypassed the puppy stage