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  1. And sorry about my bad English [emoji23]
  2. Thanks everybody for welcome. Some more pics of Newton and Kira when they were puppies. NEWTON: . KIRA:
  3. Hi Clare70, i'm living in Málaga. One of the most southern (and hottest) cities of Spain. Afortunattelly now the temperature is going down and i can go for a walk with my dogs before 21.00pm ?
  4. They are Newton and Kira. Newton is 3 years old and Kira is his 8 months old daughter. I hope we can exchange good experiences and help if necessary.
  5. I love when people come to my dogs and they want to touch them. I think it's very good for them to get used to interact with all people. Otherwise they won't socialise with other people or dogs. As for pictures, if somebody take a photo of my huskies i feel proud of them, beacause it means that he likes them so much.