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    Marianne Cottee, nee Chambers, Mayes, (adopted) Mayhook (born Rasmussen)
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    Retired: Theatre Nurse; Med/PA secretary; nearly 10 years as VR in Sea and Air Cadets;
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    Born Denmark. Two siblings - recently discovered via DNA that we all have different fathers! both parents now passed. (I found at 58yrs five months after father's demise that I was adopted by him from children's home (born out of wedlock)aged nearly 4)and sister's father was also mine but...DNA genetic testing via shot that down last year. NO worries - they were amazing parents.
    My husband looked at my striken face saying - 'You're not the woman I thought you were!' ROFL.... then
    Schooled in Oz. Grew up on a farm with eccentric mum/pioneer who introduced 5,000 new chicken stock into North Borneo.
    We also rescued several hundred dogs, cats - kittens & puppies out there and looked after orang-utans (48 over 8 years) otters, anteaters, mousedeer, gibbons, macaques, parrots, heron, African Grey, rats and bats (my pets) slow lorris', horse (retired young racehorse from Ireland/Singapore, rescued circus pony and other unusual animals. Rescued baby crocs from the pot too.
    Moved house 38 times.
    Moved to UK Dec 1969.
    School Ed. ended at 13.
    Nursing studies 1972-76 and Post grad nursing course in Theatre at Charing Cross following six months night duties at Guy's.
    Since then I studied and worked and hold about 8 'A' levels through my nursing, VR work (received my Diamond Jubilee medal)and private studies incl RSA course in Secretarial studies at Bracknell College and an Anaesthetic/Theatre perioperative practitioner (all rounder) Refresher Course at UWE.
    I hold Car, Motorbike and Coach licences. Also via VR Sea Cadets: RYA Day Skipper, Power Boat and safety certs, ME II, FAW Instr & Assessor (within MS-SC, music - snare drum and brass.
    Many varied jobs incl coach driving between divorces... No. 3 is brill. No 1 set precedence in divorce law lol - Mayes vs Mayes '83/'84 - was mentally ill. Has two grown children with whom I am still in touch albeit twice a year.
    Three kids - Daughter (32)is in top of DnB DJ - 'Missrepresent' - sadly we don't talk much - she is manic depressive like her father but I love her and am very proud of her.
    Two sons from No 2 - now 22 and 24 both settling with lovely girlfriends and in decent jobs - design engineering machinery. Also staying close by for extra cupboard food!!
    They get on very well with my Dave.
    Their father and step mum near too but not 'close' in true sense however loyal - and they have a younger half brother.
    You will see my background on dogs - via my WHW breeding etc...on forum posts.
    I mean well but know I can come across quite strong & opinionated - a chip off my mother's block!! Very determined strong woman.
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    Brass Band. Musher, Cruiser & caravan camper.

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  1. Congratulations! Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  2. Old curtains from charity shops do last a bit as old blankets. . Cured mine from shredding. . I get small size blanket/rugs.. on top of their bedding - Chester likes his comfort sucker! Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  3. Perfect Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app Just need an old banker or padded bed if she doesn't chew these? Elbows & knees get calloused and the base is harder than ground/earth which can cause joint issues later. A good hard black nylon zip-on cover dog bed is great. Steam cleaning also better than washing as it does deodorise and wiping over with a mop works too. The inner padding can be washed separately.. as the inner waterproof section on cover starts to break up otherwise. Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  4. It's a fab fire pit now... surround heating ? Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app And my hubby is coming.... ??? Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  5. Yeah.. runaway kids, other dogs and maybe some intoxicated adults too... pmsl lol Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  6. Hi Duncs I have two friends with two dogs - a small HuskyxMal (Skyla) & a PomXHusky (Mishka) who hope to be joining camp. However, they do not yet have 'ok' dates for leave off the army.. They plan to share my pitch with a tent so cannot book because of this. I'll let you know as soon as possible when they can/do confirm. They live opposite me. It's Richard & Laura Chowns. Maz Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  7. Duncs - tarmac is no good - too hard on the dogs' joints and the heat will burn their pads. A grass field or part grass/packed earth with a track to follow on the perimeter. However care will need to be taken with daytime temperatures .. so early morning or late but not dark evening... and 300 yd runs max... or less. The cooler the day the better. Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  8. I know the field to the back of The Meadow may be empty... this may be ideal as out of the way but not too far away. ? Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  9. Yes.. this is very relevant.. I'm bringing my scooter, and, I plan to bring my 50ft long line so dogs can have a brief run off of it, if it's cool enough, but still be on a line under control... ? Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  10. So sorry to see this on your post. RIP Bluehound and run free over that Rainbow bridge. Lots of furkids over there to keep you company hun xxx Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  11. Bring to camp.. Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  12. Hey my two are pretty good on the rig - and they do listen - provided no serious distractions - they have still stayed on track! lol
  13. I'm interested in the P9 Huawei.. let me know how you get on. . I like the specs on the this and the chap on EE really likes his..had everything else incl Samsung5 but says this one's better... will prob get one later this year if I can save up £200 deposit to avoid a hefty contract. Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  14. My dogmatics are often on but not in use if they're in 'harness - 'pull only' mode. If I start on Scooter I will have these on but only via a separate line from dogmatic TO my wrist to get fast control should they go deaf on me. Stepping off a moving scooter and trying to only hold them via harness connected to scooter is foolhardy (with 13+st of huskyxmals) so at least I'll have direct head control IF required, on my arm. They haven't yet run off a Scooter so I may just have someone with me first time to have head contact on a lunging line, if needed.. once we're clear on instructions (ie THEY are!).. I can do this solo. Chester is really fast to respond on 'Whoa!' so Eski gets hauled back on the neckline which then gives me time to use my weight (now down to 14st) but my two HuskyxMals at 13+ stone can haul five of me with no problem if they choose to... so I'm always aware of what they could do if they took off unbidden... yikes Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app The arm line *or one wrapped in a horizontal/diagonal chest loop is also know as a suicide line - but at least you do not lose connection to your lead dog/s - mushers on Arctic runs have this - if they became separated from their sleds. .... and it does happen - 16 dogs going one way last minute with musher on the sled another way. ..when turns come up too fast (or the turn call is too late..) You can if you feel unsure on their response time.. but if you can grab hold of the line and pull back to gain closer head control.. why not? A separate lead line may just ease your anxiety in early days to have that head control if needed.. try it... Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app
  15. I started training for rig/scooter over a year before I got them - (saving on a pension). I taught them the Gee & Haw spins in the kitchen. .(using a treat in front of nose and making them follow it on 'Gee/Haw' turns .. and they practice every day - for a treat! often pre-empting me B4 I even GET a treat!! (off the site) Now a word does it or I turn head/shoulder.. then.. later, walking out and practising in full harness on junctions, crossings, curbs, ('str8 on', 'on by/leave' 'go by/pass' easy up/ slow', 'wait' or 'whoa!' - - off a canibelt - (again saving up for all the tack took a while) with a two dog gangline, med large bungee, carabiners, necklines+++ ( extra security clips to spare collar and to lines). When the rig finally arrived and I had done some very steady walks/trots in this round my estate... their first run round a clockwise track with two str8/and left turns.. was great. ● Your pre-training on foot WILL set you up in good stead and safety B4 they go in a rig or Scooter! Recognise your lead dog (if you've more than one - the one that's fastest to learn and listen. . their ears are usually more pinned back listening for you (read their body language!) Your calls are then to them preceeded by 'name'...Gee! Gee! Gee!' preferably a good 15-20 feet or as soon as the turn is in sight. .. too late and a crash is imminent! Mine cruise at 16-18mph but take off hits 30mph then slows within a qtr mile..! Adrenaline junky... lol I did start with slower runs just to let myself and the woofs gauge / judge reaction /response time... this has helped big time. Helmet, a must; *knee/elbow pads (jeans or leg/arm denim is advisable! - (*optional) but gloves yes.. I have a fab pair faux suede Dixons waterproof work gloves - great in winter for washing rig and bike down - no freezing fingers! If you go at night then a head torch or fixed on rig.. and a procam.. my BUYEE off Amazon was gr8 value - altho the clip clasp on the case broke 2 - a rubber band is fine - I'm not diving anywhere deep with it (or intending to lol) procam on helmet rattles too much but a chest harness works good. . Getting it angled right takes a few goes on the head.. you'll get road ahead with just ears or full on furkid bum and heels! Face bike scarf useful too for when they kick up the mud. .. pmsl.. Aldi have some in nr me now... Sent from my SM-G900F using Husky Owners mobile app