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  1. Lol alright, mine either
  2. Do you use that spray when theyre wet after a shower ?
  3. Yeah I have spoken with a groomer already, I live in miami and all people recommend is to leave my dogs with them and it would cost around 200 bucks for each pup. I guess I will have to take them to one since they have better products i am sure.
  4. I have a wholly coated husky, as for brushed one is the ferminator which i heard is no good and the other one is for dogs with long hair.
  5. How often does this happen ? Also do you recommend any type of detangler shampoo or conditioner to remover knots ? Cause he has a lot and it hurt him when i brush him.
  6. I am guessing that a blowout is when he sheds correct ? Thank you guys for responding so fast and as for the size of the patches is about a fist size.
  7. Hey dog lovers, my male Siberian had really bad knots on his butt cheeks and I couldn't brush it off so I decided it was best to shave that part and it has been months and no hair has grown back. Could this be some type if vitamin or nutrient deficiency ?
  8. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the quick response, i was planning on doing that due to the fact that she is acting normal and doing her normal crazy things lol. I will keep this updated for future reference.
  10. Hello there fellow husky owners, i just noticed a bump on my females private parts and dint know what it is, could someone chime in please thank you. She was in heat about less than a month ago.
  11. Thank you and yes for some reason his skin has always been pink lol since he was born lol.
  12. Alright ill tell them that.
  13. Although in the picture might look bad is really not is nice and clean he is just black and the hair growing back is as well. He is always rough playing with my female really hard, i have tried to stop them but i guess they enjoy it too much. I am going to say im guilty of not brushing them much and lately i have been brushing them and trying to remove all the knots so it could be some hair i pulled out of from so much knots that have been there for so long, idk if thAt is even possible but is a thought.
  14. Hello there fellow huskies owners i have 2 siberian huskies and on my male which he has lots of hair has 3 bald spots. He is very active and doesn't try to scratch it. Also they have no puss, nothing weird at all on the spots. The hair looks like is actually growing back yet i dont know what this could be, tomorrow ill be taking him to the vet for some blood work just in case it could be thyroids problem as i read online. Although i would like some insight on this from you guys. Thank you.