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  1. Just to let people know, I have been working on performance improvements on the server. If you see any problems, please let me know. Things should be fine to be honest, but just in case
  2. Any remaining issues have now been fixed, so if you see any problems please let me know.
  3. Im aware there is some broken stuff. Working on it
  4. And we back again
  5. Just to let you know that husky owners will be going offline shortly, for some maintenance I need to do on the servers. Unlike other downtime, this one may well take me a few hours to complete. Dont worry, we will be back All done, and back online
  6. Congratulations to both of you.
  7. I suspect rob is looking forward to it
  8. A few nice white fluffy clouds here, and sunshine
  9. Me and Sarah will be there
  10. Just read that, and all I could think was "You think its the dogs that are the issue??" lol
  11. Soon be Christmas camp
  12. Even with the stuff that is there, few of those will be all day Gary. We can probably get the bike in a few times. Just gotta find you guys somewhere decent to do it (we workin on it)
  13. Today 9c 17/4 Tonight 3C and dry. Weather getting better bit at a time.
  14. Will sort plenty of tunes for the stereo if needed anyways. Being nearer, if we get bored of what we have, I can always go home and get more anyway.
  15. Need to get drivin m8