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  1. Well, if you're not around as much as you know is needed for that position, then its the right thing to do. Doing so, just proves that we chose the right person for the super mod position in the first place. Have seen many times over the years people reply to posts like these as if someone has just died. Dave will still be around, he will just be a different colour to what he has been Been great having you as a member of staff, and as I said myself in PM, you are more than welcome back if at any point you feel you fancy doing so again.
  2. We have spare crates here too. Not sure what size yours are, but you are welcome to try one of ours to see if they fit in the car if needed. Just come for a coffee one day since we are around the corner from you anyway these days.
  3. Not outside I dont LOL
  4. You think. I bought a house for this years camp
  5. Yeah go for it. We're only around the corner from camp.
  6. Just come here and we'll make you a coffee
  7. Hmmm. Depends on the car. A lot of change next year, and the game could really be anyone's. My bet is on merc again, but red bull being closer and I'm also betting mclaren will be back in the mix Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  8. They are a little lol
  9. Thought I'd bring a bit of Christmas spirit May well be more to come yet.
  10. Christmas theme will be next on my list. Just updates the server software to increase performance, which is why we have had a couple of maintenance periods Hopefully it should be somewhat faster now.
  11. Depends on what I'm like at night lol Sent from my iPhone using Husky Owners mobile app
  12. Sounds a damn good idea to me.
  13. If ya fancy it, yeah. Im not booking a caravan. Seems a bit pointless when I can get a taxi home at night lol
  14. There is a new one there at the moment. Work in progress though, so bear with me